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kLL sMTH – Flummoxed

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Artwork: Matik

Audiophile kLL sMTH is back with another avant-garde and highly polished envelope-burning release “Flummoxed” sending listeners through a six track journey of laser landscapes and breakbeat backspins. From the sultry vocals of “Syzygy” to the intricate low ends of “Mutton Chopper”, Kris Edland has delivered another brain-tickling and diverse installment in his musical career, staying true to his sound while continuously pioneering new musical territory. The exotic textures, outlandish swing, and engaging playful nature will certainly stay on serial repeat, keeping observers endlessly trying to solve it’s rubiks cube of sound. Please enjoy this ingenious opus of one of our favorite glitch hop masterminds, as it pulls you through a world of sophisticated sound design, multi instrumental melodies, and dexterous bass leads.

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Afro Monk Mix Series – 002 – spacegeishA

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Presenting Vol 002 of our ‘Afro Monk Mix Series’ featuring: spacegeishA!

Artwork: Supersillyus

spacegeishA spirals down to Earth to bring forth mind-expansive experiences through complex soundwaves. She fuses a myriad of ancient and futuristic melodies including glitch, glitch-hop, cave bass, psychedelic bass, tribal, breaks, dubstep, psydub, progressive, house, and more.

Doubling as the Label Director at Street Ritual, her taste is refined to cutting edge mid and high tempo psychedelic bass music. With a release catalogue of over 100 albums representing USA, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, and more; she represents the underground across the globe. spacegeishA enchants artists across the globe working in Artist Relations and Talent Buying for a wide range of international events including Enchanted Forest, Symbiosis, BOOM Festival, Burning Man, & many more. Withholding an eclectic knowing of forth-moving and ground-breaking auditory sensations, she creates feels of depth through eclectic tempo designs and fusions composed of genre-blending and picturesque soundscapes. She lands here on Earth solely to provide ethereal explorations for your auditory pleasure; sure to help any listener resonate with far out vibrations. Step into a known dimension of timelessness as you glide seamlessly through bass growls and intricate beat patterns.

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Tryptich – Sunspot [ Luminus Music ]

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Tryptich releases ‘Sunspot’ EP on Luminus Music today, March 17th, 2016, and it’s a funky fresh glitch hop into outer space – it’s a mode of discovery.  Grooving in with psychedelic twists, dope and mind boggling basslines, and tripped-out melodic twists, Tryptich generates a lush space-funk rhythm through four midtempo epics.  An atmosphere of smooth reverberation is felt as eerie crescendos provide an alien-like surface into presence.  How did we end up here? An emotive, trippy, melodic, & morphological approach through “Lost” is ignited through laser bass, which is then fueled by innovative and fresh beats, which then creates an overall extension of psychedelia and innovation.  “Air Lines” swings in by with that psy-hop-funk vibe and reveals sporadic vocals, a true glitch hop theme, this journey sets a smooth outlook as each transition fuses in magically together.

“Sunspot” hits the spot with its luminous feel and continuous rhythmic presence of intricate and grimey characteristics.  Tryptich’s composition really makes for an intriguing and innovative soundscape of “psychedelic space-funk” as he will reel you into w known state of thumping alternative whomp states.  “Ooze Cruise (feat. Mise)” is like an aquatic bass escape into deep layered textures and patterns, it’s an entrance into higher levels of consciousness.  This collab screams out EPIC as you feel a triggering rush of light enter your entity through beams of radiating beats and enhancing grooves booming in and out of this world as crescendos ( 3.51 – 3.54 esp) reveal imagination ! Saam Hodivala’s “Tryptich” project is a recent discovery for me and he’s instantly becoming a favorite! Looking forward to more from Trypitch! Artwork by Caspian Kai (Design By Kai)!

Big shout out to Hedflux, the mastermind behind Luminus Music, and Tryptich on this release! Don’t sleep on these guys!

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Numatik – Enseñame [ Benefit for Cloud Forest Conservation Initiative ]

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Numatik releases “Enseñame” EP on Merkaba Music. An intentional approach and benefit for “Cloud Forest Conservation Initiative “, “Enseñame” (“Teach Me” in Spanish ) which reveals 3 in-depth/profound tracks: 1 original by Numatik, 1 remix of the original, “Eseñame”, by Liquid Bloom, and 1 chill mix by Kalya Scintilla. Filled with organic and ambient roots, these tunes are their prayers of the Earth. 100 % of the profits will be donated to the CloudForest Conservation Initiative in Guatemala. Through these frequencies, experience soothing and meditative states through rhythmic vibes, melodic depth, organic nourishment, and ancient production – an overall collaborative atmosphere. Art by Francis McKeon – Aeonic Art!

Original track recorded & produced by Numatik features vocals written and sang by Natalia Clavier (from Thievery Corporation), Acoustic Guitar – David Brown (of Rising Appalachia), African Drums – Biko Casini (of Rising Appalachia), Percussion – Trey Crispen, & Vocal Mixing – Anthony Thogmartin.  “Enseñame – Liquid Bloom remix” features Alvin Young – Bass. Ixchel Prisma – voice , Rara Avis – voice, & Amani Friend – shakers, percussion, remix production


These songs are our prayers of gratitude and respect to the Earth today.
May we remember her land as our own flesh and her forests as our own lungs.
Through our music, may we hear her heartbeat.

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Bombassic – Gato Negro

time March 10th by Sofia authorTags: ,


Bombassic‘s “Gato Negro” future bass tune is so fresh!  Released as an Exclusive Free Single via Street Ritual, this track is the premiere of their forthcoming self-release EP, Acceleration, which is approaching the very end of March!  “Superstitions surrounding the black cat or gato negro have allured humans for ages. In Egypt they were worshipped, in France they were despised. Experience Gato Negro which features entrancing lush bass leads, melodic textures, rhythmic grooves, and a taste for a funky dose of hip hop clarity!


BomBassic is the musical collaboration of Brucey B and Cpt. HyperDrive focused on creating sound full of emotion and energy. Raised on the raw sound of NY hip-hop, and groomed in Asheville’s eclectic electronic music scene, they exhibit a wide range of influences. From funk, classical, jazz to glitch-hop, house, and future bass, every resonating genre is explored. With Brucey B on the keys and HyperDrive controlling a custom DJ-FX rack, their high-energy live performance adds an incredibly soulful dimension to their sound. BomBassic’s music is always growing, in different directions, looking for new ways to connect with the listener.

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Cualli – Birds of Bliss

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Cualli releases “Birds of Bliss” – a mid tempo journey on the legendary Merkaba Music.  Inspired and written while exploring the tropics of Costa Rican and Amazon jungles (of Northern Peru) in 2015, Aaron triggered deep inspiration which reveals extraordinary depth.  A soothing, captivating, & invigorating bass extravaganza is composed of fluid transitions, organic melodies, funky vibes, and psychedelic lush which provide an overall balance of being in tune.  Cualli is a rhythmic and innovative world class composer, and through this release, his soundscapes encompass a wide-range of glitch hop, ambient, and electronic visions made possible through the love of nature: birds, ocean, trees, sands, and jungle magic.  Staying true to it’s 432hz roots and Pura Vida vision, the track “Dragon” set the tone and tempo of the rest of the 8 track album following a ceremony that left him experiencing higher levels of consciousness.  Aaron is a genuine and a passionate creator.  I met him in Austin, Texas and his lively presence can be felt not only through his sounds, but his humble nature! Big ups!  A true collaborator, “My I” features his love, Sophia Boedecker!

Art: Jacob UnMess!

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Sonic Geometry – Sunken Cities (Feat. Second Species) [ Artist Spotlight ]

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islands of the blessed cover

Sonic Geometry – Sunken Cities (feat. Second Species) [ Premiere ] on March 7th, 2016.

On March 15th, 2016, Sonic Geometry will be releasing his first official debut EP, “Islands of the Blessed”, on Street Ritual. A departure from SG’s previous singles of rock-fueled, glitch & electro-funk, Sonic G takes us on a chillout and psychedelic expedition into an astral dive where an amalgamation of deep sub bass, exotic melodies, rich textures, alluring rhythms, & guitar leads come to life. Echoing, layered, & aquatic atmospheres reveal a new found vision as lucid triggers are felt within emotive and spiritual elevations – it’s an entrance into timelessness. Experience a transformational shift through sonic time travel, experience a fresh and evolving state where ambience will trigger conscious & creative breakthroughs.

“Islands of the Blessed is the debut EP release from Sonic Geometry. A departure from SG’s previous singles of rock-fueled electro-funk, this EP is an escape to a celestial sea where an alluring blend of aquatic sounds and ambient melodic textures create an elevating and pensive atmosphere. Themes of love, dreams, and catharsis travel across expanses of space-time in ships of our imagination, weaving their way through electro-organic layers in a deep ocean that reflects our own emotional and spiritual transformation. ” – Sonic Geometry

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The Untz Festival [ 1st Annual Extravaganza ]

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The Untz Festival is here.  The creators of an underground and fresh web-magazine, The Untz (founded in 2009), are hosting their first annual “The Untz Festival” at the Mariposa Fairgrounds in Mariposa, California from June 2nd – 4th, 2016.  Built on a foundation on connecting, they align the electronic music community of fans, artists, and promoters.  A collaborative experience and interactive approach with their artists and promoters, they allow them to add information and music to be discovered and heard!   Being an avid reader for years now, I am happy to see a new vision, extension, and real life experience has arrived .  All ticketing include walk-in-camping upgrades, so be sure to arrive early to take on this opportunity! The Untz Festival.

Experience a dope, fresh, and underground experience in soothing temperature’s of 80’s during daylight and 50’s at night, an in-depth uplift is approaching.  A stellar lineup has been announced, I am eager to see The Untz Festival continue to inject ideas in the industry and expand underground visions into the mainstream.


Dope lineup.  Legends such as Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution, The Desert Dwellers, Mr. Bill, Merkaba, Kaminanda, Treavor Moontribe, Amani, & Illenium will be gracing transcending soundscapes and providing fresh sets as they always create a vivid and ever-growing experience.  Rising artists such as Marvel Years, Tribone, Dynohunter, Sixis, Blunt Force, CharlesTheFirst, Outersect, LabRat, and more will be revealing fresh feels throughout the weekend.  I dig that the lineup is diverse in style and genres, you have everything from electronic to live expeditions in realms of psytrance, bass, dubstep, word music, glitch, glitch hop, live electronica, downtempo, and future funk!

The Untz is also hosting The Untz Challenge:  two winners of the Untz Challenge VII will be playing at 7 major music festivals across five months!  Those festivals include Summer Camp Music Festival, The Untz Festival, SONIC BLOOM, Electric Forest, ARISE Festival, Imagine Music Festival, and Backwoods Music Festival! ORIGINAL tracks can be submitted beginning February 29th, and we will continue to accept submissions until March 18th at 11:59 pm PST. MORE INFO CLICK HERE


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Smigonaut – States of Being

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Smigonaut releases “States of Being” on Mycelium Music.  This release is a benefit for Conscious Impact in Nepal as it reveals an ambience of deeply felt sonic nourishment.  Experience different levels of consciousness through 3 downtempo tracks which will transcend one into a lucid state through dope bass, awe inspiring melodies, rhythmic patterns, glitch beats, synth pulses, and deeply felt piano tones.  Intricate and deeply layered textures provide an overall balance with grand melodic space which creates a evolving journey of its own. “Smigonaut” is the brainchild of Josh Kipersztok – an electronic / bass artist hailing from Seattle!  A life-long composer, he incorporates endless passion into his creativity through the incorporation of eclectic styles!  Artwork by Nicholas Yochum, Mastering by Jade Cicada.

‘States of Being’ EP


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Gone Gone Beyond – Ain’t Givin Up On Love

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David Block, aka, The Human Experience, has a new side project: Gone Gone Beyond, unleashing Future Folk, Indie visions from within!  Featuring a collaborative and imaginative music project with The Human Experience, featuring flawless composition by Paul Weinfield on guitar and Danny Musengo on vocals.  This new found experience reveals depth through profound lyrics, hypnotic vocals, smooth melodies, and organic feels – it’s a story of truth through soul.  Take a journey into 6 soundscapes that will clear, elevate, and inspire.  A mind-boggling blend of wide-ranging rhythms, tempos, and beats create pulsating sensations as they rise through crescendos.  WoW! What a journey to be felt!

The Human Experience has done it again!  Since self-releasing his first full length album, Inaudible Sounds in 2010, EP releases, singles, and a second full-length album, Harmonic Transformation, on Street Ritual in 2011, he continues to expand.  He’s also engaged in numerous collaborations with long time friend, Knowa LusionDavid’s creativity is flourishing growth through timelessness .  Gone Gone Beyond is a fresh project I am excited to see grow, be sure to keep your eyes pealed for this unique, dynamic, and soothing trio.

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