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Omega | Fearless EP

time October 21st by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

I’m such an Omega fan boy. This guy is the mad scientist of our community. The amount of talent and knowledge he has is incredible. Chris is also one of the most loving humans I’ve met. The music he puts out is HUGE and gets quite intense compared to what I’m use to listening too. What’s also interesting is how gnarly his music can be but he’s in full control and sometimes you can hear his giddy laugh during his sets. It’s almost as if Omega has this dark evil nature but his true nature is almost shy by how massive his sound comes off.

Omega is by no means a new kid on the block either. He has be an integral part of the rising Colorado electronic music scene. You might not see him out as often but don’t worry he’s working inside his lab creating and mastering tunes. One thing that many people don’t know about yet is his project YuYu (1/2 Omega, 1/2 Cualli). If you’re not that into these aggressive massive basslines and live more for the funk you’ve got to keep your ears out for the YuYu material. It’s more along the lines of live instrumentation. You’ll have to hear and see it to understand.

You don’t usually find such explosive dubstep on this blog but I have nothing but respect and love for my friend, Omega. Check this out and support music. Major shout outs to UnMess for such amazing album art on this one!

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Molly’s Picks October 10th-October 17th, 2013

time October 17th by Molly authorTags: , , , ,

Found some really great tracks this week that I’d love to share with you all. There is constantly amazing new music being released, but when searching this past week these four tracks stuck out to me admist the hundreds. Hope you enjoy.


Lovers of downtempo will already be familiar with San Francisco producer, Tycho. His soft, pensive sound is well represented in this track from his next release. Pulling tough at the heart strings, this guitar heavy creation is a gorgeous, emotional, and comforting song. Paired with the always stunning album artwork by Tycho himself, this release is sure to be a heart melter.

Chris Brown- Till I Die (LabRat and Jamburglar remix)

Vibey as f*ck remix of Chris brown’s “Till I Die” done by California producers, LabRat and Jamburglar. This track rocks a dynamic combination of heavy gangsterism and smooth hip hop vibes. The majority of the tune is lively and pleasant, but the switch up to a heavyier flavor in the middle works really well and would make this a great song to drop on the dancefloor.

Kaytranada-Hilarity Duff

This man can do no wrong. Kaytranada is one of the hottest beat producers around right now and I am consistently impressed with the music he’s releasing. This new track was released today in a two song EP along side the also killer beat, “At All”. Huge bass lays the groundwork for this expressive and luxuriously saucy beat. So.Much.Steez.

And my favorite: The Lion Kngs-Down To The Garden

Such a dope track. I really love this. The arrangement is interesting and captivating. I really dig the drums*those snare rollssss*, choice of sounds, vocals, and the production quality, although admittedly a little distorted through soundcloud, is top notch. It’s got a bit of an eerie feel to it, making it soo perfect for this time of year. Start to finish, this super smooth and dynamic track really hits the sweet spot for me and I can not stop listening to it. Check it out for yourself. Plus it’s a free download through their facebook!

Happy Thursday everyone! I absolutely love this time of year for music! I hope fall is treating you well and you are revelling in all the amazing music being dropped left and right. Keep it real, readers.

Love and Low Frequencies,


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Globular | Magnitudes of Order

time September 29th by Taradactyl authorTags: , ,

I’m not sure why I haven’t checked out Globular before… man was I missing out! This guy’s music is stellar. From Bristol, UK, you can just tell that this guy puts an immense amount of energy into making his detailed exotic sounds. It’s feel-good music that seems to offer energy and healing power as you listen. His sounds are very organic and have a soothing, natural flow, yet are delightfully psychedelic and drippy. It’s kind of like very controlled chaos in the best way possible. This music invokes a sense of tribal roots blended oh so nicely with electronica that is so on point. If you’re into Ott, I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll enjoy Globular’s tunes. His most recent release, Magnitudes of Order (out September 28) takes you on an intricate journey through the cosmos and back; it’s great for easy listening while kicking back or road tripping. I hope that this guy will tour in the states sometime soon… I believe that he would be very well received by our music and art community!

Check out Globular’s Magnitudes of Order and other releases on his bandcamp here. Pay what you’d like to download!


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Alizzz ❘Whoa!

time September 28th by Molly authorTags: , , ,

From the very first note, Whoa! by Alizzz had me completely captivated. Been sitting on this one for a little bit now and am definitely excited to share this with all you people out there. The EP is a combination of high energy, epic, and emotional maximalism with sultry, heart string pulling r&b vibes. I’m personally totally obsessed with this shift towards a futuristic r&b renaissance that’s become so prevalent in the beat and bass music scene recently, so electronic music in this style has been taking up pretty much all of my time in the last year (as you can probably tell from my posts on the site).  The energy throughout the EP is blissed out and passionate, totally winning me over with it’s dynamic flavor and gorgeous synth work.

Barcelona based Alizzz  as well as the label releasing the EP, Arkestra Discos, were completely new names to me when I came across this EP, but I was instantly impressed with his obvious production skills and melodic, highly musical technique. Each track on the EP is dynamic and interesting, ranging in style and tempos, but working harmoniously to create an atmospheric and vivid listening experience. It’s safe to say, I’m obsessed.

Love and Low Frequencies,

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Afro Monk’s Custom Symbiosis 2013 Schedule

time September 19th by John-Michael authorTags: , ,

Symbiosis 2013 Custom Schedule (Google Doc)

Symbiosis 2013 FULL SCHEDULE

Thursday and Friday (Image)

Saturday and Sunday (Image)

Symbiosis 2013 Map (Image)

Symbiosis 2013 Albums

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The Originalz

time September 19th by Taradactyl authorTags: , , , ,

The Originalz have been crushing it lately. Hailing from Sebastopol, CA, this talented duo keeps shit fresh and fun! This summer they have been popping up on festival lineups left and right and I have to say that it’s much deserved; I have had the pleasure of catching them multiple times live and they give off an incredible radiant energy. There’s never a dull moment in a performance by The Originalz… every time I have seen them everyone is getting DOWN and dirty. Having kicked it with them on a few occasions, I have to say that both Troy and Derek are charming, super chill dudes. They’re spreading just the right love and positive energy that our bass community thrives upon. Catch them next at Trill God Campout in Ashland, Oregon next weekend (September 27-30), which looks to be off the chain!

The Originalz’ newest release, Get Lucid, out on Gravitas Recordings, is like a cosmic journey through a seamless soundscape. I would highly recommend checking out and downloading this stellar release (name your own price). If you give your eyes a rest and let go it can actually evoke a sense of lucid dreaming (and the radical album artwork doesn’t hurt with that).  I am a sucker for melodic innovative beats and these guys deliver that along with slapping gangsta bass, futuristic glitch, and sultry frequencies. Their tunes will satisfy music lovers across the board, with influences ranging from hip hop to purple. Their sound is full and exuberant. They recently did a remix for my boy SELBY and it turned out to be quite delicious! I actually can’t seem to get it out of my head. Their newest track, Holla’, is fire as well! The Originalz are only going upwards with their dope beats, killer performances, and authentic personalities… watch out for these guys!

Listen to and download Get Lucid here!


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time September 17th by John-Michael authorTags: None has officially been around for four years now. It’s crazy to think that it’s been that long now. I have to thank everyone for the support. I never imagined that this site would gain such a following over the years. During it’s peak the site was receiving 15,000 visitors a month. It’s not that much in respects to other popular websites. What counted was the community of people that made up those 15,000.

There haven’t been as many updates as of late and I have personally moved away from writing post myself. Tara and Molly are still getting some post done and hope they continue to post. This website will always remain live despite the lack of post. There is so much music on here that even though it’s dated it could lead to new discovery.

I’ve moved from spending a lot of time writing post on my free time to digging for new music and prepping live DJ sets. I’ve been lucky to have a hell of a team over the years to keep the site going. So much love goes out to PBJ, EA, Wubber Stumpper, Ed, Tara, and Molly. I don’t think this site will ever get back to the regular daily post schedule but time to time when something catches our eye or a major event is coming up we’ll post about it.

One thing that I have to say besides thanking the readership and followers of the blog is that anything is possible if you put your mind too it. I started this blog with a year or so of experience in my career as a SEO. I used that skill set and knowledge to build this simple WordPress site. It took me a few hours to build this site and over the years I’ve simply added a few widgets and tweaks. The reason I feel it was successful was because it was consistent. Almost every day I would post in it’s prime and share all sorts of music that I believe was not getting the press or coverage it deserved. I told a story about each of the artist because I only focused on people I had interacted with on the internet and in person. The site was founded on the idea of sharing music that was niche at the time. Over the years I’ve seen many of the artist I’ve written about become EDM stars. As cliche as it sounds, build it and they will come. You just got to have passion, unique content, and streamlined process.

Follow your dreams and keep it fresh!

Thank you.


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Bass Mtn Festival | September 13-16 | Stone Bear River Camps

time September 11th by Taradactyl authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,


Bass Mtn Festival, held September 13-16 on the Yuba River outside of Truckee, CA, is exactly what everyone needs to wind down after the Burn yet stay funky and get down. If you weren’t at Burning Man… well, all the more reason to get that much needed bass fix with the fam! Bass Mtn is an intimate gathering designed to cultivate deep seeded friendships old and new. Rather than purchasing a ticket as a commodity like most festivals, participants get memberships for a tribe or family like arrangement that thrives on community and nurturing vibes. In its third year, this festival is going to knock everyone’s socks off with its attention to detail and unparalleled ambiance. Prepare for mind warping psychedelic bass and visuals, elaborate stage design, thought-provoking workshops, unbelievable art (both live and gallery), rejuvenating yoga, organic and delicious food, holistic soothing healing, and a soul-warming tea lounge. What more could you ask for out of a weekend in the stunning tree groves and crystal clear waters of the Sierra Nevadas? Nothing, if you ask me! It’s a weekend that is set up perfectly for pure bliss and connection…. All you have to do is show up with an open heart and mind.

Among the countless nooks there will be two stages, the Reflection Stage nestled in the pines and Crunk Creek Stage down by the undeniably refreshing waters of the Yuba River. Both will provide music blessing our eardrums with some of the best music I can think of, period. Kalya Scintilla’s tantalizing eclectic bass never lets me down; add the overall atmosphere that will be Bass Mtn and we will be howling at the moon in exuberance! Love and Light have always been favorites of mine (and they’re just so damn loveable) and I can’t wait to get down to their bubbly womps. David Starfire has blown me away multiple times (the one that always comes to mind is BM 2012 when he played an incredible Beatles remix set at Fractal Nation). Knight Riderz will bring the dirty gangster bass that is sure to please. Andreilien will melt our pineal glands with his twisted bass lines. I’m always stoked to see Stephan Jacobs with his percussive dirty bass that is impossible to stand still to (check out his newest tunes on his Soundcloud…. I am DIGGIN’). Sugarpill will always be in my top 5… I can never get enough of his futuristic party bass and enjoyable demeanor. I might be most excited to see the ever-rising Digital Rust, whose productions are flawless and put me into a trance. Lately I’ve been so into the effervescent gangster bass that The Originalz have been putting out (and they’re the best peoples!). The homie Zeb always throws down super badass reggae infused bass sets that get you moving.  I could go on forever about how stoked I am on this stacked lineup that also includes a plethora of local talent, all such good peoples that deserve only the best.

Big ups to the Mindful Massive crew for working so diligently to make this event as beautiful as I know it will be. These guys are based out of South Lake Tahoe and have been killing it for three years; they started from just a seed that has been cared for with love and just the right amount of water to grow from a seedling and bloom brilliantly. If you’re ever in South Lake Tahoe on a Tuesday do not miss their Massive Tuesday event… they are constantly bringing in awesome talent and providing vibes and frequencies that will make you go home feeling better than ever before.

Check out the Bass Mtn website for information about the extremely reasonable memberships (note – memberships at the door are cash donation only, no ATM or cards accepted), music, directions, preparations, and more. See you in the woods… surround yourself with love and frequencies at Bass Mtn this weekend!


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Symbiosis Gathering | September 19-23 | Woodward Reservoir

time September 9th by Taradactyl authorTags: , , , , ,


Symbiosis continues to create unique and all-sensory experiences for its participants that cultivate human growth, collaboration, and community. Symbiosis Gathering, held on September 19-23, looks to be the most spiritually transformational gathering of 2013. Last year Symbiosis was incredible and unforgettable, and this year’s is guaranteed to blow your mind just the same or more! The gathering coincides with the Harvest Full Moon, the Autumnal Equinox and the International Day of Peace. Nestled in rolling hills at Woodward Reservoir just outside of the bay area, its location is prime; imagine listening to unparalleled groovy beats while wandering on grassy knolls or floating in the water with family new and old. The experience, however, will not only be pleasing to your eardrums. It will likely cause all-sensory gratification – visual, mental, aromatic, tactic, even your taste buds may do a little dance once or twice. It’s all about connections; all are welcome and participants will transcend any mental boundaries they may have had coming into the festival. Everyone is encouraged to get involved to create a mutually contributive and interwoven community. The aim is to co-create something beautiful that will never be forgotten… and surely that will happen.

The music lineup for Symbiosis Gathering is extraordinary; it’s unlike any lineup that I have ever seen, and that’s saying something! There is a completely diverse array of sounds and rhythms that will resonate throughout the forest and hills. Including some of the world’s most talented live musicians among the likes of STS9, Shpongle, Mount Kimbie, Hudson Mohawke, Emancipator, and Star Slinger, the bill is stacked and sure to please. The performances that I look forward to the most include RL Grime, Cashmere Cat, Lapalux, Ott, Phaeleh, Sun:Monx (one half of this duo is Opiuo and I have never seen them on a lineup), Kalya Scintilla, Michael Menert, Guadi, Random Rab, Bluetech, The Coup, Bird of Prey, Djemba Djemba, G Jones, The Human Experience, Kaminanda, Mr. Carmack, Zeb, Wala, and Thriftworks. There will be plenty of unique and quality sounds surrounding you, including elements of dub, IDM, eclectic bass, galactic, sacred dance, Edwardian ball, shamanistic, percussion, ambient, beatboxing, wind instruments, strings, lyricists… the list goes on. I really think that each of the musical acts will be stunning, thought-provoking, and the flowing lifeblood of the festival.

Another awe-inspiring aspect of Symbiosis Gathering will be art installations and stage designs (on four stages!). Everywhere you look there will be artists at work in tune with the rhythm of the gathering, as well as intricate yet vast installations open to interaction and interpretation. Other aspects of the gathering that I look forward to are ceremonies, comedic acts, delicious organic foods, healing, yoga, workshops, a marketplace, and psychedelic bingo (sounds intriguing!).

I am looking more and more forward to Symbiosis Gathering each day. I know it will be life-changing in more than one way and am excited to open my senses to new possibilities! Check out the Symbiosis Gathering website for more details and to purchase tickets, and get ready to drink some delicious liquid sunshine by the lake with us!

If you have any doubt in your mind that you want to come expand your soul and awaken your chakras at Symbiosis, check out the recap video from last year!

Bless your eardrums with this free mix of Symbiosis artists – you will not be disappointed!

Give this Symbiosis trailer a peek also… It’s whimsical and hilarious! “There are 100% less scorpions than last year!” 

Symbiosis Gathering 2013 with Micha and Leighton from Symbiosis Gathering on Vimeo.

See all of your shining faces there!

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Daft Punk’s Get Lucky Fraud?!

time September 5th by John-Michael authorTags:

This is worth sharing.

This happens more than you think. I don’t even know what to think.

I thought.
Look I’ve heard many people say how this is a common chord progression in music. I get it. The problem lies in the fact that this is possible. It shows how artist like Daft Punk are as large as they are with a common chord progression. When I first heard this I freaked out. The video was recorded in 2011.

It just shows how the marketing and advertising push that the song Get Lucky had and still gets is insane. There’s that much music being made for this to happen and it’s that similar in my book that I had to show people.

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