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Emissions: West Coast Bass Culture Festival 2014

time April 9th by Molly authorTags: , , , , , , , ,

Proud to present the Afro Monk press release on Emissions Festival 2014!


Emissions is one of our favorite festivals here at Afro Monk. Check out what Tara had to say about last year’s event here! AND We love Emission so much, we’re also giving out TWO free tickets! Check HERE for more information on the contest!

Camp ? has graced the West Coast with so many amazing parties and events over the years, not to mention five legendary Emissions and some seriously epic Burning Man camps. I am super grateful for what they have contributed to the community and love to support them in any way. Their brainchild, Emissions, is a one of a kind festival that I look forward to every year. It’s relatively small in number, keeping it quite intimate; it’s casual, yet well organized; and it’s high energy, heavy hitting array of bass music is unmatchable. The family vibe is strong, seen and felt in abundant smiles, laughs, and hugs; the music is fresh and poppin all day; and the PK rig, BANGIN, to say the least.

It is being held for it’s second year at the lovely Belden Town, an adorable mini town nestled in the Feather River Canyon in Northern California. Belden is an excellent host for festivals with it’s shady camping and flowing river.  The beach stage is an awesome space and I can’t wait be to kickin it there listening to bomb music in what’s sure to be gorgeous weather. Mmmm….perfection.

Emissions’ lineup this year has shaped up to be, in my opinion, their best ever. I love and admire Camp ?’s dedication to bass music. They’re not trying to be overly trendy or #toofuture4you, nor are they adhering to what seems to be the standardized festival lineup we have become oh too familiar with on the west coast. They’ve instead done what hardly anybody else has been able to really grasp thus far this summer and created, simply, a solid lineup of high quality producers and DJ’s that are killing it right now. Let’s look closer at some of those artists:

Doshy: Long before I became a writer for Afro Monk, I was an avid reader of the blog. JM (Afro Monk)’s posts introduced me to a ton of music in 2010-2011, but by far the best discovery I ever made from the blog was the introduction to bass music producer Doshy. Hailing from Germany, this is Doshy’s first ever U.S. appearance! This a huge deal to me, being a crazy fan of Doshy since JM’s article in 2011, and I was starting to think I would never catch him live in the U.S. I’m sure there’s a grip of other Doshy fans feeling the same way. Sure to be a highlight of the weekend.

Deltron 3030: A man who needs no introduction, Bay Area native, Deltron, is the perfect headliner for this event. The influence of hip hop on bass music is evident in the work of essentially everyone on this bill, so I think it’s definitely crucial to have such a prominent and incredible rapper headlining. His most recent album has a super fun, higher energy feel throughout so I’m sure his set will be super tight(of course I’m hoping he’ll play hella from Deltron 3030 though!)

NastyNasty: A bay area bass music scene legend and one of my favorite producers of all time, NastyNasty sets have been a consistently amazing part of my experience within the west coast electronic music scene for 4+ years now. A cultivator of science fiction influenced sound design and polyrythmic soulfuness, his unique take on bass music is always on that next level tip. His live sets are flawless and always a great time. Can’t wait for his set!

G Jones: Anyone who reads Afro Monk regularly is well versed in the work of G Jones. I consider him to be at the forefront of the West Coast bass music sound, killing it harder than pretty much anyone right now.  I love his music and am always impressed with new releases. His performance is sure to be one of the best of the weekends and you can catch him a second time alongside Minnesota.

Starkey + Dev79: What can I even say about Starkey?? His signature Street Bass sound defines everything I love about future bass music and his live sets have been some of the hardest I’ve danced in my life. I’m super stoked to see him alongside Dev79, who I have yet to see live. Unmissable for sure!

DJ Pound: Another proprietor of the “street bass” sound, DJ Pound is sure to be a seriously epic set. I’m really stoked on this booking and to get to catch some of DJ Pound’s monstrous tunes played by the creator himself on a PK system. Associated with some of the most forward thinking and respectable labels in the game, Seclusiasis and Saturate , DJ Pound has been making moves this last year and his music speaks for itself.

Perkulat0r: I was just recently introduced to the sounds of  Perkulat0r when he played a show in Seattle and I can assure you he’s not to be slept on. I would consider him to be one of the most exciting up and comers in the scene, rockin an already highly developed sound, reminiscent of the type of glitch hop I used to really love but don’t hear as much anymore. Don’t miss this one!

Quarry: Dark, dreary, beautiful Quarry. I frequently go through phases where I lean towards darker sounds and Quarry’s post-sad aesthetic fits in perfectly with my current obsession with that feel. I was stoked to see him on this lineup and can’t wait to get catch his set!

Some more artists I look forward to seeing are The Widdler, Bleep Bloop, Boats, Cestladore, J:Kenzo, Guttstar, Hypha, Smashletooth, The Pirate, Pressha, Intellitard, VNDMG, Yheti, Son of Kick, Bogl…realistically I could go on and on, as the talent is rich this year and the lineup is nothing short of stacked! And as usual, the Bay Area and Northern California are being represented in their fullest majestic form by everyone from the headliners to the local favorites. Big ups West Coast artists and everyone else coming through for the event. And huge ups to Camp ? on their epic choice in lineup.

This is sure to be one for the books! Tickets available now but selling fast! First and Second tier already sold out, so get on the third ASAP.  You can buy tickets here and follow the Emissions Event Page for information and updates on the event. And as mentioned before, don’t forget we are doing a contest for two tickets! This festival is not too be missed and entering only takes a sec! ENTER HERE!
Can’t wait to see everyone on the dancefloor!!

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Welcome Georgette to the team!

time February 19th by John-Michael authorTags:

I’m proud to announce a new writer to the team, Georgette! We have been friends for a few years now and she has been a big supporter of since the beginning.

Georgette is quite active in the music community as well as runs an incredible adult community, BohoCrush. I highly recommend checking it out! She recently started to DJ and thought that this was a perfect place for her to showcase all the amazing music she runs into.

I’m really looking forward to her posts because I know they won’t be limited to just music. Georgette has close ties to people into fashion, art, photography, and more. Historically this sites focus has been about music but I know she’ll add some flare to the site.

Not to take the spotlight off her but I just wanted to chime in and say thank you to all of you who have supported us over the years. The site no longer pumps out as much content as it use too but I’ve brought on new writers to help keep the site alive. We might not be posting as much anymore but we try to bring you the best of the best when we do showcase music. I personally have taken a hiatus from writing as my focus has been on my career but I may start putting some stuff together =)


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Welcome Sofia to the AfroMonk Team!

time November 20th by John-Michael authorTags: ,

Introducing the newest member to the staff, Sofia!

She’s a good friend of mine from Texas that I totally adore. Sofia is one of those people who will always bring a smile to your face no matter how terrible of a day you’ve had. She has tons of energy and highly motivated. You can find her in Austin, Texas raging all the EDM parties.

Sofia is a co-owner of Yatra Productions. They are local to Austin as well as Colorado. This past year they held a small festival called ALLOVEUS which showcased tons of incredible talent and art. They have tons of plans for the future and if you’re local to Texas be sure to reach out to her.

I think Sofia will added diversity to the website as her musical taste aligns with the overall vibe. She is also always pushing fresh new bands and producers that are up and coming. I haven’t kept my ear to the ground as much and think she’ll be a valuable addition to the team as she expands her experience as an event promoter.

I’m not going to hide the fact that the website has sort of died off and a big reason is due to the fact that I don’t write as much. To be honest I’m ready to retire from the blog. There are lots of projects I’m working on as well as focusing on my career. Many close friends have been reaching out to me for reviews and coverage but I’m going to say this is the perfect opportunity to reach out to Sofia and the rest of the team.

This is also a call to writers who are interested in contributing to the website. Ideally I’d love someone who writes consistently. There are lots of artist who I’m still in contact with and will push their music to you for review. This does mean access to loads of awesome music before it’s released. Please leave a comment or e-mail one of the lovely women who currently write for the site (I’m hoping this gets this more motivated as well) =D

I also want to thank everyone who has supported and been a follower of this website. It’s incredible how much this website transformed my life. Thank you for reading and listening <3


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Afro Monk’s Custom Symbiosis 2013 Schedule

time September 19th by John-Michael authorTags: , ,

Symbiosis 2013 Custom Schedule (Google Doc)

Symbiosis 2013 FULL SCHEDULE

Thursday and Friday (Image)

Saturday and Sunday (Image)

Symbiosis 2013 Map (Image)

Symbiosis 2013 Albums

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time September 17th by John-Michael authorTags: None has officially been around for four years now. It’s crazy to think that it’s been that long now. I have to thank everyone for the support. I never imagined that this site would gain such a following over the years. During it’s peak the site was receiving 15,000 visitors a month. It’s not that much in respects to other popular websites. What counted was the community of people that made up those 15,000.

There haven’t been as many updates as of late and I have personally moved away from writing post myself. Tara and Molly are still getting some post done and hope they continue to post. This website will always remain live despite the lack of post. There is so much music on here that even though it’s dated it could lead to new discovery.

I’ve moved from spending a lot of time writing post on my free time to digging for new music and prepping live DJ sets. I’ve been lucky to have a hell of a team over the years to keep the site going. So much love goes out to PBJ, EA, Wubber Stumpper, Ed, Tara, and Molly. I don’t think this site will ever get back to the regular daily post schedule but time to time when something catches our eye or a major event is coming up we’ll post about it.

One thing that I have to say besides thanking the readership and followers of the blog is that anything is possible if you put your mind too it. I started this blog with a year or so of experience in my career as a SEO. I used that skill set and knowledge to build this simple WordPress site. It took me a few hours to build this site and over the years I’ve simply added a few widgets and tweaks. The reason I feel it was successful was because it was consistent. Almost every day I would post in it’s prime and share all sorts of music that I believe was not getting the press or coverage it deserved. I told a story about each of the artist because I only focused on people I had interacted with on the internet and in person. The site was founded on the idea of sharing music that was niche at the time. Over the years I’ve seen many of the artist I’ve written about become EDM stars. As cliche as it sounds, build it and they will come. You just got to have passion, unique content, and streamlined process.

Follow your dreams and keep it fresh!

Thank you.


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time June 25th by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

Downtempo, Trip-hop, Future Garage, and Chill Out Online Radio, is my new project that I launched. It’s an online radio station that focuses on obviously future bass but as well as downtempo, trip-hop, chill out, future garage, deep house, soul, funk, etc… Ultimately the goal was to create a stream of music that plays 24/7. The music on the station will be crowd sourced by taste makers like yourself.

There will be LIVE radio shows as well as a new unique format for listeners to get involved. Playlist Shows are time blocks for individual users to host their own show that features some of their favorite tracks that they want to share. All that is required is sending in your 15 tracks (minimum) every week or every other week. Those tracks will stream on the station for your designated time slot. You can get creative and record yourself talking and submit those sound bites along with the tracks.

One thing that I want to stress is the fact that this station will focus on playing CHILL music. There will be no raging dubstep, electro house, trap, moombahton, etc… Expect music to vibe too at any hour of the day.

As time progresses I hope to create unique playlist for each hour of the day. Right now I’ve been uploading some of my favorite tracks randomly and have the station play them. Eventually there will be set types of music for certain blocks of the day if there isn’t a scheduled live show or playlist show.

Now I welcome you to go check out!
Get involved and apply for a show!

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Sonic Bloom 2013 | Georgetown, CO | June 13 – 16

time June 4th by John-Michael authorTags: , ,

 Sonic Bloom is one of the greatest events that happens every year. I’ve attended a handful of times now and can say that statement with complete confidence.

This year I’ve scaled back on all the events that I could attend due to a new focus on my career. Last year I attended over 10 festivals and only making it to around 5 this year. Out of all the festivals that I attended last year, there are two wrist bands still on: Sonic Blooms and Symbiosis.

What sets Sonic Bloom apart from all the festivals is its location. Colorado is one of most beautiful states I’ve ever visited. It has everything a person like myself could want: mountains, water (rivers), epic trails, talented producers, legalization, active community, and affordable!

If it weren’t for my the recent job I recently acquired, I would have moved to Colorado. Sonic Bloom encompasses all the allure of Colorado in one giant event. It’s the time of year where the music community comes together in the central state of the US.

This years line up is one of the most impressive ones the year. The one thing that I have to address is the fact that the local talent that is located in Colorado is world class. If there was a mecca for bass music or any variation of it right now, it would be Colorado. If it wasn’t already so enticing to visit, they recently legalized herb.

Georgetown is outside of the Denver/Boulder area but the drive into the small town always leaves me breathless. The actual location of the venue is absolutely stunning if you’ve never been. The venue is divided into two areas separated by a river running in-between. There are two bridges that connect them and always leave you in awe as you see the water flowing. It is worth noting that this year they will be offering white water rafting! There will also be tons of yoga workshops as well as numerous talks and vendors.

If you were still debating on attending this year, I personally highly recommend it. There aren’t many gathers of this nature that happen every year. It’s one of the most well organized events I’ve ever attended. Just be sure to bring a smile and be ready to dance till sunrise!

Grab Tickets for Sonic Bloom 2013!

I hope that I’ll see many of you out there. Be sure to say hello if you see me!

Afro Monk’s Personal Recommendations:
Adham Shaikh, Andreilien, Bluetech, Desert Dwellers, Gaudi, Govinda, ill-esha, ill.Gates, kLL sMTH, Knowa Knowone, Lafa Taylor, Lotus Drops, Love & Light, Lucent Dossier Experience, LYNX, Minnesota, NastyNasty, Nico Luminous, OPIUO, Random Rab, Russ Liquid. sAuce, Temple Step Project, The Floozies, The Fungineers, The Human Experience, Thriftworks, Treavor Moontribe, TRUTH, Unlimited Aspect, Whitebear, YuYu

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Tipper | Dusty Bubble Box EP | Open Heart Surgery Funding!

time June 4th by John-Michael authorTags: , ,

Dave Tipper recently announced over Facebook that he was taking a break from touring as much. The reason was to focus on his health. Apparently he needs surgery and needs help offsetting the cost. He has released a few VIP tracks to help him raise money. Any lover of electronic music should help one of the great producers of our time. I decided to make this post to help Tipper gain reach and help unite the music community together. Dave, is one of the most talented producers of our generation. He has pioneered the glitch-hop movement and helped set the bar for surround sound releases.

Below is the message he posted today (6/4/2013) on his Facebook page.

“In 17 hours from now i have to undergo open heart surgery. (I am very scared.)

In an attempt to lessen the blow of medical costs from this major procedure, i am releasing an EP of ‘VIP’ remixes that i’ve been playing in my live sets over the last couple of years. My good friends at Addictech are hosting the release and are forgoing their percentage, so that 100% of the money from your purchase goes towards helping me out. There is also a paypal donation address ( if you feel like contributing more.

My intention is to bounce back from this stronger than ever, but regardless of what happens from here on out, i’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the years. It’s been a pleasure serving you all.


BUY: Tipper – Dusty Bubble Box EP!

Help Donating More Below!

The whole team at wishes you a speedy recovery!

- JM

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Symbiosis 2013 a Possibility?

time April 25th by Molly authorTags: , ,

Could it be? After almost a year of hearing it wasn’t going to happen, is it actually going to happen? Did the bass gods really hear my prayers? Today at around 3:30 PST, the Symbiosis Events fan page surprised us all by posting the above image as their new cover photo. As you can see in the image, it is implied that there is going to be a Symbiosis Gathering this year! No other details have been released as of now, but the 19-23 on the far left side suggests a September date, as those dates happens to fall on a Thurs-Mon in that month. Hell freaking yeah.

Somewhere between watching a full solar eclipse over gorgeous Pyramid Lake, crying out of happiness seeing Rustie play for the first time on Friday night, and witnessing the universe and my sanity with it implode into ever decreasing nothingness and then tumble back into a newly formed and more beautiful reality during Tipper’s eclipse set on Sunday, I figured out that Symbiosis Gathering 2012 might have been my favorite festival ever. The lineup was top notch and unmatchable that summer and the location was nothing short of phenomenal. I didn’t attend the legendary Symbiosis in 2009, but have heard nothing but the very, very, very best about it. That being said, I’m hoping 2013 will be their best year yet and I can not wait to hear more information. We’ll try to keep you guys updated here at Afro Monk and keep your eye out for news on their website.

Love and Low Frequencies,



This morning, those following Symbiosis were given more details in the mysterious and cryptic hunt for clues about the gathering:

“The stage is set, and signed, and sealed
It’s time to forge ahead with zeal
Anticipation and excitement grow
For all the stuff you’d like to know

The time and place, or so it seems
Is the next piece of this crazy scheme
So gather round and prepare your head
Open three eyes and let your soul be fed

At this, the year of the water snake
Which is embodied by the lake
A place which you may never have heard:
The sun-drenched loch of old Woodward

The time and place you now shall learn:
A fortnight after the epic burn
The gathering begins on the fullest moon
19th of September, festivities begin at noon!

5 days of art, music, and adventure! An astounding assortment of sensory delights! Curious characters and eccentric explorers. Rare beauties and beautiful rarities. The wise, the wild, the weird, the wonderful. Dancing, swimming, and making merry together!


Symbiosis will be held September 19-23 at Woodward Reservoir, CA!
See all of you lovelies there!


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Are Blogs/Soundcloud/YouTube Channels Making Money Off Your Music?

time February 8th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Dear Producers,

You should NEVER let anyone brand your music. I will admit that I’ve done it in the past and had Exclusives but back then Soundcloud and YouTube worked very differently. This is not to say that don’t let others repost your music but noticed how I use the work repost vs brand your music.

If you actually use marketing or advertising techniques (high recommend) you’ll lose all that data and information from people who listen or play your music. There are TONS of analytics that you should be looking at OR have a marketing/advertising person monitoring. When you hand over permission for someone to upload or use your music via their outlet, all of that is gone. You’re ultimately letting them capture your audience and even give them the power to advertise to these people and make money from your audience.

How could you leverage other networks to support you via their Soundcloud, YouTube, Blog, etc… You make sure they SHARE/Re-POST your soundcloud tracks or videos. The major issue is Soundcloud and YouTube. You lose the plays on your account and the opportunity to have the new listeners find you on other social media outlets that you can leverage by pointing them to which ever you want (Facebook Like to Download). If the channel SHARES your track anyone who Follows or Like’s their channel will STILL see it and they are leveraging their audience for YOU not THEM.

There are also advanced strategies that allow anyone who hits their page/channel and plays your track to be added to their list versus yours. All this can be prevented if you simply require them to point to YOUR track or website. YouTube channels are a big culprate of this. I can’t tell you enough how bad it has gotten on Soundcloud. Websites and networks should be building GROUPS not profiles. If they are posting a track on a blog post make sure they are using YOUR account or profile versus theirs.

Don’t be a fool and think that they are helping YOU vs them when pushing your music for you. They are ultimately using your music to help themselves. Just look for banners, ads, sponsored links, etc… All that traffic they are getting for your name and music is making them money. I’ve been running this blog for three plus years now and always made it a point to not advertise or take money for post. I might be running banners for festival events but assure you that all I receive in return is a ticket to cover the event.

I just want to make sure producers are aware of this and it’s a very real thing that’s happening. Times are changing and you deserve the gains versus others. If they are really out to help you they’ll use your links and mediums versus theirs and share it properly to help you not them.

Let me close this rant off with introducing you something that you might of considered… If you’re a moderately successful producer and want to take it to the next level you might want to consider bringing in someone who specializes in Marketing or Advertising. It’s a common practice to have an agent or manager but their roles and skill set usually and almost never in building your market share. PR people help out with this but deal more with keeping your name in the media but not DIRECTLY reaching people. Think about it like this if any business wants to grow or reach more people they invest in public relations, marketing or advertising. This is why I’m building an agency with a talented artist manager to address these issues and make sure artist aren’t taken advantage of.


* Note: The old Soundcloud does not have the SHARE feature. The new Soundcloud allows you to SHARE someone elses track and appears on their feed so anyone who Follows the profile will see that they shared the original track from the Producers profile.

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