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Interview with the Founder of Euphoria Music & Camping Festival

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Euphoria Music and Camping Festival 2014 is back for its third year with a whole new transformed look and fresh new feel that was made possible by the collaboration of creative and forth moving mindsets, and it’s less than two weeks away, so get your passes if you haven’t already! I sat down with Mitch Morales, the founder of Euphoria, at Cenote, a restaurant off of East 6th here in Austin, TX and we talked about the creation of Euphoria, their expectations, their stellar diverse music lineup, and the new features for this year’s event such as camping, yoga, workshops, and art/installations! Mitch had some very interesting things to say, check it out:

What was your initial inspiration to create a festival three years ago?

It all started with going to a bunch of festivals the summer of 2011, all different kinds – EDC, Outside Lands, Electric Forest, and Art Outside which extended to the Fall of 2011, and really falling in love with the community, the crowd, and the experience of it. That feeling of going into a festival for a couple of days and somewhere along the way losing yourself and being able to find something there that you aren’t able to experience in a three or four hour concert. I feel that within the first two hours of a concert people are worried about getting drinks, finding their friends, and then the next thing you know the headliner comes on, and it’s all about the headliner, and then it’s over. So yes, just falling in love with the idea of creating an experience for people.

We initially thought it was going to be an easy thing to just, well, to create a festival, we had no experience in booking music, no experience on the actual stage production, we had nothing. I mean, I had like some basic marketing experience with ads and had a decent handle on social media, but, from besides that, nothing. We took the next six months and tried to figured it out and when day one of Euphoria’s first year in April 2012 came around… it was definitely a real eye opener….we realized it wasn’t going to be that easy – we had a lot to work on. I’ve always really wanted a challenge that I was passionate about and I think this was it. Fast forward to now and we’ve assembled a solid crew and we’re looking really good for two days, the venue is awesome, probably, I don’t know, maybe close to double the amount people from last year, which was about 3,000 per day…we added camping, which is probably the biggest addition that I am happiest about – being able to provide that experience for people so that they can show up Friday morning and not leave the experience until Sunday.

Why did you choose to name it Euphoria?

At the time we were trying to come up with a name, we had made a short list, but a lot of the names that we thought about were already taken. Really tried to keep it simple, but wanted to give it a powerful, uplifting vibe. I mean, it is the place where you’re “Happy” right? It can obviously have some interesting connotations, you know, a lot of things do, but we are trying to transcend away from those connotations and ultimately just want people to experience a euphoric state through the music and culture at Euphoria; we want to create a space where you can escape from the real world for a couple days and find your happiness.

So, you did mention camping earlier, what are other new features are included at this year’s Euphoria?

On top of camping, being back close to Austin was really big for us…also finding Carson Creek Ranch, which is an amazing venue on the banks of the Colorado River – you can see downtown, the skyline from the property, it’s surreal. See, we want everyone to camp, but we know that’s not everyone’s thing, so being close is key. We want people to be able to easily get there and it also adds to the safety of things because we can offer free shuttles from downtown through Bus to Show.  Also, just the time of the happenings this year, the doors are open at 12pm and go into 2am each night, and it allows us to put in a lot of additional programming in, and not just music but also art, performance, and bringing in art installations from, one being “The Fractoid” all the way from California which is really cool, so yeah, just basically developing the full festival experience versus last year, which was more of like a glorified two day concert.

One huge difference I noticed about this years Euphoria is the musical lineup and it’s diversity to its previous yeas.  Tell me a little about that and what triggered that change.

Well, I’ve always had a very wide musical taste…growing up in Texas I was more into Texas Country and Houston Rap, and my dad always had me listen to a lot of music from the 70’s such as The Eagles….a super wide variety. I also moved to and lived in Australia for a year and it was almost never impossible to not be exposed to house music, which is really big there, it’s still really big there, everywhere around the world. It was then that I fell in love with electronic music like trance and house, definitely European styles. So still at the time, I was way more into that genre of electronic music and it got a little tricky when it came to bookings acts knowing we didn’t have any experience with it… agents would throw all kinds of everything at us. I always wanted to have Jamtronica flavors in there too…we booked artists such as Archnemisis and Zoogma in 2012, and we had a stage dedicated to non-Euro styles with artists such as Supervision and Govinda, so it’s not like this years lineup just came out of nowhere, we have slowly been diversifying the music lineup as we continue to build Euphoria. And last year, we tried to keep the diversity going stronger but due to space limit at White Water Amphitheater more acts were limited, but we added artists such as Eoto, The Polish Ambassador, Conspirator, and Michal Menert.

Austin’s live music scene has really flourished this year…we felt the need to bring that vibe even stronger so we partnered up with Having a Ball Productions in Houston, and Kevin Woods with Inside Out Presents in Austin, TX to re-create and twist the feel of Euphoria for its third year. They were already entrenched in that scene and had buy-in through The Parish and through some other venues here in Austin, and it was through that and belief and trust that made everything come together, which really made me feel comfortable. I’m not going to lie, it’s hard because some people mention they only recognize half of those names on the lineup and, you know, if that’s what people want then that’s fine but for me, music festivals should be 50% of seeing the artists you really want to see and 50% of discovering artists that you didn’t even know existed but are going to fall in love with. I hope that people that aren’t too much into EDM are going to really dig Simon Patterson and others that are used to EDM will discover Beats Antique and be completely mind blown! That allows them to look them up after the festival and discover other acts that are similar to Beats Antique… it’s all about discovery and potentially finding your nitch you never really knew existed.

Which artists are you most excited about seeing live the end of the month?

It has got to be somebody I haven’t seen before…I’ve seen the majority of the bigger acts, but I think somewhere between The Floozies, Koan Sound, Simon Patterson, and Boombox. Well, the artist that I listen to the most is Simon Patterson, he has a lot of different styles that he can bust out at any given time, a very versatile artist. When we were booking the talent, a lot of people seemed worried about the lineup’s diversity, but that shouldn’t be the case. Something I am very interested to see is how all of the different genres, and the fans of those genres kind of co-exist. I mean, one doesn’t leave the stage right away, you know, so seeing that flow of people discovering different styles of music — just giving the audience the opportunity to discover something that’s not Mainstream EDM– there’s a ton of amazing music out there waiting to be discovered.

What kind of impact do you want to leave on people after the festival? Is there some sort of message you want to spread?

As far as a message, I think it’s about acceptance, I think that the “scene” has become so fractured. Being able to be open to new experiences and music – if it’s good music, it’s good music , if it makes you dance, it makes you dance – that’s all that should matter, and I hope this is a stepping stone for Austin to start bringing some of those fashions back together. Who cares if it’s one way or the other, or if it’s this type of person generally at a show versus another, that shouldn’t matter. People should be smart to understand that you just don’t have to like one thing, and, on that same note, I hope that just doesn’t stick to the music. There are things that are associated with…like, I don’t want to go as far as to say that we are a transformational festival, yet, but that’s the direction we aspire to be. It’s one of the reasons we are bringing the workshops, the music, the yoga, and the art all together in one place. I think it’s important to be able to give people exposure to a new environment that they didn’t even know existed…especially people coming from small towns. I grew up outside of Austin, and the world was very small to me, and traveling and living in a different country for a long time gave me the awareness of other things being out there. I don’t know if everyone else will get the chance to travel and live in a different country, but if that’s what you want to do, then do it. Giving people a global music movement perspective can definitely start opening doors. The goal is just really being part of the movement, having a positive impact, and I think we can help with that.

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Emissions: West Coast Bass Culture Festival 2014

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Proud to present the Afro Monk press release on Emissions Festival 2014!


Emissions is one of our favorite festivals here at Afro Monk. Check out what Tara had to say about last year’s event here! AND We love Emission so much, we’re also giving out TWO free tickets! Check HERE for more information on the contest!

Camp ? has graced the West Coast with so many amazing parties and events over the years, not to mention five legendary Emissions and some seriously epic Burning Man camps. I am super grateful for what they have contributed to the community and love to support them in any way. Their brainchild, Emissions, is a one of a kind festival that I look forward to every year. It’s relatively small in number, keeping it quite intimate; it’s casual, yet well organized; and it’s high energy, heavy hitting array of bass music is unmatchable. The family vibe is strong, seen and felt in abundant smiles, laughs, and hugs; the music is fresh and poppin all day; and the PK rig, BANGIN, to say the least.

It is being held for it’s second year at the lovely Belden Town, an adorable mini town nestled in the Feather River Canyon in Northern California. Belden is an excellent host for festivals with it’s shady camping and flowing river.  The beach stage is an awesome space and I can’t wait be to kickin it there listening to bomb music in what’s sure to be gorgeous weather. Mmmm….perfection.

Emissions’ lineup this year has shaped up to be, in my opinion, their best ever. I love and admire Camp ?’s dedication to bass music. They’re not trying to be overly trendy or #toofuture4you, nor are they adhering to what seems to be the standardized festival lineup we have become oh too familiar with on the west coast. They’ve instead done what hardly anybody else has been able to really grasp thus far this summer and created, simply, a solid lineup of high quality producers and DJ’s that are killing it right now. Let’s look closer at some of those artists:

Doshy: Long before I became a writer for Afro Monk, I was an avid reader of the blog. JM (Afro Monk)’s posts introduced me to a ton of music in 2010-2011, but by far the best discovery I ever made from the blog was the introduction to bass music producer Doshy. Hailing from Germany, this is Doshy’s first ever U.S. appearance! This a huge deal to me, being a crazy fan of Doshy since JM’s article in 2011, and I was starting to think I would never catch him live in the U.S. I’m sure there’s a grip of other Doshy fans feeling the same way. Sure to be a highlight of the weekend.

Deltron 3030: A man who needs no introduction, Bay Area native, Deltron, is the perfect headliner for this event. The influence of hip hop on bass music is evident in the work of essentially everyone on this bill, so I think it’s definitely crucial to have such a prominent and incredible rapper headlining. His most recent album has a super fun, higher energy feel throughout so I’m sure his set will be super tight(of course I’m hoping he’ll play hella from Deltron 3030 though!)

NastyNasty: A bay area bass music scene legend and one of my favorite producers of all time, NastyNasty sets have been a consistently amazing part of my experience within the west coast electronic music scene for 4+ years now. A cultivator of science fiction influenced sound design and polyrythmic soulfuness, his unique take on bass music is always on that next level tip. His live sets are flawless and always a great time. Can’t wait for his set!

G Jones: Anyone who reads Afro Monk regularly is well versed in the work of G Jones. I consider him to be at the forefront of the West Coast bass music sound, killing it harder than pretty much anyone right now.  I love his music and am always impressed with new releases. His performance is sure to be one of the best of the weekends and you can catch him a second time alongside Minnesota.

Starkey + Dev79: What can I even say about Starkey?? His signature Street Bass sound defines everything I love about future bass music and his live sets have been some of the hardest I’ve danced in my life. I’m super stoked to see him alongside Dev79, who I have yet to see live. Unmissable for sure!

DJ Pound: Another proprietor of the “street bass” sound, DJ Pound is sure to be a seriously epic set. I’m really stoked on this booking and to get to catch some of DJ Pound’s monstrous tunes played by the creator himself on a PK system. Associated with some of the most forward thinking and respectable labels in the game, Seclusiasis and Saturate , DJ Pound has been making moves this last year and his music speaks for itself.

Perkulat0r: I was just recently introduced to the sounds of  Perkulat0r when he played a show in Seattle and I can assure you he’s not to be slept on. I would consider him to be one of the most exciting up and comers in the scene, rockin an already highly developed sound, reminiscent of the type of glitch hop I used to really love but don’t hear as much anymore. Don’t miss this one!

Quarry: Dark, dreary, beautiful Quarry. I frequently go through phases where I lean towards darker sounds and Quarry’s post-sad aesthetic fits in perfectly with my current obsession with that feel. I was stoked to see him on this lineup and can’t wait to get catch his set!

Some more artists I look forward to seeing are The Widdler, Bleep Bloop, Boats, Cestladore, J:Kenzo, Guttstar, Hypha, Smashletooth, The Pirate, Pressha, Intellitard, VNDMG, Yheti, Son of Kick, Bogl…realistically I could go on and on, as the talent is rich this year and the lineup is nothing short of stacked! And as usual, the Bay Area and Northern California are being represented in their fullest majestic form by everyone from the headliners to the local favorites. Big ups West Coast artists and everyone else coming through for the event. And huge ups to Camp ? on their epic choice in lineup.

This is sure to be one for the books! Tickets available now but selling fast! First and Second tier already sold out, so get on the third ASAP.  You can buy tickets here and follow the Emissions Event Page for information and updates on the event. And as mentioned before, don’t forget we are doing a contest for two tickets! This festival is not too be missed and entering only takes a sec! ENTER HERE!
Can’t wait to see everyone on the dancefloor!!

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Euphoria Music & Camping Festival: April 25th-26th, 2014

time March 9th by Sofia authorTags: ,

Euphoria Music & Camping Festival is back this year with a whole new and re-amped look, a futuristic mind set, and a fresh new feel. Taking place the weekend of April 25th-26th at a new location, Carson Creek Ranch, the master minds of Vivid Sound Entertainment, Inside Out Presents, and Havin’ a Ball Productions have you covered with a whole new experience. Kevin Woods, a Co-Owner of Euphoria and founder of Inside Out Presents, sets his expectations:

“This year, expect to see a lot more live music, live art, yoga, workshops and art installations. We’ve been working really hard to provide Euphorians with an experience unlike anything they’ve seen before.”

Aside from an incredible and forth moving music lineup and a variety of key features, Euphoria will be hosting a camping environment for the very first time.  This mixture of collaborative efforts has transformed and brought light to Euphoria’s third year with major diverse headliners already announced earlier this year: Beats Antique, Lotus, Zeds Dead, and Gareth Emery, and predominant acts such as Bonobo (DJ Set), Koan Sound, BoomBox, Singularity, The Motet, The Floozies, Bro Safari, Keys ‘N Krates, Luke the Knife, DVS*, Eminence Ensemble, SunSquabi, Late Night Radio and much more.

The second round of the music lineup was recently announced on Thursday, March 6th and my heart was instantly filled with music love. Artist additions include a wide variety of talented acts such as: The Crystal Method, MAKJ, Styles and Complete, Opiuo, Crash Alchemy, Earphunk, Daft Phunk, Yonic, and The Magic Beans. Let’s rewind a little bit…The Crystal Method, the electric music pioneers, will be making their first North American festival appearance of 2014, so get ready for some old-school break beats. Earphunk and Earphunk plays Daft Phunk are sure to put on unique and vibrant performances and will bring the funk out of you, these guys are truly something special and I can’t wait to see them live once again. A favorite producer of mine that is sure to give you the ultimate brain massage with his syrupy bass sauce and funk is that of Opiuo. I had the pleasure of catching one of his live sets when he toured with VibeSquaD in 2012 and I can attest that he will give your feet the dance of a life time.

A plethora of local favorites in the Austin, TX community has also given this roster more love and light. Local producers/dj’s such as Blunt Force, Cactus Bath, Brede, and DJ Manny are not to be missed as each of them will bring with them distinct and fresh sounds surrounding genres of glitch, bass, psychedelic, and downtempo beats. I’ve seen each of these artists multiple times since living in Austin and they’ve got me hooked with their fresh sets – never failing to entertain the crowd with their creativity. Live acts such as: A Live One, Dimitri’s Ascent, Holding Space, and Transcontinental Trip will bring powerful sounding vibes, so be prepared to be mind blown. Do you all like Phish? A Live One is a Phish tribute band and they are on point when it comes to recreating their musical improvisation, extended jams, and blending of musical genres.  Dimitri’s Ascent brings forth a celestial explosion of pure expressive art . They perform a wide variety of instrumental/vocal music ranging from jazz, disco, funk, rock, and electronica. Holding Space will transcend and fill up the Euphoria space with their powerful yet innovative style and bring light to your consciousness. Be sure not to miss Transcontinental Trip as they never fail to impress with their live sets, bringing with them loads of energy and funky grooves.

Euphoria Music & Camping Festival 2014 has a multitude amount of surprises and love in store for us, so be sure to get your camping pass as they are on capacity to selling out. A collaboration of creative minds came together and have brought an incredible music lineup full of fresh international, national, and local acts mixed with numerous visual artists and workshops which will be released in detail soon. Taking place in a new location, Carson Creek Ranch is one of the oldest existing ranches in Texas consisting of two 20-acre pastures separated by Carson Creek on the banks of the Colorado River. Conveniently located just minutes from Downtown Austin, the grounds provide a picturesque camping setting while still being close to the comforts of the city. Come get down at the “Live Music Capital of the World” on April 25th-26th, 2014 to experience cutting edge visuals, unique stage design, improved dance tents, top of the line talent, wide variety of work shops, and creative live visual artists. A sunny weekend sure to bring a one of a kind experience for all of us.

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Jumbii – Beloved EP Release

time January 16th by Sofia authorTags: ,


Jumbii is the creation and the soul of Andrew Blanchard, a melodic glitch/bass producer that currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas. Deep rooted in the music scene, he’s produced events in the past, has been djing for eight years, and picked up music production three years ago.

Dedication, creativity, and passion are three qualities that Jumbii withholds. I met Andrew the summer of 2011 while residing in the Dallas area and was instantly drawn to his lively character and passion for music. Being very integrated in the music scene has ultimately led him to becoming a music producer.  He had the opportunity to debut his project  a few weeks ago on Friday, December 27th at Lights All Night in Dallas, TX.

The Beloved EP was co-produced with a dexterous pianist by the name of Michael Palma and was released on a record label last month, which instantly received a lot of hype.  Though it was released on a label last month, Andrew, as of yesterday, has solely decided to make it a free release for all audiences to enjoy.

I highly suggest turning your speakers on full blast right now and giving your ear pineals a chance to experience the unique creation of the ‘Beloved EP’. Full of rich/smooth bass lines, with the integration of intricate melodies, these sounds will have you fully engaged. After listening, I felt as if the inner superhero in me was unleashed.


*Andrew is starting a non profit label this year called ‘Moon Dance Records’ and also taking his art and using any profits for charity donation.*  |

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Bluetech Interview: LIVE at Art Outside 2013

time December 19th by Sofia authorTags: , ,

 During my time at Art Outside, I had the pleasure of sitting in with Bluetech, a psybient producer who creates a varied selection of downtempo/ambient music using digital synthesizers and software production. Evan Bartholomew’s passion for music and tropical plants is unreal. He talks about what inspires him on a daily basis, giving back to the community, and his view/opinion in regards to what he thinks is key in today’s highly competitive music production/styles.

“…every morning I go out and I go check, with my cup of tea, and see what’s got new leaves on it- that totally inspires me to go in the studio.”

 “… and it’s not even a particular style, it’s music that has soul and you can hear it right away whatever the genre is.”

 “…you know, if music is about community, and about life, and about love, and about creating energy, then it should also give back and feed something other than just me and my own ego…”

“…the only way to win at the quote on quote, “game”, is to not play the game… to focus on being the best you can possibly be with your own individual voice; to speak the things that are in your own heart; to strive for the goals that you set for yourself, and respond to the things that move you…”

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Molly’s Picks October 10th-October 17th, 2013

time October 17th by Molly authorTags: , , , ,

Found some really great tracks this week that I’d love to share with you all. There is constantly amazing new music being released, but when searching this past week these four tracks stuck out to me admist the hundreds. Hope you enjoy.


Lovers of downtempo will already be familiar with San Francisco producer, Tycho. His soft, pensive sound is well represented in this track from his next release. Pulling tough at the heart strings, this guitar heavy creation is a gorgeous, emotional, and comforting song. Paired with the always stunning album artwork by Tycho himself, this release is sure to be a heart melter.

Chris Brown- Till I Die (LabRat and Jamburglar remix)

Vibey as f*ck remix of Chris brown’s “Till I Die” done by California producers, LabRat and Jamburglar. This track rocks a dynamic combination of heavy gangsterism and smooth hip hop vibes. The majority of the tune is lively and pleasant, but the switch up to a heavyier flavor in the middle works really well and would make this a great song to drop on the dancefloor.

Kaytranada-Hilarity Duff

This man can do no wrong. Kaytranada is one of the hottest beat producers around right now and I am consistently impressed with the music he’s releasing. This new track was released today in a two song EP along side the also killer beat, “At All”. Huge bass lays the groundwork for this expressive and luxuriously saucy beat. So.Much.Steez.

And my favorite: The Lion Kngs-Down To The Garden

Such a dope track. I really love this. The arrangement is interesting and captivating. I really dig the drums*those snare rollssss*, choice of sounds, vocals, and the production quality, although admittedly a little distorted through soundcloud, is top notch. It’s got a bit of an eerie feel to it, making it soo perfect for this time of year. Start to finish, this super smooth and dynamic track really hits the sweet spot for me and I can not stop listening to it. Check it out for yourself. Plus it’s a free download through their facebook!

Happy Thursday everyone! I absolutely love this time of year for music! I hope fall is treating you well and you are revelling in all the amazing music being dropped left and right. Keep it real, readers.

Love and Low Frequencies,


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Globular | Magnitudes of Order

time September 29th by Taradactyl authorTags: , ,

I’m not sure why I haven’t checked out Globular before… man was I missing out! This guy’s music is stellar. From Bristol, UK, you can just tell that this guy puts an immense amount of energy into making his detailed exotic sounds. It’s feel-good music that seems to offer energy and healing power as you listen. His sounds are very organic and have a soothing, natural flow, yet are delightfully psychedelic and drippy. It’s kind of like very controlled chaos in the best way possible. This music invokes a sense of tribal roots blended oh so nicely with electronica that is so on point. If you’re into Ott, I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll enjoy Globular’s tunes. His most recent release, Magnitudes of Order (out September 28) takes you on an intricate journey through the cosmos and back; it’s great for easy listening while kicking back or road tripping. I hope that this guy will tour in the states sometime soon… I believe that he would be very well received by our music and art community!

Check out Globular’s Magnitudes of Order and other releases on his bandcamp here. Pay what you’d like to download!


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G Jones❘Eyes EP

time August 22nd by Molly authorTags: , , , , , ,

Some serious cosmic fire was dropped today by the wildly talented and always unique G Jones. I can not imagine this producer ever putting out something I didn’t totally love and this release was certainly up to par. I was stoked to see he had worked with one of my favorite labels, Doshy’s Robox Neotech, to compile a perfect addition to the bad ass, futuristic, and psyphy collection of releases from the label.

The Eyes EP comes to us in a great time of the year for music. Full of memories from summer events already passed, many of us are entering into our final phase of festival season and have been listening to a lot of the same music for the entire summer. Because of that, this is the kind of release I get really, really excited for. It fits in well with the current state of west coast bass music but it stands out as somewhat of a ‘primus inter pares’ (most among equals), as G Jones really does carry a unique flavor that gives his music a certain somethin’ somethin’ that I and many other bass aficionados can not get enough of. “Vanishing Point” and “Stars” immediately stuck out to me as favorites, showcasing some of my favorite elements of G Jones’ work in his expressive drums, psycrunk-y swagger, and pristine sound design. His work with Mad Zach is also really impressive and I look forward to hopefully hearing more from the two. Highly hip hop and hyphy influenced, slightly spacey, and loaded with bass, this is get-down-worthy, dance floor gold.

In the past year, G Jones has shaped up to be one of the most noteworthy up and comers in the game and this EP is one of many obvious examples of why he is so deserving of his following. Like seriously, this kid completely slays it. Check it out. And if you’re going to be at Burning Man you can catch him Thursday night/Friday Morning at 1 AM at CAMP ? (2:00 and I) or 3 AM at Grid City with Bleep Bloop (2:00 and E), as well as SATURDAY at 3 AM at CAMP ? with Minnesota (2:00 and I). I will be at all three.

Love and Low Frequencies,

Get the full album for FREE here

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Minnesota | Altered States EP

time December 20th by Taradactyl authorTags: , , ,

I’m aware that this is much delayed, but this release is much in need of an AfroMonk writeup. Minnesota’s Altered States EP is unbelievably catchy, textured, & bassy. I can’t get enough of his synth lines, sample choices, and overall finesse with frequencies. To The Floor is now my go-to party jam. I can’t quite comprehend how Christian is so able to diversify his sound in the most successful and tasteful manner. Too often does such an endeavor go awry. Minnesota is always pushing the envelope and providing us with new ear candy constantly, but at the same time sticks to his roots and what he knows is good. Somehow his musical taste coincides perfectly with mine…. I don’t have to try to like his stuff, it just happens naturally. Sometimes I’ll play stuff and have to think about if I like it or not – nope, not with this guy’s work.

I love how humble the kid is, too. Oh ya know, like touring with Zion I is no big thing. And having phone conversations with Lorin. Normal everday stuff right? One Facebook status that comes to mind was something along the lines of, “Guys, chill out. Stop giving me shit about my DJ name… I’m from Minnesota and couldn’t think of anything else good at the moment, and I didn’t think I was gonna get this big” (to which ChrisB. responded, “Yeah me too man”). Haha.

I was one of the few that had the pleasure of seeing Minnesota at the EP release party, thrown by Camp ?. If you’ve been to Emissions before or their Burning Man camp, you know damn well that these guys aren’t messin around; they know how to throw a PARTY.  This one was at the Old Spaghetti Factory warehouse in Oakland… It was intimate, cozy yet raging, and very conducive to having one hell of a time! Minnesota killed it of course. Just like he crushed it at Ego Trip at Burning Man, at Mezzanine in SF, everywhere the guy goes! So if you can, get to one of his shows on this tour (Sebastopol tonight), or just get to SnowGlobe, it’s gonna go offfff! Afro Monk and I will both be there raging!


Download Minnesota’s Altered States EP for FREE here!


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Kalya Scintilla | Dance the Spiral Never Ending

time January 22nd by Mr Ed authorTags: ,

Kalya Scintilla is ready to beam you to a totally different dimension with the new release “Dance the Spiral Never Ending”  Ever release I have heard of his as been excellent in pulling my head out of every day life and transport me to somewhere totally new.  This multidimensional tranmission is no exception.  Grabbing influences of dubstep, glitch hop, and sounds from his home star system,”Whomp” and blending them naturally with the seductive sounds of the middle east and traditional gypsy.  Hard to believe I’m sitting here watching snow fall as I listen to the release because my mind is somewhere all together much more exotic.  Pick up “Dance the Spiral Never Ending”  over at Kalya Scintilla’s Bandcamp!

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