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Afro Monk’s Debut on

time January 28th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Afro MonkLast Monday I had my debut show on!!!
I can’t tell you how excited I am to announce this.
I’ve been working real hard the past couple of months and I have a show now!
Every Monday from 11pm-1am EST I’ll be broadcasting on
It’s an honor to have a show and not to mention share a part of my music to listeners.
I still consider myself a rookie and still even have some big mess ups but I’m practicing all the time now and want to be perfect. I’m quite disappointed in this mix but really happy about the feedback I’ve received and know I’ll be a LOT more prepared for next week.

Thank you all who believe in me and support me.
Never did I imagine this would actually happen.

This mix shows off a lot of what I’m really into when it comes to music. Majority is glitch music with some touch of glitch hop, dubstep, and even some trip-hop. I hope to bring this vibe every week and keep tunes fresh every week. I’m most likely not going to allow myself to play the same tune more than twice a month and if I do even do that, the track is just that worthy. Hope you enjoy! Be sure to tune in and feel free to join in the chat located at

Here is the link to the mix:
Afro Monk’s Debut Show on 1/25/2010

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Ghostly International presents The Dark Arts

time January 27th by Pierre authorTags: , , , ,

I just wanted to let you know about Ghostly International’s new clothing line. They are calling it ”The Dark Arts”.
I’ll copy what they’ve written on the page about it:
”Earlier this year, The Ghostly Store introduced custom artist t-shirts, working with West Coast designer Ryan Stephens (aka Electric Seaweed). This fall, The Ghostly Store is expanding its curatorial t-shirt line with Dark Arts, a new collection of extremely limited-edition tees showcasing work by a small group of New York artists, curated by Brooklyn’s Philistine DSGN.

The Dark Arts line, whose imagery tends toward the shadowy end of the aesthetic spectrum, features work by fine artists and graphic designers Lauren Bahr, Andy Gilmore, and Danny Scales. The line’s initial roster will continue to grow, as new shirts will be added periodically throughout the coming year.”

The dark feeling of the t-shirts is something I really love cause I’m a sucker for skulls and other dark imagery”. As Ghostly wrote the t-shirt are from a limited batch so act fast if you want a shirt.

And of course don’t miss out on their musical release, they’ve got some real good artist on their roster.
For those who own a iPhone they’ve got a real nice app for you aswell.

See the clothing line here!

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Erik L & Illingsworth – Northern Connection

time January 26th by Pierre authorTags: , , , , ,


Sundsvalls own Erik L (Supersci & Favorite Flava) is a busy man, he spit out one great tune after another. This time he has teamed up with Detroit’s Illingsworth and created a monster album full of broken hip hop.

I don’t really know how they’ve worked with this album, if they’ve worked together with the beats or if they’ve made the beats separated and collected them on this album. Either way we get sixteen track and a bunch of guest appearances, how about; Black Reign, Ohkang, 7even:Thirty, Sene, Supersci, Stryfe, Paradox, Stray & Hanna.

It’s kind of hard to try to pin down the sound on this album but I’ll give it a try. Slow hip hop beats with funky but still a modern touch. The album is released on Erik’s own label Soularp Records.

If you’re into these kind of avantgarde beats you shouldn’t miss this one.

Soularp Records
Soularp on Myspace
Erik L on Myspace
Illingsworth on Myspace

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Wlecome Pierre to Afro Monk blogging team!

time January 25th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Please welcome a new member to the Afro Monk Blog, Pierre! He’s a veteran blogger for He resides from Sweden and has tons of release info for all readers.

I’m happy to have someone else onboard not to mention representing another country. This site is starting to become something I’m really proud of.

I’ve been hard at work with organizing a party for WMC and glad to know someone else will be posting and not solely just me.

If anyone is interested in adding photos from any events that go on please let me know. I have no problem allocaing space for you to upload all the photos.

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Serato + Ableton – The Bridge

time January 14th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,

Serato Ableton The Bridge

It has finally been unvieled to the world! The partnership of Ableton and Serato has produced something that looks to change the face of DJing all over again.

The Bridge is an updated version of Serato that integrates the session view that we’ve all come to know in Ableton into the Scratch Live interface. Launch clips and controlling them via decks or CJS. Also they’ve out done themselves with having it all work together and using many tricks that Ableton has for mixing. Sampling couldn’t have become easier either.

One great feature that I know I’m going to take advantage of is Play Hard(ware) where it allows you to hook additional hardware controllers like the new APC20, launch pad, or APC40. It will automatically change the Ableton layout to match your controller and have your clips run like regular tracks using Scratch or Itch. Truly the possibilities are endless.

Those of you who are into recording mixes and tweaking them up to sound perfect can also export recorded sets in Serato into an Ableton file. This lets you go back and edit or add anything into the mix.

The future is now and we are going to start to see DJs and Producers starting to share a common bridge. This to me is big because now a DJ who is use to conventional Scratch setup has oppertunity to finally pick up on Ableton and enter into production a lot smoother. This also gives a chance for producers to get a feel for using decks or CDJs in mixing with an environment they are familar with. Everyone wins here and only helps to push things further along.

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Caprica – Music For Our Future w/ Otto Von Shirach

time January 6th by John-Michael authorTags: None


Here is an amazing compilation put together by Pitchfork, XLR8R, Syfy, & Create Digital Music.

This is the first release from new series called Caprica. This one is titled Music for Our Future. Great title with amazing producers on this like: Low Limit, Hudson Mohawke, Untold, & Otto!

The main reason I’m posting this besides for the obviousness of needing to share BUT it’s cause Miami’s own Otto Von Shirach is on this. Big up to Otto for this! This man is a legend! Not to mention one of the coolest cats in the scene here.

The track list is straight heat!

1. Lusine – Gravity
2. Atlas Sound – Walkabout w/ Noah Lennox
3. Hudson Mohawke – Fuse
4. White Rainbow – Raw Shanks a Million
5. King Midas Sound – Outta Space *Slow Version*
6. Low Limit – Turf Day
7. Willits & Sakamoto – Toward Water
8. The Field – I have the Moon, You have the Internet *Gold Panda Remix*
9. Tyondai Braxton – Uffie’s Woodshop
10. Untold – Luna
11. Nice Nice – See Waves
12. Richard Devine – Matvec Interior w/ OTTO VON SHIRACH
13. Peter Kirn – Anaxagoras

Download Music for Our Future

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Ultra Music Festival Line up 2010 Miami,FL

time January 5th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,

Ultra Music Festival Line up Phase 1 is out! There are some quality acts that even make me curious about it.

I’m not a fan of Ultra to be honest. Right now tickets are $140 and thats without service charges I imagine. The reason why it doesn’t go down well with me is because most of the talent I enjoy you can catch a smaller more personal parties throughout the week. Not to mention as a Miami native I’ve done Ultra 3x already back in the day when FL Breaks and Electro was alive. Now the festival has acts like Will.I.Am and even some bands I’m sure will be added. It was never like this. Quite surprised to see guys like Skream and Rusko on the line up. Considering last year I saw Rusko for free with FREE redstripes and bacardi at WMC. Also saw Skream about 3x last year and dont think I paid once except for ViRam event.

What I’m very happy to see is Glitch Mob in town for once! Thats big! Not to mention Pretty Lights coming back. I’m praying someone books Glitch Mob for a smaller party.


Day 1
Swedish House Mafia
Eric Prydz
The Crystal Method
The Disco Biscuits
Carl Cox
Dirty South
Rabbit in the Moon
Infected Mushroom
Plump DJs
Adam Freeland
Felix Da Housecat
Pretty Lights
Green Velvet
Alex Metric
Bassbin Twins vs. Uberzone
Evil Nine

Day 2
Groove Armada
Carl Cox
Faithless Sound System
Armin Van Buuren
Above & Beyond
Ghostland Observatory
Bloody Beetroots
Major Lazer
Steve Aoki
The Glitch Mob
LTJ Bukem

Eddie Halliwell

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ESKMO – Brainfeeder – Colorbrain Mix

time December 31st by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

Brainfeeder has been serving us with some serious stuff. I forgot to post this and totally have been backed up. Eskmo’s mini mix for brainfeeder is just too fresh!

I remember when I heard this mix I had just woken up and was suppose to be somewhere. It totally caught my attention that left the water running for a shower for at least 10min before realizing ohh shit water is running!

Glad I was reminded of this when saw he posted it up on SoundCloud. Big up to Mr Eskmo aka Welder.

Hope you enjoy and don’t leave the water running!

01. Eskmo – We Have Invisible Friends
02. Eskmo – Let Them Sing
03. Eskmo – San Francisco (The Rhythm)
04. Eskmo – I Dream I’m Flying
05. Backdraft – Headcharge (Eskmo Remix)
06. STS9 – Shock Doctrine (Eskmo Remix)
07. Eskmo – From The Standpoint
08. Voodeux – Enter The Voo
09. Bibio – Dwrcan (Eskmo Remix)
10. Mew – Vaccine (Eskmo Remix)

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Afro Monk’s First APC Mix

time December 30th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Since early December I’ve been working real hard. I decided to put all my free time into learning Ableton and using the APC40.

I knew it wouldn’t be an easy task but with great support from some friends online I was guided in the right direction.

I was invited to play at a house party and had made a promise by the time that party I’d be ready. I spent countless hours finding the right tracks that would fit. This party was most likely going to consist of people who have not heard much glitch so I consintrated on the glitch hop style.

After many nights of watching videos, having discussions with other DJs, asking for help, and overall just playing with Ableton I decided I had reached my goal.

The only problem was the party was moved to my house and I hadn’t been sleeping for the past 2-3 weeks more than 5hrs. I have been treating my body like crap and staying up late prepping tracks for the APC40. When it was time to preform I couldn’t for more than 20mins. I felt horrible but I wasn’t going to preform when completely burnt out and it’d come out liek crap. Also I realized I was missing something quite important, a laptop stand. Bending over the laptop and APC was killing me after 20mins. I had been sitting down when practicing and working on my laptop.

I was disappointed with myself in the end but knew I’d record something. A few friends came over later to play some Fifa. I figured this would be the perfect time to record while they were playing. Not to mention see how they’d react to the music while playing a game. To my surprise everyone was digging it.

I have over 3-4 mess ups that I’m quite frustrated with but it’s a learning experience. Never had I played an entire set through with the APC. After going through a whole entire hour set I know what definately not to do and where to be careful. There are even some new tricks I picked up while in the zone. This was more of a trial and error mix.

Check it out and feel free to give some feedback. The reason I’m posting this now is because it’s a preview of the type of stuff I’m working on. Come January I’m going to modify the overall feel a bit to more of a IDM feel instead of hip hop feel.

Miami, it’s time someone has a try at this glitch thing. Hopefully this will be the start of something fresh! Wish me luck because I’ll need it!

Afro Monk’s First Mix with Ableton & APC40

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TOKiMONSTA – Current DJ Crush!

time December 23rd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,
Right now I have the biggest DJ crush ever! I don’t think I’ve ever had a crush on a DJ before…. Wait a second. Take that back, Dj Rap. Well in other words right now I’m falling hard from the LA Queen, TokiMonsta. She’s got those beats, producer, DJ, Asian, adorable, and packs a serious punch of bass.
Nothing but respect goes out to Tokimonsta. Check out her recent mix below.
Expect tons of new things to come from her. She recently tweeted about a new project.
Suzi Analogue + TokiMonsta = Analogue Monsta

‘ i have this thing where i usually don’t give a tracklisting–for various reasons: sometimes bc i’m sharing exclusives, private gems, and simply for fun (i found that people enjoy figuring out what songs are being played).  Also, people tend to listen to the mix longer this way–otherwise, they’ll just go and download the tracks separately.  also, im getting serious issues with people pulling apart my mixes and bootlegging my friends tracks, my tracks, tracks that i’ve dug for.. etc…..’ – TOKiMONSTA

Honestly I can’t agree with her more on this. The passion for music really comes to light when you search and search for that one track you absolutely LOVED! If you didn’t love it that much you wouldn’t spend the time to find it or appreciate it. Not to mention sometimes you have NO IDEA what it takes to get some of them and that feeling.

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