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Emissions: West Coast Bass Culture Festival 2014

time April 9th by Molly authorTags: , , , , , , , ,

Proud to present the Afro Monk press release on Emissions Festival 2014!


Emissions is one of our favorite festivals here at Afro Monk. Check out what Tara had to say about last year’s event here! AND We love Emission so much, we’re also giving out TWO free tickets! Check HERE for more information on the contest!

Camp ? has graced the West Coast with so many amazing parties and events over the years, not to mention five legendary Emissions and some seriously epic Burning Man camps. I am super grateful for what they have contributed to the community and love to support them in any way. Their brainchild, Emissions, is a one of a kind festival that I look forward to every year. It’s relatively small in number, keeping it quite intimate; it’s casual, yet well organized; and it’s high energy, heavy hitting array of bass music is unmatchable. The family vibe is strong, seen and felt in abundant smiles, laughs, and hugs; the music is fresh and poppin all day; and the PK rig, BANGIN, to say the least.

It is being held for it’s second year at the lovely Belden Town, an adorable mini town nestled in the Feather River Canyon in Northern California. Belden is an excellent host for festivals with it’s shady camping and flowing river.  The beach stage is an awesome space and I can’t wait be to kickin it there listening to bomb music in what’s sure to be gorgeous weather. Mmmm….perfection.

Emissions’ lineup this year has shaped up to be, in my opinion, their best ever. I love and admire Camp ?’s dedication to bass music. They’re not trying to be overly trendy or #toofuture4you, nor are they adhering to what seems to be the standardized festival lineup we have become oh too familiar with on the west coast. They’ve instead done what hardly anybody else has been able to really grasp thus far this summer and created, simply, a solid lineup of high quality producers and DJ’s that are killing it right now. Let’s look closer at some of those artists:

Doshy: Long before I became a writer for Afro Monk, I was an avid reader of the blog. JM (Afro Monk)’s posts introduced me to a ton of music in 2010-2011, but by far the best discovery I ever made from the blog was the introduction to bass music producer Doshy. Hailing from Germany, this is Doshy’s first ever U.S. appearance! This a huge deal to me, being a crazy fan of Doshy since JM’s article in 2011, and I was starting to think I would never catch him live in the U.S. I’m sure there’s a grip of other Doshy fans feeling the same way. Sure to be a highlight of the weekend.

Deltron 3030: A man who needs no introduction, Bay Area native, Deltron, is the perfect headliner for this event. The influence of hip hop on bass music is evident in the work of essentially everyone on this bill, so I think it’s definitely crucial to have such a prominent and incredible rapper headlining. His most recent album has a super fun, higher energy feel throughout so I’m sure his set will be super tight(of course I’m hoping he’ll play hella from Deltron 3030 though!)

NastyNasty: A bay area bass music scene legend and one of my favorite producers of all time, NastyNasty sets have been a consistently amazing part of my experience within the west coast electronic music scene for 4+ years now. A cultivator of science fiction influenced sound design and polyrythmic soulfuness, his unique take on bass music is always on that next level tip. His live sets are flawless and always a great time. Can’t wait for his set!

G Jones: Anyone who reads Afro Monk regularly is well versed in the work of G Jones. I consider him to be at the forefront of the West Coast bass music sound, killing it harder than pretty much anyone right now.  I love his music and am always impressed with new releases. His performance is sure to be one of the best of the weekends and you can catch him a second time alongside Minnesota.

Starkey + Dev79: What can I even say about Starkey?? His signature Street Bass sound defines everything I love about future bass music and his live sets have been some of the hardest I’ve danced in my life. I’m super stoked to see him alongside Dev79, who I have yet to see live. Unmissable for sure!

DJ Pound: Another proprietor of the “street bass” sound, DJ Pound is sure to be a seriously epic set. I’m really stoked on this booking and to get to catch some of DJ Pound’s monstrous tunes played by the creator himself on a PK system. Associated with some of the most forward thinking and respectable labels in the game, Seclusiasis and Saturate , DJ Pound has been making moves this last year and his music speaks for itself.

Perkulat0r: I was just recently introduced to the sounds of  Perkulat0r when he played a show in Seattle and I can assure you he’s not to be slept on. I would consider him to be one of the most exciting up and comers in the scene, rockin an already highly developed sound, reminiscent of the type of glitch hop I used to really love but don’t hear as much anymore. Don’t miss this one!

Quarry: Dark, dreary, beautiful Quarry. I frequently go through phases where I lean towards darker sounds and Quarry’s post-sad aesthetic fits in perfectly with my current obsession with that feel. I was stoked to see him on this lineup and can’t wait to get catch his set!

Some more artists I look forward to seeing are The Widdler, Bleep Bloop, Boats, Cestladore, J:Kenzo, Guttstar, Hypha, Smashletooth, The Pirate, Pressha, Intellitard, VNDMG, Yheti, Son of Kick, Bogl…realistically I could go on and on, as the talent is rich this year and the lineup is nothing short of stacked! And as usual, the Bay Area and Northern California are being represented in their fullest majestic form by everyone from the headliners to the local favorites. Big ups West Coast artists and everyone else coming through for the event. And huge ups to Camp ? on their epic choice in lineup.

This is sure to be one for the books! Tickets available now but selling fast! First and Second tier already sold out, so get on the third ASAP.  You can buy tickets here and follow the Emissions Event Page for information and updates on the event. And as mentioned before, don’t forget we are doing a contest for two tickets! This festival is not too be missed and entering only takes a sec! ENTER HERE!
Can’t wait to see everyone on the dancefloor!!

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Sonic Bloom 2014 | June 19th-22nd | South Park, Colorado

time March 27th by John-Michael authorTags: , ,

Sonic Bloom 2014 has moved to a new location, The American Safari Resort, and tickets are selling faster than they have ever sold over the 9 previous years.

I’ve been attending Sonic Bloom for over three years straight now. It has a special place in my heart due to the intimate nature of the festival and the fact that it is one of the main events in Colorado. Year after year the artist they book, the vibe created, and the community of people from all over come together to make it one of the premier summer festivals. I’ve done my fair share of traveling all over the US and believe that Sonic Bloom is the go to festival this year.

It has been awhile since I have writing about something and had decided not to write blog post anymore but Sonic Bloom I hold dear to my heart. This year I’ve decided to cut my festival travels down significantly but told myself that this is the one for me. Why? Tipper! The fact that there are TWO Tipper sets means there will be a chill downtempo set which is worth the cost of the travel and ticket easy. There are so many other talented artist worth mentioning as well but I can’t express how excited I am to see Tipper this year considering the new album just around the corner.

This year The Road to Sonic Bloom has officially kicked off. Here are the remaining dates and the talented artist that will be performing all over the States to help build the hype for the main event! I’ll be playing at the Miami, FL date so be sure to come out to The Nest =)

April 4th – 1904 Music Hall, Jacksonville, FL
The Malah, Futexture + Deloscinari, Spankalicious

April 5th – The Nest, Miami, FL
The Malah, Futexture + Deloscinari, Spankalicious & Afro Monk

April 10th – The Parish, Austin, TX
The Malah, Janover & reSunator

April 11th – Easter Island Festival, Keetonville, OK
The Malah, Futexture + Deloscinari, Spankalicious, Psymbionic

April 12th – Sons of Hermann Hall
Janover & reSunator

April 25th – Omaha, NE – Abbott Sports Complex
Kaminanda, Nadis Warriors, MuzzY, Marvel Years, Krooked Drivers

May 2nd – 3rd – The Unified Field: official SONIC BLOOM pre-party at Cervantes, Denver, CO
Opiuo, Random Rab, ill-esha, Zoogma, Janover & reSunator, Whitebear, Defunk & more TBA

Be sure to grab tickets ASAP since pre-sales and tier one tickets have already sold out! The one thing that really stood out to me about this year is that due to the new location you won’t have to worry about taking shuttles to and from the parking area since there will be car camping available. The location also features an indoor saloon with a bar and DJ booth for some of your favorite artist to entertain. I’d also recommend looking into VIP passes as this year they include tons of goodies!

Keep checking back for the final announcements of artist and possible gives aways! This poster is for the 1st and 2nd wave of artist announcements. Believe it or not they still have additional artist to add =D

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Tara’s Winter Mix Fix

time March 1st by Taradactyl authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

There is no denying the awesomeness of mixes. Put one on and float away on a roller coaster of delight without having to put thought toward what is next. There’s always that perfect mix for a road trip while driving by rolling landscapes or seasides or through the redwoods, another while prepartying and getting hyped up for a show with friends, another while lounging with some bomb food and a doobie by candlelight… You name it. I love the juxtaposition of light and dark that a lot of great mixes play around with. These are some of my favorites lately; tune on in! Most of them are free mixes that are great to add to your mobile library. So, without further ado:

I have been really digging ODESZA’s style (one of my favorite sets at Symbiosis ’13 too). It’s the best when you’re really feeling certain producers and then they release mixes – easy listening made even easier! Their NO.SLEEP mix series is a nice blend of instrumental hip hop vibes, fun trappy tunes, and lovely melodies. They are about to go on tour; I definitely suggest catching them at the city nearest to you!

Subdocta – “Heartbreak Lullabyes” Mix
I love this mellow mix done masterfully by the homie Subdocta, perfect for a stormy day or times of reflection. My favorite thing is discovering new great tunes while listening mixes; I was very stoked to hear “A Baru In New York (Flume Remix)- Yolanda Be Cool & Gurrumul” for the first time while tuning in to this. I also love his quote: “You can’t start a new chapter if you don’t turn the page.”


I can never get enough of MiHKAL’s sultry, flowy sets. This one makes me feel like I’m going on a cosmic journey to Alex & Allyson Grey’s The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in NYC, where it was recorded on the Winter Solstice.


STWO: From Paris with Love
French producer STWO has been absolutely crushing it lately; I have been seeing him pop up all over the place. With good reason, too! This chilled out mix features some other up and coming French producers… check it out. I imagine listening while eating a crepe and sipping coffee at a Parisian corner cafe (as cliche as that is).

Afro Monk – Late Night Sessions 009 – Bliss
Soak in Afro Monk’s auditory euphoria with this mix. I enjoy all of the Late Night Sessions he has been putting out; they remind me of tranquil nights spent with friends and loved ones talking about life, existence, and truths. Intoxicating.


JOKER – Winter Mix
JOKER never got out of the game. I used to jam his purple synth-driven tunes regularly and this mix reminds me why. I love his sense of adventure with ranging BPMs and blurring of genres here. I’m beyond excited to see him perform for the first time with MartyParty next week!


Mr. Rooney – Future Strange Mixtape Vol. XXVI
I have really been enjoying my friend Mr. Rooney’s style lately, and this mix exemplifies it quite well. Laced with groovy beats, tasteful remixes, and stellar mixing style, this one is satisfying from start to finish. Check out the other Future Strange mixtapes; these kids are doin’ good things!

Ta-Ku – Triple J Friday Mix
If this doesn’t put you in the zone then I’m not sure what will… This one is hypnotic and well mixed> Love Ta-Ku’s low-key sexy vibes.


The Widdler – Fall All Original Mix
All original mixes are always fun, and this one has a lot of “Oh, WOW” moments. At times it goes hard and heavy and at others evokes totally chilled out bliss. That juxtaposition of light and dark that I was talking about before :)


Nicoluminous | Exodub – We Got This Mix Series
The homie Nico and Exodub keep it fun and fresh with this mix. The incorporation of hip hop, future sounds, and 808 is intriguing and stimulating… check out this straight FIYAH!


The Do LaB presents In the LaB feat. Kaminanda at Coachella 2013 Weekend 1
I was very grateful that The Do LaB posted many of their Coachella sets from last summer for free download. I am a sucker for Kamininda’s style that fuses eclectic percussion, low frequencies, and squishy goodness. Another favorite set from the weekend is jOBOT’s.

I hope you enjoy! I would love to hear back about some of your favorite mixes as I am constantly adding to my listening repertoire. Love and Light


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Omega | Fearless EP

time October 21st by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

I’m such an Omega fan boy. This guy is the mad scientist of our community. The amount of talent and knowledge he has is incredible. Chris is also one of the most loving humans I’ve met. The music he puts out is HUGE and gets quite intense compared to what I’m use to listening too. What’s also interesting is how gnarly his music can be but he’s in full control and sometimes you can hear his giddy laugh during his sets. It’s almost as if Omega has this dark evil nature but his true nature is almost shy by how massive his sound comes off.

Omega is by no means a new kid on the block either. He has be an integral part of the rising Colorado electronic music scene. You might not see him out as often but don’t worry he’s working inside his lab creating and mastering tunes. One thing that many people don’t know about yet is his project YuYu (1/2 Omega, 1/2 Cualli). If you’re not that into these aggressive massive basslines and live more for the funk you’ve got to keep your ears out for the YuYu material. It’s more along the lines of live instrumentation. You’ll have to hear and see it to understand.

You don’t usually find such explosive dubstep on this blog but I have nothing but respect and love for my friend, Omega. Check this out and support music. Major shout outs to UnMess for such amazing album art on this one!

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The Originalz

time September 19th by Taradactyl authorTags: , , , ,

The Originalz have been crushing it lately. Hailing from Sebastopol, CA, this talented duo keeps shit fresh and fun! This summer they have been popping up on festival lineups left and right and I have to say that it’s much deserved; I have had the pleasure of catching them multiple times live and they give off an incredible radiant energy. There’s never a dull moment in a performance by The Originalz… every time I have seen them everyone is getting DOWN and dirty. Having kicked it with them on a few occasions, I have to say that both Troy and Derek are charming, super chill dudes. They’re spreading just the right love and positive energy that our bass community thrives upon. Catch them next at Trill God Campout in Ashland, Oregon next weekend (September 27-30), which looks to be off the chain!

The Originalz’ newest release, Get Lucid, out on Gravitas Recordings, is like a cosmic journey through a seamless soundscape. I would highly recommend checking out and downloading this stellar release (name your own price). If you give your eyes a rest and let go it can actually evoke a sense of lucid dreaming (and the radical album artwork doesn’t hurt with that).  I am a sucker for melodic innovative beats and these guys deliver that along with slapping gangsta bass, futuristic glitch, and sultry frequencies. Their tunes will satisfy music lovers across the board, with influences ranging from hip hop to purple. Their sound is full and exuberant. They recently did a remix for my boy SELBY and it turned out to be quite delicious! I actually can’t seem to get it out of my head. Their newest track, Holla’, is fire as well! The Originalz are only going upwards with their dope beats, killer performances, and authentic personalities… watch out for these guys!

Listen to and download Get Lucid here!


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Desto | Emptier Streets

time May 28th by John-Michael authorTags: , ,

Desto has been one of my favorite producers for quite awhile now. Whenever I get the chance I’ll sneak in No Sleep into my set. He has been releasing singles and EPs for around 5 years now. He hasn’t released a LP since his debut as Desto. June 10th 2013 is the official release date for Desto’s first LP, Emptier Streets, on Rwina Records. It makes a lot of sense that Rwina is the label of choice for this album. It totally has that unique style and sound that all their artist bring to the table.

The trap movement has taken over but their are still a grip of producers who are making this atmospheric space crunk sound and Desto is one of them. The sound design and spacey feel to his sound makes for quite an enjoyable auditory experience. I will say that Emptier Streets reminds me a lot of Eprom’s Metahuman. It’s the closest thing that sounds remotely close to this release. Considering that Metahuman is considered by many as one of the better albums of 2012, you could say this is one of the best of 2013.

Be sure to pre-order this one on vinyl! As a person who strictly only orders LP’s lately. This one is an instant buy. Big ups to Desto on this one and for Rwina for pushing the bar further and further!

Pre-order Desto – Emptier Streets

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Ahab | Artist Spotlight

time May 7th by John-Michael authorTags: ,

It has been awhile since I’ve made a post but Molly and Tara have been holding it down =)

Alright, now to business. Adam aka Ahab is someone I had to bring your attention too again. It has been awhile since I’ve moved back from Texas and Adam is one of those producers I got to connect with while there. People ask me all the time who I’ve been jamming too and figured that the next few post should be about those up and coming producers that I see a bright future ahead of them.

Ahab has had a few releases on his own and with Black Market Pharmacy.
I got a small taste of some freshies directly from him the other day. Now as I’m going through some music for some upcoming shows I’m playing, I thought to myself. Man, I need to make sure to hype this guys name out there because it’s only going to get better. If there’s a young new producer that is really standing out but making music that reminds me of the past lazer bass stuff, it’s Ahab.

I think we’ll be hearing the name Ahab a lot more as time progresses. He’s young and developing into an extremely talented producer. It’s always great to see a friend mature and develop their sound. Not to mention there’s the whole Black Market Pharmacy project that he is part of which consist of some other close friends.

Be sure to check out his Soundcloud to keep up with all his upcoming music! =D

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Infrasound Music Festival ❘ May 31- June 2, 2013

time May 7th by Molly authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

With the exception of the lucky people who attended Lucidity, most of us are anxiously awaiting the beginning of everyone’s favorite time of year, FESTIVAL SEASON!!! I know I for one am super ready to bust out my (playa) dusty tent, LED’s , unicorn swag, and of course my best dancing shoes. As of now, I’ve got my season’s plans pretty much all lined up and the first official stop of my 2013 Bass Summer is in Black River Falls, Wisconsin at the Infrasound Music Festival. 

Twin Cities Dubstep joined forces with the to bring this young festival back bigger and better for it’s second year. Twin Cities Dubstep is a major player in the midwest electronic music scene, booking everyone from massive headliners to up and coming locals to classic favorites of every genre. Needless to say, the festival has stirred up a lot of excitement in that and surrounding areas and is proving to be actual competition against some of the bigger festivals, such as Wakarusa, that happen to be sharing the same date. The location is looking absolutely lovely and thanks to the late May date, the weather should fall at that really nice level right before the wretched midwest summer humidity (not my steez!). The festival grounds are nestled among a surrounding forest and includes a small lake whose shores will be home to a daytime beach stage.  One of the best aspects of this festival is definitely it’s price. I was shocked to see the earliest early bird tickets at only $50 and even now the current price is at a mere $95 and will raise to a still-relatively-cheap-for-the-lineup $120 at the door. Plus a portion of the profits are going towards a Minneapolis non-profit, Save Our Schools, and their goal to save an inner city music program. Awesome! Located about 2.5 hours from Minneapolis, 3 from Milwaukee, and 4 from Chicago, it’s a super mellow trek from many of the major music hubs of that region. So basically if you’re around, there aren’t too many good excuses not to come out and play :) Ok enough shit about logistics, let’s talk music!


For many of you, you’ll be so sold at the next word that you might as well stop reading this now and go ahead and purchase your ticket : TIPPER. Although this fact might change with the new announcement of the Symbiosis lineup, Infrasound is the ONLY festival this summer that will be hosting this musical mad man/genius/higher being as their headliner and not only that, booked him to play TWICE on Saturday. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about the promised twilight downtempo set ( I’m pretty convinced a fairy is born every time he plays a song from Broken Soul Jamboree live) and I’m making a solid and public warning right now to gtfo out of my way during the second set cause this girl + outdoor sound systems + Tipper = elbow poppin, hip displacing, melted minded, third eye to toe dance floor ridiculousness. To complete the sensory experience, the legendary digital artist Android Jones will be supplying the visuals.

Another performance I’m really looking forward to is Liquid Stranger’s downtempo set. Known mainly for his masterfully produced and absolutely crushing Dubstep, Drumstep, and DnB, Liquid Stranger has toured all over the world playing bass music but Infrasound will be his first ever Downtempo/IDM set. Anyone familiar with his album “Cryogenic Encounters” or his pre Rottun work knows how magical this is going to be.  Some more artists I’m personally excited to see are Haywyre, Billy Blacklight, Thriftworks, Grimblee, Mumukshu, Megalodon, Shwex, Bogtrotter, Smilodon, Loom In Essence, and Spankalicious! You can also catch some bigger name festival favorites : Gramatik, HeRobust, MartyParty, Luminox, and the beautiful Emancipator. Best part of all? Main stage is going to be on a gorgeous Funktion One rig.

The festivities begin May 31st, which is a little over three weeks away, so there is still plenty of time to get your ticket, your crew, your whiskey to share with me, and your beautiful selves ready for what’s sure to be an amazing weekend. I will see you on the dancefloor!

Buy your tickets here

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Afro Monk’s WMC 2013 Recommended Event List

time March 6th by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

WMC 2013 is shaping up to be one of the most diverse years for electronic music. Many of you know about Ultra as the main event but I’ve gone ahead and put together a list of shows that I feel caters more to the bass music lovers out there. There are so many options this year in all spectrum of EDM, that any electronic music fan will be sure to find something for them. This by no means is the end all be all but these are the parties that caught my attention and think you should know about.

As crazy as this sounds, this is not the completed list. There will most likely be more additions but I am still waiting for confirmation.

Thursday 3/14

Stache Bash WMC
Who: Sir Charles
Where: The Goose (Coconut Grove)

Friday 3/15

Big Gigantic & Griz
Where: Grand Central (Downtown)

Ultra Afterparty
Who: Earphunk / The Brass Topper / EONS
Where: Will Call (Downtown)

Saturday 3/16

PLM Showcase
Who: Michal Menert / Paul Basic / Supervision / SPECIAL GUEST
Where: Delano Hotel

United D&B and Noxiuz: Drum & Bass
Who: Blokhe4d / E-Decay / Soulpride
Where: Eve (Downtown)

Free Bass WMC – Breaks + Bass Music
Who: FreQ Nasty / Monk
Where: Chalk (South Beach)

Beat Machines
Who: Beat Machines (Afrobeta) / Tusk
Where: Will Call (Downtown)

Sunday 3/17

*Massive Ideas Afterparty: Multi Genre Bass
Who: Archnemesis
Where: Will Call (Downtown)

Where: Bardot (Midtown)

Wednesday 3/20

*Massive Wednesdays: WMC Edition
Who: Keyes N Krates / Break Science / Stylust Beats
Where: Moksha (Design District)

S!NK Pool Party – Multi Genre Bass
Who: Badklaat / Hizzleguy / Shiverz / AD / Subfiltronik / MuK
Where: Carlton Hotel (South Beach)

Galaxy Music Gathering II – Breaks
Who: Afrika Bambaataa / Spacemen / Soul Oddity vs Otto Von Shirach
Where: Discotekka (Midtown)

RAMiami – Drum & Bass

Who: Andy C / Goldie / Delta Heavy
Where: Therapy (Downtown)

Techno Sluts WMC – Electro, Multi Genre Bass
Who: Anthony Rother / Hybrid Soundsystem
Where: Mekka (Downtown)

Thursday 3/21

Living Room Sessions WMC
Who: Flume / Shlohmo / Jerome LOL
Where: Bardot (Midtown)

World of Drum and Bass WMC

Who: LTJ Bukem / DJ SS / John B
Where: Euphoria (Downtown)

SMOG vs Basshead – Multi Genre Bass
Who: ƱZ / Doctor P / Craze / Goldie
Where: Mekka (Downtown)

Bright Future WMC
Who: Roska / Gooddroid / Somejerk
Where: Will Call (Downtown)

Audioplayground WMC – Drum & Bass
Who: Stunna / Stereotype
Where: Kill Your Idol (South Beach)

Friday 3/22

Pachanga Island WMC
Who: Satchi Om
Where: Miami Beach

Future Sound of Breaks XI
Who: Modestep / Cookie Monsta / Deekline / Kill City & Whiskey Pete
Where: Mekka (Downtown)

Hospitality WMC – Drum & Bass

Who: High contrast / Camo & Krooked / Craze
Where: Therapy (Downtown)

Young Turks WMC
Who: Jamie XX / John Talabot
Where: Bardot

Audioplayground WMC – Electro, Breaks

Who: $uper Geniu$ / Kounterakt vs EVO
Where: Kill Your Idol (South Beach)

Who: Sazon Booya / Yellow Claw
Where: Eve (Downtown)

Saturday 3/23

Pretty Lights, Headtron, Embrace, TSIS: Apres
Who: Michal Menert / Mimosa / Russ Liquid / Griz
Where: Mekka (Downtown)

Out of the Blue
Who: Four Tet / Jamie XX
Where: Villa 221 (Downtown)

Sin City Miami – Multi Genre Bass

Who: P Money / N-Type
Where: Eve (Downtown)

Free Bass WMC – Breaks
Who: Krafty Kutz / Freestylers / Dj Icey
Where: Chalk (South Beach)

Stank Love WMC
Who: Bailey / A-Sides
Where: Jazid (South Beach)

Sunday 3/24

*Massive Ideas WMC Close Out
Who: EOTO / Kaminanda / Futexture
Where: Will Call (Downtown)

Wednesday 3/27

*Massive Wednesdays
Who: Gladkill / Ark IX
Where: The Stage (Midtown)

Afro Monk WMC’s 2013 DJ Sets

Friday 3/15 – Earphunk / Brass Topper* @ Will Call
Sunday 3/17 – Archnemesis @ Will Call
Wednesday 3/20 – Keyes N Krates / Break Sci / Stylus Beats @ Moksha
Sunday 3/24 – EOTO / Kaminanda / Futexture @ Will Call
Wednesday 3/27 – Gladkill / @ The Stage

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Camp ? ❘ The Campilation

time February 9th by Molly authorTags: , , , , ,

Oh Camp ?, words cannot describe the fun I have had getting down on your dusty dance floor. Whether it be on the playa, or at their festival, Emissions, or at all night parties in the bay, their shows and gatherings have been the backdrop of some of the best nights of my life. What always not only impresses me, but totally wins me over, is their tendency to book a ton of truly up and coming artists. And not just a few thrown at the bottom of the billing with a shitty time slot, but awesome quantities of them. Youngins’, innovators, the potential next big thing, Camp ? is paying attention and trying to get them on a sound system near you. I can not express how important this is to me. There are so many incredible producers getting zero bookings while the same mediocre DJ’s and producers play at every other show or festival. Yes, I understand that is where the money lies (In NAMES. People love them big names.) and although the electronic music scene often times promotes the facade of being some kind of ultra conscious, society defying movement, money is still the driving factor of many of these parties. But whatever, that notion just makes me appreciate communities like Camp ? and their party philosophy even more. With that being said, I love and support Camp ? in any way I personally can and here is a chance for you to do the same (and score some amazing tuneage while you’re at it!)

I introduce to you, The Campilation, an 18 track compilation released on the ever killing it, MalLabel music, to raise funds for Camp ?’s 2013 Burning Man camp. The compilation is home to tracks from a range of artists and styles, including some more established names such as Minnesota, Stylust Beats, Love and Light, and Sugarpill, as well as a collection of other very talented producers. I’ll admit my devout obsession to glitch hop has been dwindling over the last year so it was so refreshing to hear some great stuff from the genre, especially from two of my favorite, and in my opinion, highly underrated artists, Kll Smth and Mad Zach. The variation in style makes it hard to choose a favorite, but Guttstar, an amazing producer who if you aren’t familiar with, you should be, really brought it to the table with his atmospheric yet bangin track, “Where Do Dead Stars Go?”.  I also may or may not have listened to G Jones’s “West Cliff” 4-5 times before changing to the next song. But we all already know how I feel about him ;)

Whether you’re planning on attending this year’s Burning Man or not, know that by buying this album you are supporting a truly great organization of bass loving humans. And if you are hoping to make it to the playa this year, know that your financial support will be going to one of the most poppin camps in all of Black Rock City. Regardless of the philanthropic aspect, this is a great release for all kinds of bass music lovers and I hope you all love it as much as I do.

Love and Low Frequencies,

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