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Raindance Festival | June 6-9 | Belden Town

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Raindance is a festival that has captivated my attention for years but I have never had the chance to participate in it yet. This may surprise some who know my typically packed festival circuit each year; however some responsibilities had always somehow taken precedence over my attendance. That being said, I am more elated than usual to immerse myself in Raindance. It is nice to be completely open to all possibilities and going into the weekend without expectations, while at the same time knowing full well that I will be blown away. Multiple trusted, sage festival friends of mine have endorsed the gathering as their favorite in existence so I can’t wait to see what it’s all about! It will be the gathering’s 10 year anniversary which is a perfect time to join in the fun. Having experienced gatherings across the board, I can really appreciate one that is put on by wise and seasoned organizers. The fact that it will be held at Belden Town, a place which I associate with such profound comfort (it truly feels like a second home at this point), will make the entire ride even much more pleasant and smooth.  I truly can’t wait carouse in this joyful jubilee!

When you unite such experienced festival masterminds, talented performers, sublime bass-laden melodies, breathtaking art and installations, enlightened healers and intellectuals, inquisitive imaginations, and downright intention in an extraordinary wooded location on the Feather River… the outcome is inevitably pure bliss. A complete synergy that is Raindance. I can’t wait to explore the tall timbers, stargaze at our boundless universe, make soul warming connections, giggle with glee, have my jaw dropped at the art and beauty that humanity and nature together can co-create, dip my toes into the water, tap into my true essence, and DANCE. I can feel my excitement bubbling up inside of me (that has been building up for years of missing Raindance, actually), my champagne cork ready to burst.


The talent at Raindance is of the highest quality and includes many personal favorites; they’re not messing around here. There is a lot of variety which I love. Shpongle’s Psybient DJ sets are consistently unique and brilliant. I am perpetually pleased by Bluetech’s stunning soundscapes; his music gives me that indescribably spine-chilling feeling. Eprom’s glitched-out futuristic beats are always far from ordinary; I haven’t seen him perform in some time so am excited to see what he will bring to the table. Russ Liquid’s sax-laced bass is always a winner and Kalya Scintilla’s eclectic bass always strikes it right. The more I look at the lineup the more I get overwhelmed with feelings of stoke…

Ill-Esha’s soulful resonance always tugs on my heartstrings and her passion is unparalleled. Vibesquad is always a rager full of fun! I just had the pleasure of hosting MiHKAL for a Bass Tribe Tahoe show as I have always dug his style. His mellow yet turnt up bass is catchy, pretty, and gangster all at once. I enjoy Dimond Saints’ style and can’t wait to experience their live performance. Nanda always provides nice sunset or sunrise flavor. And Pumpkin’s genius mixing and unbeatable remix selection is undeniably fun! Wala is a badass chick with the best beats around. Trevor Kelly never fails with his zesty original vibes. Nico Luminous is beyond talented and I know I will be awe-struck once again during his set. No one can deny the fun that is a G Jones party. Other favorites on the bill include Plantrae, Liberation Movement, Mr. Rogers, VNDMG, Timonkey, and Smasheltooth.

Art, Workshops, and Healing

I know that my senses will be tantalized by all that Raindance has to offer. There will be unbelievable lighting and projection mapping courtesy of Audiopixel and many others, incredible stage design, and other endless visual delights. A plentitude of live painters will guide us to question our limits and reality. I have yet to experience Freq Nasty & Claire Thompson’s Yoga of Bass and am elated for the chance to look inward on my mat alongside low frequencies. While reading through the fascinating list of workshops I get excited to learn and expand my understanding of the world and life. I am particularly overjoyed to partake in the “Keep Going, Keep Glowing” workshop wherein we will build LED hula hoops from start to finish, the levi-wand workshop, the Qi Gong talk, and Chakra Yoga. Prepare for some divine energy, people!

Raindance will be full to the brim with synchronicity and a beautiful sort of pandemonium. Awaken your senses to the visceral thrill of letting go completely among the forest groves, effervescent waters, and sunshine of Belden Town. It’s just a weekend away; get your tickets for Raindance here!

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SONIC BLOOM 2014 Preview | South Park, CO | June 19th – 22nd

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Sonic Bloom 2014, the Unified Field, will be taking place at a new location, The American Safari Ranch in South Park, Colorado for its 9th annual gathering, an electrifying experience waiting to happen.  Sonic Bloom was my first music camping festival, an initial inspiration into my musical journey – a trigger of transformational light.  This is honestly, hands down, THE festival to experience during the Summer.  Not only does it consistantly showcase forth moving and ground breaking talent, but it is an eye-opening experience both inside and out.  It is a transformational gathering destined to nourish the mind, body, and soul.  Aside it’s stellar musical lineup this year, they will also be hosting, as always, a wide-variety of unique features such as live painting, performance art, yoga, movement, speakers & workshops!  Tickets are moving, time is passing, the moment is approaching…let’s all bloom creatively this summer!

Four predominant and forth moving headliners were announced in this vibrant lineup, a futuristic blessing: Tipper, Shpongle, Eoto, & Opiuo!  Tipper will be performing TWO sets, his only appearance in Colorado in 2014, so don’t miss out on this special synchronicity of uplifting sound waves- he is known for his mastery of electronic music ranging from mid-tempo, glitch hop to downtempo melodic composition and recently released a new album “Forward Escape“…so come out and listen to his latest sounds in a sweet sound setting provided by the largest Funktion-One sound system to ever be showcased in Colorado.  Along his set, will be the LEGENDARY visual artists Android Jones & Johnathan Singer…is this real life?  Shpongle (Simon Posford Dj Set), of Twisted Records, was the final headliner announced, the perfect addition.  I’ve caught his dj sets a couple times, and he never fails to satisfy with his downtempo yet psychedelic sound waves that will open new gateways within you.  I am so stoked on Eoto, and so should you.  Eoto, the dubstep duo that is 100% improvisational – a mix of organic sounds of live drums, bass, and guitar through a variety of programs come together to create a unique experience, and consists of members of The String Cheese Incident- Michael Travis and Jason Hann.  Opiuo, a blooming funk and bass producer who has given me the ultimate brain massage every time is currently on tour, “World Tour”, and his mid stop is in CO – I caught him recently here in Austin, TX and experienced yet another fresh set.

Over 100 more artists will be performing at this years BLOOM.  The entire lineup is too fresh, it consists of a plethora amount of rare talent surrounding the Zilla, Re:Evolution, familymoons, Merkaba Music, and sub.mission families.  Such artists are continually rising from today’s national/international conscious electronic music scene:  The Polish Ambassador, the premiere of Michal Menert Big Band, Zilla, OTT, Random Rab, Quantic (live band), Zion I, Break Science, Benji Vaughan (Younger Brother Dj Set), Quixotic, Vibesquad, Kalya Scintilla ft. Eve Olution, Desert Dwellers, Zoogma, Dopapod, Kaminanda, Mr. Bill, Supervision, Bird of Prey, Paul Basic, Fort Knox Five, Janover & Resunator, The Human Experience, Dirtwire, & Merkaba.  I honestly can’t wait for The Sonic Bloom Orchestra which will feature a collaborative performance with names such as Eoto, Break Science, Zilla,  ill-esha, Kaminanda, etc.  The rest of the bill still showcases VERY talented up and coming national and international artists, so be sure to look out for:  Skytree, Whitebear, Polar Vortex (a new audio-visual collab project from ill-esha & S∆UCEmonster), Mumukshu, kLL sMTH, Futexture, Deloscinari, Soulacybin, Dubvirus, Shwex, Quanta, Akasha, Psymbionic, D.V.S*, Sunsquabi, Marvel Years, Dynohunter, Michael Garfield, Sixis, and Living Light.  I’m getting all giddy over here just by looking over the lineup and writing about it… it’s like a dreaming state about to hit reality.  I’ve had the pleasure of catching a great majority of these artists live within the past few years and I can assure it’s worth your time, both mentally and spiritually.  I walked into this scene unexpectedly and am so happy I discovered this community.  If you happen to be unfamiliar with this lineup or are only familiar with some of the artists, I highly suggest taking little time to discover something rare that will inspire you and potentially ignite the fire in your life purpose.

Featuring a breathtaking 360 degree mountain panorama and views of the continental divide, the new site in South Park adds to the magical touch of Sonic Bloom. The size of the site will allow for a car camping option, allowing just a short walk from the stage to cars/campsites. There will be an indoor saloon with late-night music and VIP packages will include optional on-site lodging packages.  Among the many spaces and zones will be The Oasis Bath-house complete with private hot showers, a woof-fired sauna and Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap “healing hub” where you’re able to kick-back, relax, enjoy the sauna, and get sprayed by delightful smelling soapy foam meant to rinse and cool you down.  The Glassblowing Dome by the Colorado Project, the interactive recycled glassblowing demos by the Nectar Collector, Boomtown by Jimmy Bleyer & Temple of Visions, and the Hammock Zone by the Elevated Movement will definitely be lively and interactive.  Beyond that, there are numerous amounts of other workshops, yoga classes, speakers, and live painters who will keep you learned and entertained.

A time to consciously unify on a beautiful weekend is approaching, so I hope you are ready for the ultimate life experience full of endless possibilities.  Unifying a cast of some of the world’s most electrifying musicians, performers, visionaries, and artists, SONIC BLOOM, is an inspiring showcase of Colorado’s forth moving Conscious Music Scene.  It has been credited for helping to break the careers of artists such as Bassnectar, The Glitch Mob, Beats Antique and Pretty Lights,  so come out and engage in discovery of some of the most progressive electronic innovators and live electronic acts with styles that are out of this universe.  Words can’t express how excited I am to return to a place that initially inspired me and will continue to inspire me.  Thank you Jamie Janover and the whole Zilla and Sonic Bloom family for making this possible.

    • Watch Android Jones create the album art for the new Dave Tipper album “Forward Escape” in this time-lapse video:

Life Raft for a Death Trip from Android Jones on Vimeo.


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Booms and Claps Compilation

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Booms and Claps is a West Coast based collective of bass music lovers, who review singles and albums, as well as cover events through their website. ”Where wonky meets beautiful meets gangster” is the site motto, which is a platform I can definitely get behind, and as I know some of the writers personally, I know their passion for discovering and promoting cutting edge, high quality music is real.

As one of the first major projects, the site has released a really well put together and dynamic compilation, Booms and Claps Vol.1. The lineup of contributors is really dope, composed of variety of producers ranging from established members of the bass music community such as Profresher, Guttstar, Yheti, and The Digital Connection, to exciting up and comers like Perkulat0r,+verb’s new project, Max Vibrationz, and Boats, along with a variety of artists I hadn’t heard of before.

The compilation showcases a range of bass music styles, circling through a multitude of aesthetics and feels, bringing you in and out of both foreign and familiar musical landscapes. Being that the artists involved were handpicked by the Booms and Claps staff, it is safe to assume all of the producers involved with the project are here to stay, so this compilation is a great chance to get familiar with some of them. Listen to some of my favorite tracks on the compilation, Profresher’s “Owl Day”, Swagu’s “Niteboi”, and Dalton Richmond’s “High End” below.

As a writer for a small scale publication, I always appreciate other websites that are keepin the underground bass blog world alive and I look forward to hearing much more from the Booms and Claps writers in the future.

Download the Compilation here
Booms and Claps Twitter
Booms and Claps Facebook 


Love and Low Frequencies,

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It Ain’t Right – Warp9 (Blunt Force ReFunk)

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Blunt Force has reFunked Warp9’s track “It Ain’t Right” and let me tell you something, it’s fresh as funk! Brian Gustafson is definitely a Texas favorite as he blends electro-soul funk with mesmerizing glitchy basslines that will leave you feeling groovy. A prominent member of the Philos Records family, he incorporates a live electric guitar during his future funky fresh and glitchy sets, creating a euphoric atmosphere of extraordinary audible and visual sensory enhancement and experience. With having recently released a spankin’ new EP, “A Brighter Tomorrow“, Brian is on a quest of continual discovery and is gaining momentum within the music industry, so look out for him!

His remix of “It Ain’t Right” is the perfect feel for the summer as it consists of an uplift full of continual technicolor crescendos mixed in with funk instrumentation of the trumpet and his dexterous guitar playing sequences. Followed throughout the track is a very rhythmic magical touch of glitch hop heaven and soothing deep bass drops.  He does a pristine job of building the momentum and letting loose at the most unexpected yet perfect timings. I’m a believer of feeling rejuvenated and vibrant and this track is the perfect example of lifting me up on that level.

This is just the beginning for this young and artistic producer currently residing in Austin, Texas. Not only is his music so uniquely crisp, but he’s full of good vibes and is always down for a good time with friends. Want to catch him live soon? Well you’re in luck! He will be performing at Summer Camp Festival this Memorial Day weekend, May 23rd-25th and soon after at WAKARUSA on June 5th – 8th!

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The Widdler – “OGO” (MalLabel Music)

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The Widdler released “OGO” on MalLabel Music on Tuesday, May 13th and currently stands #4 on Beatport’s “Dubstep Top 100 Releases”.  If you’re not familiar with The Widdler, now is the time to start familiarizing with this innovative producer that is pushing boundaries in the underground dubstep and bass music scene. He has a very creative original spooky spark to him, which is revealed through his unique sound design – he is an innovator and originator of “dub” sound.  A little bit about The Widdler, he was born in Tel Aviv and is currently residing here in the music capital of the world, Austin, TX.  Yoni Oron has been playing and producing music since he was 10 years old, and constantly practices to perfect his skills. Recently signed to OWSLA Records, he incorporates daily mix sessions into his everyday life, which is revealed through his impeccable performances – I witnessed his latest performance at Barcelona here in Austin a couple months ago during SXSW and it was a thrilling night full of deep felt bass dubs.

“OGO” consists of 6 rich yet spooky dub filled tracks: “Gitfukt”, “Killa Bitz”, “Lobster Trap”, “Martian Ambassador”, “Ogo”, and “Space Balloon”–  each containing within it a very mysterious vibe, taking you on a whirlwind of unimaginable bends, twists and spooked-out frequencies.  “Gitfukt” follows a deep bass heavy theme, a sign of what to expect in this release; these original dubstep frequencies meshed with laser sounding beams will hypnotize then levitate you, twist and spiral you out onto a high energy and ghostly filled atmosphere.  “Kill Bitz” slithers with a mystical vibe to it, eerie bass growls will enter your ear pineals and take you on a video game space tour, an unexpected mission, a challenge aimed to clear a shadow.  “Lobster Trap” is definitely a favorite, it’s like a maze; a turn of events waiting to happen; a space battle filled with minimal dubs mixed with heavy sounding vibes and intricate xylophonic melodic sounding strikes which blend perfectly with the short vocal incorporations.  

Martian Ambassador” is initiated with a passage filled with deep groove and midtempo feels of dubs and wurbbles, which reveal an otherworldly being: The Martian Ambassador. “Ogo” is the spookiest of them all, an arrival to a new destination, “Ogo”; a condition of mental divergence, he finds himself on the planet “Ogo”, part of an intellectual elite…a construct of  his psyche.  These deep bass drops create energies of Shamanic cleansing that is heard through ancient Widdler signature and mind blowing audible vibrations.  This release concludes with a high feel, a bounce off on the “Space Balloon”, a continuation of deep bass dubs and multitude amount of vibrant arpeggios can be felt then released.

“OGO” showcases a variety of dub styles and frequencies, and will cleanse the shadows of your soul through deep dub triggers of bewitching sound composition.  A leading figure in what has been deemed the “Deep Dub Renaissance”, he will, without a doubt, continue to keep breaking boundaries, making the impossible possible, and therefore will lift you off into space, maybe even higher – he will take you to an extraterrestrial landscape waiting to be discovered.  His organic, melodic, tribal and visionary sounds are challenging the paradigm in the dub step scene. Creating original and groundbreaking dubstep “drops”and crescendos, The Widdler will invigorate and clear your being.


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Pacific Standard | Local Honey EP

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Pacific Standard, comprised of producer Trevor Kelly and emcee Ro Knew, will be taking the Pacific by storm. This duo represents the quintessence of the West Coast Bass scene, integrating the best of both worlds with their elements of hip hop and electronica. Their new EP, Local Honey, is delightful and inventive. The sax-laden beat that Trevor lays down is catchy; I positively dig its swankiness! Ro Knew then throws it down with his clever and inventive rhymes that offer up an appealing narrative.

When I hear this original track I literally envision nourishing honey drops oozing from a honeycomb. Bliss. I love the message that these guys are endorsing; that natural and raw remedies trump Western forms of medicine. I am such a believer and proponent of this and it’s refreshing to hear the message communicated in such an expressive and engaging manner. Without pollinators and flowers our world would not be the same and many affirm that pollinators’ sweet nectar has awesome immunizing effects. One way or another you can’t deny that it tastes damn good!

The remixes by B.Bravo and Le Moti are distinct and both are very well done. I have always enjoyed B.Bravo’s style; his remix blends in some retro yet futuristic sounds nicely. Le Moti chops it up a bit and then smoothes it out making for a really pretty and renewed version of the track.

Together the Pacific Standard dudes are simply synergetic. Seeing them perform this track together at Lucidity during Trevor Kelly’s set at Audiowaska was a highlight of the weekend; their spirit was contagious! Their energy was emanating out into the crowd, making for some unforgettable moments. This teaser made me really want to hear more of what they are capable of.  Pacific Standard will be performing at Emissions Festival this weekend, if you’re attending don’t miss them on Sunday at 5pm at the Beach Stage (this is always where the party is at during magical Belden days anyways, so it will be damn near perfection!). I can’t wait to experience what else these guys bring to the table. See you West Coast bass enthusiasts there!

Did I mention that this release is free on SoundCloud? Grab it below and drizzle some of that local honey in your life!

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“Resonant Mind” Compilation | Merkaba Music

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Merkaba Music Record Label, which is an eclectic, original sound which represents an awakening of experimental music on our planet, released its latest compilation, “Resonant Mind” on May 5th, all of which was compiled by Kalya Scintilla, a member of Re:Evolution Booking.  Let’s rewind a little bit, Merkaba Music is based in Australia and came to light on October 2012 with intention and focus on “The Merkaba”, which is a crystalline energy field that is comprised of specific sacred geometries that align the mind, body, and heart together – it is the divine light vehicle allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms.  “Resonant Mind” marks its 17th release and this compilation is definitely worth 87.35 minutes worth your time and presence.  Picture it as a universal gift, a sound wave that will uplift and nourish your mind, body, and soul. “Resonant Mind” consists of 15 original organic yet glitch-ed out and psychedelic tracks by various artists including: “Awakening World” by Expedizion & Sixis, “To And Afro” by Mr. Squatch, “Magic Touch” by Master Minded, “Jerry’s Dream” by Somatoast, “Perihelion” by Living Light, “Kuru” by Occult, “Organic Architecture” by I Awake, “Through the Eyes of Time” by Globular, “Moonkaba” by Seamoon, “Annanika” by Itom Lab, “Cybrosion” by Bogtrotter, “Tendrils” by Ecometric, “The Dissolve” by Subaqueous, “Imaginary Lines” by Erothyme, and “Trambling Soul” by Mindex.  I’m completely amazed by this compilation which is full of psychedelic dubs and sacred bass soundscapes felt in a downtempo and mid tempo setting.  I was familiar with about 6 out of the 16 artists whom uphold similar views about the virtues of music, sound, and divinity from all over the world, and was very content in discovering new artists with such unique talent and depth.

The structure of this compilation is brilliant and blends very well together, this flow of meditation is initiated by “Awakening World”, a collaboration between Expedizion & Sixis which creates a fresh and clear introduction which is composed of an organic psychedelic atmosphere focused on tapping into your consciousness.  You can then feel mesmerizing midtempo break beats wrapped in a warm, squishy, yet dubby funk-bubble within “To And Afro” by Mr. Squatch.  “Magic Touch” by Master Minded then enters the flow and it’s quite the magical story of the heart full of psychedelic and dreamstep waves, a very luscious vibe – a very masterful taste with incorporation of middle eastern melodies. “Jerry’s Dream” by Somatoast has got to be one of my absolute favorites because of its mysteriously elegant yet squishy rhythmic flow which features the voice of Jerry Garcia in a cosmic setting – a technicolor twirl of imagination.  A very organic feel with soothing flute instrumentation can then blissfully be felt when “Perihelion” by Living Light enters the bass-esque journey…it creates a new understanding that opens up new channels through world beats which are synchronized with soothing and rejuvenating electronic melodies, followed by the melismatic chanting of Hindu mantra. This flow is then given a twist when “Kuru” by Occult transcends… it creates a deep meditation and levitation within,  it’ll teleport one into an unknown dimension through its deep bass lines and original dubstep groove.

“Organic Architecture” by I Awake still continues the deep meditation that was felt within “Kuru” but gives spark to a fresh new melody with a very organic appeal to it, it’s full of lively clicks and breaks in a flowing midtempo approach.  Another favorite is “Through The Eyes Of Time” by Globular which has a trippy and world-beat atmosphere, an alien-like sound from a different universe. Its glitchy and psychedelic Eastern upbeat vibe will have you time-traveling through space, a classic Globular frequency that tells a story through the eyes of time and evolution which reveals truth.  “Moonkaba” by Seamoon transitions very smoothly after Globular and has a similar feel, a very exotic psychedelic chillout beat that makes space-traveling still possible, it arises mystical atmospheres with its twisted lead sounds.  Welcome to a world of infinite possibilities is the theme of “Annanika” by Itom Lab which is  composed of very glitchy soundscapes with limitless intelligent composition, a lot of different styles and thought can be both felt and heard through its glitch entirety.  Both “Cybrosion by Bogtrotter and “Tendrils” by Ecometric are truly a unique encounter in this compilation due to their unique sound design of glitchy detailed wurbbles and bell sounding echoes which blend well next to each other.  “The Dissolve” by Subaqueous also has a mysterious sound pattern with a lot of depth in this downtempo melody…I felt as if my whole being dissolved into the melody and, as a result, I became the “air” element on Earth.  “Imaginary Lines” by Erothyme has an acid funk feel to it, it feels like I’m bouncing on the moon, these electro-acoustic glitch patterns definitely uplifted me into a new level of being, it directed me into a new path.  Kalya Scintilla ties this uplifting compilation together with “Trambling Soul” by Mindex which exposes a trip-hop feel, a very experimental track full of a lot of intention to the heart in entering a new phase of revelation.

This compilation resonates with my heart; each track is like a vibrant treasure hidden in an ancient pyramid waiting for the secrets of the Universe to be revealed and therefore unlocked. Each contains within it a journey, an escape into the present moment reminding us to live in the now. A deep-rooted meditation that will hypnotize you and teleport you to an ancient past life that will re-awaken you and direct you to your purpose here on Earth. These organic ambient textures and patterns of sound will sooth your being and these glitchy and sacred bass frequencies and amplitudes will guide you through a rich tapestry of spiritual healing vibes and will have a vibrantly uplifting impact and therefore enlighten and bring forth “One Consciousness”.  The ‘Merkaba’ enables us to experience expanded awareness, connects us with elevated potentials of consciousness, and restores access and memory of the infinite possibilities of our being. When the Merkaba meditation is performed correctly, the Merkaba fluidly integrates our intuitive and dynamic aspects of our mind and spirit, which I was able to experience through “Resonant Mind”.

Click Here to Listen to “Resonant Mind”: Resonant Mind – Compiled by Kalya Scintilla by Various

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Great Dane ❘ Beta Cat

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I. Love. Team Supreme. They’ve been my #1 crew around for awhile now, so a release from the label or from any of the original members is always such a treat. One of my favorite team members is definitely Great Dane. His fresh take on beat music well represents everything I love about Team Supreme’s brand: forward thinking but not unpalatably futuristic, really well made and masterfully produced, and staying true to a distinctly West Coast feel. This is Great Dane’s second full length album (check out what JM had to say about his first, Alpha Dog), both of which have been released by the much loved Los Angeles label, Alpha Pup.

I’ve always known Great Dane to be an excellent producer, but this particular release really showcased his range and spoke to a lot of my current musical preferences. Although much of the album is super club friendly in his use hyphy clicks, rap samples, and speaker rattling bass, there’s also this spacey lusciousness throughout that creates a really unique and memorable listening experience. That same airiness adds a layer of depth that can be hard to capture in hip hop influenced electronic music and is certainly well welcomed. This album solidifies Great Dane as one of the most exciting beat producers in the game right now and I look forward to seeing a lot more from him this year!

Some favorites that have stuck out so far:


Blue and Green


Stream and buy the whole album here: Beta Cat by Great Dane

Also, check out Afro Monk favorite, G Jones’, flip of ultra banger, “Daisy”! Just released a couple days ago.

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Soulection pretty much owned 2013 and their reign has been staying strong into this year as well. The collective’s emphasis on both club friendly and softer, romantic sounds have gained them not just street cred and respect within the beat music scene, but true fans who follow their every release and love the label dearly. One of my favorite members of the collective is Sango and never have I loved him more than when he released Da Rocinha 2 in January.

Da Rocinha 1 was Sango’s exploration into the Brazilian genre, Baile Funk. I looked into the genre more after listening to the album a few times and found it’s a not only a term for a type of music but the entire scene surrounding it. Baile Funk became prevalent in Rio De Janeiro underground parties and clubs in the 80’s. Influenced by American hip hop and especially Miami Bass, Baile Funk combines western dance music with Portuguese rap and Samba inspired drum beats, heavy in 808’s.

I really enjoy Sango’s take on the genre in both Da Rocinhas, but especially #2. Da Rocinha 2 has been favorite LP released so far in 2014 since it’s release and still holds that position. I don’t know if it’s my beach town roots, taste for travel, or love for summer, but I often gravitate towards music that carries a tropical feel. Being that this album is an experimentation into a genre formed in the magical land of Brazil, the tropical summer vibe is super present throughout the release. The album dropped in January, but it’s perfect for summer, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s a must!

Full album stream/purchase here :Da Rocinha 2 by Sango

Love and Low Frequencies,
Molly <3

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Aversive – “Inner Visions” EP (MalLabel Music)

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Aversive’s EP, “Inner Visions“, was released on MalLabel Music (based in San Francisco) on April 24th, 2014 . Aversive is an up and coming DJ and Multi-Genre Bass Music Producer currently residing in Canada and she definitely knows how to break boundaries. Ultimately twisting fresh bass lines, her sounds are filled with futuristic and psychedelic frequencies and downtempo amplitudes, giving a vibe of a dreamscape sound experience. So much diverse emotion can be felt and heard through this EP, which will lead you to your own escape, your own inner visions. Influenced by Amon Tobin, Tipper, Opiuo, Fila Brazillia, and Mr. Bill, Aversive portrays a similar feel but adds her own creative touch and approach through her inside-out.

This diverse EP consists of four multi-genre bass-fueled, yet glitch-ed out and futuristic tracks: “Breakspeak”, “Visions of the Heart”, “Ghetto”, and “Dreams”. “Breakspeak” kicks off with a mid tempo and psychedelic world beat feel, it’s like she’s guiding us into a spiritual journey all initiating from the heart. It is then meshed up with low-key vocals and glitched-out wurbbles blended with an upbeat funky melodic beat, giving it a mysterious vibe with rhythmic control. “Visions of the Heart” spoke to my heart, it has such a lively creative dubstep sound meshed with a theme surrounding heavy bass line drops full of midtempo rhythms. “Ghetto” took me on a Neuro-Funk journey that is out of this world, maybe even out of this universe – its composition delivers a unique story full of original drum and bass and neuro funk sounds which blend perfectly with vocal additions. “Dreams” took me on a dreamstep experience – it emanates a flowing downtempo approach full of dubs and soothing vocals, a dreamy outlook.

Aversive’s sound design is quite unique, a very creative producer who explores multiple bass music genres such as glitch hop, neuro-hop, drum & bass, dubstep, and dreamstep. These funky yet psychedelic wobbles and wurbbles will open up gateways to many possibilities in the mind/spirit and will therefore create a flowing dance environment and unique and mysterious spiritual journey. Pause whatever you’re doing right now and let Aversive guide you through a magical experience full of spiritual bass music that will bring light to your inner visions which will elevate you into a new state.


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