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Glitch Hop | Crunk | Bass – Soundcloud Group

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Glitch-Hop | Crunk | Bass

I’ve decided to start my first Soundcloud group. I spend many countless hours searching the internet for tunes that will make me dance around, cruise while driving, and dance floor bangers. I’m all about sharing with everyone the latest tunes when I play out. Take serious pride in supporting my producer friends. Time to create something for them to unite and share in on location along with all the other groups.

I will be moderating the tracks that get posted in this group. I love all the groups on Soundcloud that I’m part of but sometimes all the tracks don’t have that crunk glitch hop feel to them. This is what I’ve created where you can unleash the maddness and rage. I’ll most likely be putting together another group if this goes well where it’ll be surrounding more of the downtempo chill glitch feel.

Glitch Hop | Crunk | Bass
Please join and contribute!

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Slippery Slopes – Miami Glitch –

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Miami Glitch host a weekly radio show on Every Monday from 11pm-1am EST we meet up and play a two hour show. Munkz, Claro, and I play Dubstep, Glitch, Glitch Hop, Crunk, Bass, etc… We also host special guest Miami Djs or who ever is in-town. We generally record our mixes every week. These mixes are done completely live and NOT edited in any way. Keep in mind we usually are kicking it drinking beers and hanging out so don’t be so harsh on our mixing =P

I plan on building a separate category that will provide you with a set of download links to our previous shows. Right now things are a bit unorganized but I’ll eventually get to this. I hope you enjoy the music!

Munkz & Afro Monk – June 14th 2010- E3 Mix –

Claro, Munkz, & Afro Monk – June 21st 2010 – Summer Solstice –

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Afro Monk’s Adventures! California & Boston!

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I unfortunately haven’t made any post in quite some time. I wanted to write a piece about my recent travels in the past month. I’ve recently gone to California and Massachusetts for music. I can’t tell you enough how important it is to travel. Many of you just know me as someone who blogs on here and plays music. Truth is I’m quite co-dependent person and too in touch with my emotions at times. My trip to California was a huge risk for me.  I was going entirely on my own to Lightning in a Bottle. I had never been camping nor on a trip completely solo. Fortunately for me I’ve done quite a bit of networking online and was able to meet up with tons of amazing people. Traveling is important because it forces you to meet new people, live in unfamiliar environments, and show you thing you’ve might never have seen in your life. The world is too large not to be explored.

I came back from California a new man and with a mission, travel more! The best way I thought to myself to travel was to play shows in different cities. I already had planned a trip to Boston to go see CocoRosie live. Lost in Bass is a crew located in Boston which throws large events. They actually have a show on as well so I’ve communicated a bit with them in the chat room. They welcomed me in to play a gig with them with open arms along with a friend I met over WMC, JSB.  Boston completely opened my eyes even more to how close knit the electronic music scene is. Everyone I met in Boston would go out of the way for me, welcome me, and treated me as I was one of them living in Boston. The venue that I played at was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever been too. There was something in every corner that blew me away. Ultimately it is a giant loft where there any many residents that have their own space but all share it as common ground. I can’t tell you how many talented people I met up there. CocoRosie blew my mind and gave such a heartfelt one to one concert for everyone there.

Once I arrived to the venue to play it had already had a few people hanging out playing music. The event was a private party to help raise some money for a project they are all working on, Lowres.  I was a bit worried the party wouldn’t do well because there was no major promotion. There was a FB invite but it was private and very exclusive. There must have been 100 confirmed only and a fourth of people actually show up based on the confirmed number I’ve concluded in Miami. I was completely disproved tons of people were in and out of the venue. The most touching part of it all was how unified everyone was. There were kids who were all into the dubstep, uk funky, psy trance, drum and bass, and glitch. There were no clicks it was just everyone having a good time. I was introduced to so many people and wish I could remember them all, especially all the women. I can’t deny that every girl I met had the best personality and were totally great to talk too which I don’t often feel here. (Totally regret not getting this one girls number who spoke Spanish to me, LOL)

All in all this post is to show a small glimpse into our scene, the electronic dance music community. California you met my every expectation and met tons of amazing people. I have been to Boston tons of times to visit friends but this time I went on my own and met up with people I knew from online and it was night and day. Boston the underground community you have in the Glitch Loft is truly one of the most unique experiences I’ve ever had. I was blessed to get to travel to these two locations and party with some of the most hospitable people in this community. I’m doing my best to link up with people from all over the US to go play and get to experience something new. I have no problem flying myself out to play and spend a week-end in a city I’ve never been. Right now I’m scheduled to play Las Vegas NV, Buffalo NY, and Asheville NC.  I’m almost planning on going to Seattle for Decibel Festival. Majority of the people I hung out with in California at Lightning in a Bottle were from Seattle. I can’t wait to meet up with these lovely people again.

Point of the entry, TRAVEL! Open your eyes to what the world has to offer. There are so many people out there who are into this music as well and sometimes you’ve got to explore to find them even if it means hopping on a plane.

Much love to all the people who do it for the music and not a check.
If you organize events, know promoters, or have friends who are involved link up with me.
I’m looking to jump on any chance to go play out and meet some new people.
Contact me:


Much Love,

JM aka Afro Monk

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Afro Monk Mixes

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Afro Monk’s WMC Promo Mix Live on by AfroMonk

November is more oriented for the Glitchy side of things.
Lots of female vocals to help get the mood started.
Let the glitchy bass take you and bring you back down.
Afro Monk’s – November Mixtape

This is a mixtape I put together for easy listening dubstep tracks.
More intended for people new to the dubstep and has tons of more girlie tracks. Toned down the bass more than usual.
Afro Monk’s Music for You – From Me

This is my first attempt to mix Glitch.
Eventually this is all I want to mix but need tons of practice.
I know I can do much better but wanted to record something.
Afro Monk’s October Glitch Mix

Here is probably the 4th mix I ever recorded…
Not happy with it but really dig these tracks.
Probably have some more mixes up in near future.
Afro Monk – August Mix

Here is a Drum N Bass Mix I did with some of my favorite classics.
This was the 2nd mix I ever did on the NS7.
Mixing needs work but for now it’s worth posting…
Afro Monk – June’s DnB Mix

(right click and Save Link As to download mix)

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Slippery Slopes on May 24th – Trip Sessions

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May 24th, 2010 we were live on for our weekly Slippery Slopes radioshow. It’s been awhile since I post one of our mixes. This show features Munkz vs Claro for the first hour. The second hour consist of special guest Gooddroid for 35mins and myself, Afro Monk, for the last 25min. I didn’t expect to play but ended up jumping on the APC40 last minute, was feeling real gooood.

You can check out our show every Monday from 11pm-1am EST on
Brought to you by: Miami Glitch

Afro Monk – Munkz – Claro

Slippery Slopes – May Trip Sessions

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Claro – Mix May – Miami Glitch Dubstep

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Claro - Dubstep Glitch Hop Mix -

Introducing a member of our Miami Glitch family, CLARO!
This weeks Fire Friday Mix goes to him and boy will it take you on a journey. This mix was aired live on earlier this month. Claro is no stranger to the DJ world, quite the veteran. He has held residency’s here in Miami and New York.

Claro incorporates quite a diversity of genres in this mix. Jumping from Glitch Hop, Dubstep, to Hip Hop. He specializes on working with turntables but has been working on our Numark NS7 when playing on Look out for him because he’s back to producing music and mixing. Proud to have him part of our Miami Glitch crew.

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Get Low – Machine Drum, Romulo, Afro Monk, Juan Basshead, Gooddroid, & Bunnyfuzz

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Get Low Machine Drum Afro MonkGet Low Machine Drum Afro Monk Flyer

Machine Drum once a Florida resident comes back to show people what’s up with the funk, boogie, and dance grooves. Expect hella dope set from him that will leave you wanting more. It’s always a pleasure to see a live DJ with pads dropping live beats and samples over tracks. Be sure to check out his event he host in NY, cassettenyc!

I’m beyond excited to share a stage with such a prolific producer. Also on the bill is Romulo from Soul Oddity. I can’t wait to relive the set I caught during WMC. This man is a pioneer for electronic music in Miami. One of the founders of Schematic records which has put Miami on the map for many around the world. Pay your respects to this man because he has done a lot for the music scene here. He is one of the people I look up to and consider a role model of what I’m doing myself here in Miami.

Lets get this out here in the public. I promise to bring you some fresh new sounds. My motto of this site is “Keep it Fresh!” and that is what I plan to do this Thursday at Vagabond. The set I plan on dropping will have a heavy glitchy bass feel with popular tracks we all have heard remixed with some big drops. I’m calling this my Glitchy Bass Set. Majority of it will be dubstep but with an added glitch feel sprinkled with some Glitch Hop.

Be sure to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Gooddroid and Munkz!
Now for all the details of the event!

SHAKE joins up with BassHead Music to GET LOW once again at Vagabond! MACHINE DRUM is flying down from New York to bring a fresh new sound to your favorite monthly bass party.

Machine Drum (Normrex/Merck/NYC)
Romulo (Schematic/Phoenecia/Soul Oddity)
Afro Monk (Miami Glitch/
Juan Basshead (BassHead Music)
Gooddroid (Down)
Bunnyfuzz (Smut+Bass/WVUM)

Visuals by VJ MUNKZ

MCs Jumanji + Nome

FUNKTION1 Sound System to fill your BASS needs!

Resident DJs DS, A-Train, Alex Caso + The Whisper keep the SHAKE soundsystem going in the other two rooms.

Ladies Free before Midnight.

No Cover all night with your GET LOW Tshirt! If you don’t have one yet, hit up
RSVP to for No Cover before 11pm.

$1 Colt 45 til 11pm, $5 Cuba Libre all night!

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Freddy Todd – Lick The Glitch Mix

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freddy todd

Freddy Todd recently met up and jammed with some of the crew. This was aired on Tuesday so figured I share with everyone who missed it. Nick Bliss and crew are tearing it up and recorded a set.

Homie Freddy Todd has been murdering the States non-stop! Freddy is def one of my favorite producers right now hands down. When I think glitch hop/dubstep I think this man! Truly before I leave Miami this guy will be droppin some bass for us! Be in the look out for Freddy Todd in Florida around June/July.

This set is absolute FIRE! Respect this!


Splatterbox (Freddy T + DJ GK) – Fre$hurThan
$amples – Drop Bombs (Freddy T Remix)
J Dilla – Two Can Win
J Dilla – Two Can Win (Freddy T Remix)
Darude – Sandstorm (Freddy T Remix)
Freddy Todd – Order Complex
Freddy Todd – Blowin Good (Mochipet Remix)
Freddy Todd – Can’t Fathom This (NastyNasty Remix)
Freddy Todd – p0p p0p p0p
$amples – Goose
Elfkowitz + Freddy Todd – Rage Cage
Freddy Todd – Blowin Good (ill-esha Remix)
J Dilla – Track 06 (3 Beat Tapes)
Freddy Todd – Space 5 Penthouse (NiT GriT Remix)
Squarepusher – My Red Hot Car
Freddy Todd – Can’t Fathom This (Om Unit Remix)
Freddy Todd – Ray Gun

Catch it here on the download!
Freddy Todd – Lick The Glitch Mix

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Miami Glitch + WMC 2010

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This past WMC Munkz and I together formed Miami Glitch and threw our first party!
We had tons of special guest in town and raged all week!

Here are some small clips from the week!

Many Thanks:
Shilo, Ben Samples, Fisk, HipGnosis, S.P.E.C.T.R.E, Mochipet, Siren, Pressha, Mindelixer, Epcot, Stutterfly, JSB, & special thanks to Gooddroid!

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Upcoming events for Afro Monk

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I’ve neglected the site for awhile now. Things at my daytime are a bit nuts and have been working 10+ hr days. Don’t let this fool you though, I’m still squeezing in time to keep up to date with music. Right now I have a couple of featured producers I’m drafting up post for. No idea when these will go live but know this site is still active and don’t plan on letting it die.

These next upcoming weeks are going to be absolutely mad for me!
May 20th I’ll be playing at the biggest Dubstep monthly in Miami, GET LOW!
Machine Drum will be headlining! Romulo Del Castillo aka Phoenecia & 1/2 of Soul Oddity, Juan Basshead, Gooddroid, and Bunnyfuzz will be the support! It’s going to get rowdy as hell!!! Time to show Miami at a proper show what’s going on with Glitch-Hop!

May 28th I’ll be flying out to California for Lightning in a Bottle!!!!
I have no idea what to expect or even how to prepare for this one. I’ll be going out completely on my own and meeting up with a tiny handful of friends. I’ll be camping for the first time in my life and still haven’t gotten a tent =X

June 11th I’ll be flying out to Boston to go catch CocoRosie LIVE!!! I’ll be meeting up and staying with the Lost in Bass crew! I’m hyped to finally meet these guys in person. We’ll most likely be hosting an event and I’ll be playing with them!

Last week-end of July I’ll hopefully be going to Defcon in Vegas!!! I’ll be celebrating my 25th birthday! I have a shot at playing at Defcon and ecstatic at the opportunity to be able to spin some music for such a large crowd!

I have a residency now at Chesterfield Hotel and Lounge on the beach. Every Friday I’ll be joining Gooddroid, Munkz, and Grayghost. Playing the best in Lounge, Trip-hop, Minimal, Dubstep, and Glitch. Going to be exciting to have the whole crew together doing a little bit of everything being dropped.

Considering our original venue fell through we have a new place 90% locked down for our monthly event,Slippery! It’s going to be a huge announcement and assure you it’s going to be intense! The summer is off to a good start! Hoping to bring many great producers into town for the next couple months. Get ready Miami for some serious bass heat!

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