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Afro’s In Miami Bitch! | Thugstep/Glitch-Hop Mix

time December 30th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,

It hasn’t been a secret on here that I’ve relocated back to my hometown Miami. Truth is I haven’t really made it a point to tell anyone except my close friends. The music community is so vastly different here and knew I was giving up a lot moving back to this market. It’s not meant to be taken in a negative sense. Unfortunately the music I’ve been playing/pushing doesn’t really have much presence here. We all know the meccas are Colorado & California.

I was lucky enough to discover a market in Texas that allowed me to do what I’ve always wanted to do… Play glitch-hop. I became extremely involved in Texas and turned my life focus on music for the most part. I’d go out every night and actually network/talk to people. I’ve always been shy and moved to Texas only knowing my roommate. Texas was a scary move but once I got there it took me for one of the best rides of my life. I was only in Texas for a year but it feels like I was there for over five years. The amount of talented artist is overwhelming! The festival crowd is full force and plenty of homegrown events.

Now that I’m back in Miami I’ve started an entirely new lifestyle. I know that bass music popularity has reached a new height but it has also left me much to be desired. I don’t want to become that bitter old man complaining non-stop. I’ve decided to put this mix out there to target the Miami audience and nightlife but at the same time tip my hat goodbye to this sort of style. It’s fun, party, dance, and rave out music but truth is I’m burnt out and have been for some time now I’m sure. If you follow me on FB and Twitter you’ll know what I’m talking about. I’m a mid range bass hater. Yes, I admit it.

It’s time to focus on a positive new attitude and something different that will brighten my spirits. 2012 will be the start of many new things. As I said my lifestyle is quite different now. I don’t go out anymore and I’m going back to my anti-social recluse ways. My nights consist of me laying around my dream apartment on the beach listening to chill out lounge music and playing video games. My roots are in trip-hop/downtempo/lounge. I’ve decided to focus on that for 2012 and create a sister site that will built around that vibe. Expect a soft beta launch around Feb 2012.

This doesn’t mean this site will be executed!!! Ed and Tara have been doing an incredible job and I’ll still be writing post but come to understand I won’t be as active. It’s time to expand the market. I’ll still be around at all the events but keep in mind Miami doesn’t offer acts that I’ve been spoiled with while living in Texas. The bass scene is very alive here but it’s very brostep/moombah oriented which truthfully I can’t vibe with. Along with the sister site launch there will be a new weekly event that will be created to support the new movement here. I’m super excited to see how this pans out.

Now about this mix. It was designed on the fly to get you moving and sing along. There are times where I need to get motivated to go out to the club or bar and these tunes get me all hyped. They are mostly top 40 remixes with me giving them an extra umphhh to them and adding my glitches live. It’s been over a month since I’ve played or even mixed since I’ve been so busy with the move. Not to mention like I said I’ve kept myself isolated in Miami so not looking actively to play out. It was fun to rock out in my new studio to this. Anxious to see what the reception of this mix will be.

I hope you enjoy and have a happy new year!!!


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Wut chu k’no aboot ze Bleep Bloop?

time July 1st by WubberStumpper authorTags: , , , , , ,

Bleep Bloop is the moniker that is Aaron Triggs, a bass music producer out of Northern California.

His style spans from Lazer Blap, Dubstep, and even to wonky-Glitch Hop, always pushing his productions further with every tune.

His sets are polytempo, fun filled sonic journeys comprised of original tunes, and remixes.

Bleep Bloop is signed to Gruntworthy, Lazer Town, and Prime Dub Records so look out for new original tunes on the regular.

We’ll start off with a free remix!

A full mix with unreleased material –

A free stream of his EP –

This is where you can purchase his EP on Addictech entitled, —> “Lazer Bouquet“. <—

For booking contact — Soundcloud — Facebook
httP:// — Twitter

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Afro Monk | (eye) <3 Glitchy Luvstep

time February 16th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

(eye) <3 Glitch Dubstep is a new mix that I did LIVE on The first 45minutes didn’t record nor stream and had all sorts of issues. This mix starts from that mark and decided to keep going for a full two hour session.

This mix was done completely freestyle and not planned out. My intention was to go through as many tracks that I’d consider “Luvstep”. It was Valentines Day and figure I’d give my interpretation of luvstep after so many people ask me what I consider sexy or luvstep when mention it in conversation. I also stayed away from all the tracks most people would use. I’m tired of hearing Von D or Skream tunes being called that when their is so much more out there than the usual tracks we can all name off the top of our heads. I dug a bit deep and hope you all enjoy.

I made this one downloadable so you can all enjoy at anytime. It’s two hours so figure it’d be best for this one. Don’t expect a tracklist to appear because it’d take me forever. I have so many songs in front of me while I play and just go with the flow.

Also wanted to mention to please keep me in your prayers. My eye was hurting me throughout the day and when got home started on this mix after a nap. I should of taken my contact out but didn’t till I finished the 3hr set. I woke up the next day with my eye completely red and praying it’ll be fine. I goto the doctor tomorrow. The things we do for the things and people we Love.

Please share this. I wish music like this would be pushed more. This was put together as a response to all those filth mixes put together. That’s why I went 2 hours to show that there’s plenty of stuff that isn’t heavy.

Much Love to you all <3

(eye) <3 Glitchy Luvstep by AfroMonk

– JM

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Glitch and Bass Sessions | Afro Monk & Soupa | 12/7/10

time December 7th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , ,

Glitch & Bass Sessions is officially back! I’ve looked for the past two months for someone to join me on who would suite the show well. This past Friday Bass Science (Matt B & Devin) rocked it out here in Dallas. After the show we moved over to an after party spot where I got to here a homie play the whole night. His name… Soupa aka Soupa Nasty!

After hanging out for awhile I was like wait tune, tune, and tune! Homie was crushing it droppin the glitchy bass tunes of cats like Samples, NastyNasty, Project Aspect, etc… I soon realized this guy! He was willing to come out and do the show with me this week. Hopefully he’ll become a regular. We had a good time testing the waters out.

We had a B2B setup going where we could jump back and forth quite easy. First time ever really heard him play closely considering Friday night I was outside just hanging out with tunes in the background slightly. He totally blew me away dropping Sugarpill, Stephan Jacobs, and others. He was throwing some tunes over mine and experimenting. This is only the beginning. Give us some time and I’m sure we’ll be rocking a crazy duo act possibly.

So grateful to have finally found someone who rocks similar tracks and style.
He’s totally going to keep me on my toes and make sure have only the freshest shit.
Glitch & Bass Sessions is here and we going to send some glitch bass weight to your speakers Dallas.

Mondays 8pm-10pm PST / 10pm-12am CT / 11pm-1am EST LIVE on
Glitch & Bass Sessions with Afro Monk & Friends…

First Thursday of month Glitch & Bass Sessions Live @ The Cavern Upstairs in Dallas.
January flyer will be out soon… Bringing in a homie.
Expect someone new every month =)

DOWNLOAD: Glitch & Bass Sessions – Afro Monk & Soupa – 12/7/2010

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