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Electric Dandelion – Metamorphosis [Muti Music]

time August 22nd by Sofia authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Electric Dandelion releases Metamorphosis on Muti Music [San Francisco] earlier this Summer, and it’s a deep sacred dub experience, an examination of the higher self, a psychedelic experience, an entrance to the portal of your spirit’s origin.  Alan Joseph, both a producer and designer, resides and holds a residency in L.A., California, called BurnLA.  I discovered Electric Dandelion at this year’s Sonic Bloom while wandering by the booths, when I spotted a booth full of recognizable beautiful and warm hoods of rich designs.  It was then when I had a flash back to the previous summer [2013] here in Austin, TX when someone had passed along his info on his hoods at a (Pre Burning Man Gathering, called Frabjous, for the unveiling of the Cathedral of Celestial Mathgic). Soon after, we chatted as I held my newly purchased and comforting hood that was to keep me warm the rest of the weekend in South Park, CO.  He mentioned that he was performing at the Dome that Saturday.  It is then when I discovered his exquisite dub and bass soundscapes, a first time live experience, a discovery of new sounds.  With more than 10 years experience behind him with music production, Electric Dandelion can be seen as a versatile producer of many styles.  From bass-filled journeys, to psychedelic melodic feels, all in a dub and downtempo atmosphere, he will hypnotize, elevate, inspire, and twist you into a luminous dimension.

Metamorphosis consists of 9 dub wonders full of dubs within dubs: Slither, Enchanted Memories, Ignite, Eclipse, Al, Whole Lotta Dopeness, Nathayan, Sacradelic, & Adea.  Slither has a mysterious downtempo vibe to it, an electric slither of dubstep feels, attached with bass growls, and deep hitting bass lines will open up blockages.  A crescendo soon follows and reveals a mixture of dub accelerations and fast forwarding glitch.  “Could You know…” is sporadically heard throughout the track.. Enchanted Memories is a heavenly synth of initial snare strikes.  A dub feel with trippy vocalizations can be heard.  Hard-hitting bass lines create a rhythmic floor and will captivate the mind.  It’s as if the memories are spoken of through sound, a story of realizations made possible through laser beams and otherworldly sound effects and composition.  Ignite is an enchanting cast of melodic bass growls and 808 dubs.  He really does a good job of twirling your imagination and wrapping it against a never ending glitch escape.  Beats so fresh, beats so fresh.

Alan Joseph

Eclipse is a luscious synth exploration as it initially reveals a groovy flow and break down beat.  The beat and vocals are ethereal throughout the entire song, as the second half is consistent with deep bass howls – an enchantment.  Al has deep feels with the  combination of dubstep and chilltrap on a midtempo beat.  Crescendos are highlighted in this track, a very fresh outlook.  Whole Lotta Dopeness is indeed a whole lotta dopeness. A dubstep flow is present with Hip-Hop vocalizations saying “There’s a whole lotta dopeness“, which is tied with sleek bass lines and sexy drops of glitch candy swirls.  Midway through the track, there’s a glitch uplift, rather than a “drop”, brilliant.  Nathayan  is glitch downtempo with repetitive beat that is invigorating. A release of energy is felt through high semioccasional vocals.   Sacradelic is a minimal trip hop illumination of synth hums and drones blended within. As the track progresses, ascending bass fixtures add their own eerie vibe as it perfectly syncs up with other elements.  Adea is a downtempo fuse of intricate obscure elements, a bewitching sounding chant is fused in between giving it more of a spiral twist.  Glitch bass lines create a slow motion dance as ascensions will take you back to phase 1.

Electric Dandelion is a deep spiritual guide filled with visible and audible expertise, a unique story of emergence made possible through his trip-hop and psychedelic love.  This multi-instrumentalist has a unique vibe to him, both style and sound, he will continue to weave and create from the soulful entity within him.  Metamorphosis is a cerebral journey felt through the heart of the composer and listener, it’s a deep meditation that will open up channels of new energy healing.  It is a transformation of light and energy, it reveals possibility beyond Earth, it illuminates the importance of change and direction.  In order to grow, we expose ourself to change, by either stepping out of our comfort zone, or eliminating a blockage in order to enter a new phase, Electric Dandelion has done that through dub sound.  From having played at several festivals such as Sonic Bloom, Lucidity, Enchanted Forest, Lightning in a Bottle, and Burning Man, he will continue to push his creativity so be on the look out for him.  If you’re a fan of Desert Dwellers, David Starfire, and Living Light, you will dig Alan’s sound world which is rooted in psychedelic dub influences that will immerse you into a deeper understanding of meaning.


 LISTEN TO Metamorphosis:

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The Tipper Quixotic Experience | Cirque de L’amour | Austin, Texas

time February 4th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,

Dave Tipper is one of the most talented producers alive. He has helped pioneer many genres of music including the Break and Glitch Hop sound. He has set the standard of recording in 5.1 surround sound and has released a collection of music that most would consider divine in nature.

I’ve had to luxury of seeing many live performances by him over the years. There’s two distinct sides to Tippers music. There’s the uptempo glitch-hop bass sets that will get you moving and then there’s the organic downtempo sound journey. I can say that his downtempo set at Symbiosis 2012 was the most unique and beautiful pieces of auditory sound that I’ve ever experienced in my life. I felt as if I was a small child rediscovering sound.

This February in Austin, Texas, Dave Tipper will be doing a special one time performance with the theatrics group, Quixotic. They are an artist collective comprised of aerial acrobatics, dancer, film makers, fashionistas, musicians, and visual artist. I had the pleasure of seeing them at Wakarusa and was totally blown away by the amount of production that goes into their show.

The Tipper Quixotic Experience is what they are calling it and assure you that it’s something you won’t want to miss. Once I saw the announcement of the show I immediately looked up plane tickets to Austin, Texas and bought a flight.

It is rumored that Tipper will also be moving more towards the live downtempo sets in 2013. There is no confirmation of this but you better believe that I’m praying with all my heart to get at least half set of downtempo. The event is a post Valentines Day called Cirque de L’amour. The events name translates to Circus of Love. I can’t tell you enough how excited I am to return to Austin, where I left a big piece of heart. It only seems like the proper time to revisit one of the most amazing cities in the States.

If you’re a follower of Tipper, enjoy theatrical performance, and never been to Austin, Texas I highly recommend considering flying or driving to this event. Many of you might have a strong opinion of Texas but I can create an endless list of why Austin is one of the greatest cities in the country. One of the best ways to describe Austin is by comparing it to New Orleans except it’s WAY CLEANER and super progressive compared to the rest of Texas. It’s the live music capital of the US and for good reason. There are tons of quality venues, bars, bands, DJs, etc that reside in the city. It’s also quite cheap and filled with tons of educated young people who attend The University of Texas.

If you’re reading this. Thank you for what you have done for the electronic music community. I think I’m speaking on behalf of all your fans. We want another downtempo release (feel free to make it another surround sound album).

For more details visit the Cirque de L’amour FB event page.
Also if you plan on attending be sure to say Hi if you see me =)

If you need some convincing on why this man is one of the most talented.. Click this to stream one of the greatest pieces of music created in my opinion, Broken Soul Jamboree.

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Lightning in a Bottle 2011 Review

time July 23rd by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

Lightning in a Bottle took place this year from May 27th-30th in Silverado, California. This was the second year where it was held at Oak Canyon Ranch. The layout of the festival was improved dramatically to allow campers easy access to the three immense stages. Last year one of the biggest issues was going up and down the mountain to reach the main camp area and stages. This year it seemed like The Do Lab figured out all the little kinks out and made for one of the greatest events I’ve ever attended.

Right when you drive into the venue an incredible force and vibe takes you. The community unites for this giant gathering of music, art, workshops, and more. People from all over the world unites and creates a small city made up of tents, RVs, renegade sound, shaded areas, grills, and beautiful people. There are three main stage areas that host some of the biggest and rising stars of underground music.

The Wookie stage is one of the first stages you see as you enter the festival looking for camp ground. It was an incredible sight to see. I heard the stage was rocking a FunktionOne sound system but to be honest I stayed clear of that stage. The Wookie stage is generally known for playing House music and too be honest I’m not a huge fan and there was way too much going on to even step onto that dance floor but it definitely was going off every time I came back to camp.

The Lightning stage is where the a lot of the big boys played. The area was massive with an enormous amount of room. This clearly was the main stage area. The production value on this stage was incredible with stunning pyrotechnics during Kraddy’s set. They also brought in giant LED screens for big acts like Pretty Lights and Mimosa. The vibe during the day was more of relaxed journey. I had great memories listening to Invisible Allies during the day on Sunday. I will say many of the opening bands were quite disappointing such as Metal Mother which almost made me wonder what was going on or if this all was just a sound check. The biggest crowd I saw was during Pretty Lights. The place was slammed and had to resort to going backstage to catch his set. Despite Pretty Lights set crashing and having dead air for about 2 minutes kids were still ready to party. Mimosa surprised me with his set as he is known for raging out and playing heavy popular brostep he kept it quite tame and one of the best sets I’ve seen from Tigran. It’s always a surprise though to see such a talented producer not play all originals or even more than 4-5 for hour and half set.

The Bamboo stage is practically where I lived. All my favorites and close friends were playing in this area. The first act I caught at LIB 2011 was Sex Pixels. They won the slot for the mixtape contest and wanted to see who these guys were considering I couldn’t find anything about them on the internet. Turns out they are a duo act and played mainly house music which I thought was odd they were placed on the Bamboo stage vs the Wookie stage considering the style of music they played. Going back to my initial shock of openers were Pussy Monster. I almost felt embarrassed for them as it was one of the worst sets I’ve seen on a major stage. Granted I don’t expect to love everyone but I was just shocked to see such a booking for the opening slot. The rest of the week-end everything I caught on the Bamboo stage was absolutely breath taking for the most part. The vibe and feel of the music being played in this area was clearly geared to more of my style and taste. Friday night NastyNasty stole the show for me. There was nothing that was going to top his set. Having a full 90 minute journey by Jasper was heaven. The way he flowed and broke his set into 30min pieces from dubstep to slow jams to 808 hiphop beats made his set my personal favorite of the entire week-end. A few of my friends also played on the Bamboo stage such as: Stephan Jacobs, Goldrush, Gladkill, ill-esha, Love & Light, Mimi Page, and Joey Mousepad. All of them did such an incredible job up there! Other notable acts were Emancipator, Phutureprimitive, Lynx, and Paper Diamond (which I only heard about and upset I missed Alex’s set).

Lightning in a Bottle doesn’t only cater to the people who are interested in the music but many other things. Many of the workshops I heard were incredible. The art and live painting going on all around the festivals created a real unique experience. Thousands of people dancing, hoola hooping, spinning fire, and sharing each others presence makes this festival one of the better communities to be around. All the vendors and food was excellent. I couldn’t get over how tasty the pizza was. Everything was done with thought and consideration. I never ventured up the mountain this year as it was something I didn’t need to relive. I heard it was gorgeous up there this year but I decided to pass and stay close to camp and others things going on.

Lightning in a Bottle truly encompasses everything you’d want in a festival. It changed my life for the better going last year and this year was nothing short of amazing. The community and people make this festival. The line up may change every year but what doesn’t change is the passion, love, and dedication put into everyone who is involved including you.

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Grassroots California Hats

time May 20th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Grassroots California is a small indie company that sells custom hats. They have been gaining popularity in the underground bass community as they have a strong presence at music festivals. If you’re into festivals such as Wakarusa, Nocturnal, Emissions, SXSW, WMC, etc… you’ve probably seen quite a few of these hats.

I’m a huge supporter of the company as they help bring light to many artist and sports teams. They are well known for spoof hats for many popular teams. They have a special music line that features big names like Pretty Lights, Lotus, Big Gigantic, Fresh2Death, and many more. I personally sport the Miami Dubphins hat. I’ll be adding quite a few to my collection in the near future and have even been in talks with them for special Afro Monk hat for 2012.

Be sure to check out their website that features not only hats but accessories, t-shirts, pins, and more. Also if you’re out at any of the music festivals you’ll probably see a vending booth. Be sure to know your hat size before you head over there. I promise you that you’ll be wanting to buy at least a few and chances are they might be limited to a certain size since they’ve been gaining such popularity.

Also be on the look out for the possibility of a Grassroots record label…
Much respect and love goes out to the Grassroots California crew!

BUY: Grassroots California

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Konekta | Fugees Ready Or Not VIP Remix

time December 8th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Konekta is quite unknown right now but homie makes some fresh beats. He has been on the move but he recently has just settled into California with his lady Devi. They both are great friends and host a weekly show. They happen to go on right after mine =)

I use to rock this Fugees ready or not remix a whole bunch. Almost played it out too much but I absolutely loved it. Konekta hit me up that he had a special VIP remix he wanted to share with everyone and figured we just give it away as an exclusive. This was supposed to be my Black Friday give away but things have been hectic.

He recently hit me up yesterday to share with me that Devi and he are teaming up on a collab project, Free Crush.  It’s great to hear a couple working together on something. On that note another producer that you all know if you read this blog and his girlfriend are working on a DJ/VJ collab. Yeah get ready for that announcement later in 2011…

Now enjoy this FREE exclusive of both Fugee’s Ready or Not Remixes

Konekta – Ready or Not VIP Remix
Konekta – Ready or Not Remix

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Art Outside 2010 | Texas Festival

time October 18th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , ,

Art Outside is a festival outside of Austin, TX. This year will be its 6th year going. The easiest way to describe Art Outside is a miniature Texas Burning Man. It’s a 3 day camping festival with tons of creative inspiring people. This year the event features over 300 artists, musicians, performers, and workshops. It’s large collection of people just coming together to share what they have to offer to the world.

There are world class performances, magical art installations, and unique artist from all around. Guests are encouraged to interact and share their passion and creativity for all that we call art.

This will be the first year I attend as I have just moved to Dallas, Texas in the past two weeks. I’m really looking forward to taking this adventure. It seems like a great place to meet likeminded artist and inspiring people. I took a trip to Austin to meet the infamous Psymbionic who runs the only Glitch-Hop weekly in all of Texas probably. He will be doing a set at Art Outside and has welcomed me to join his friends at his camp. I’m looking forward to seeing the Octophonic sound stage featuring a eight speakers & 360 degree sound stage.

Another random thing that I’m curious to see is the life size mouse trap. It apparently is a huge replica of the board game. There is also a 2 ton acme-esque safe dropping from a 30 foot crane which is probably a sight to see.

Other random things to know about the festival are that there will be food vendors for breakfast, lunch, and dinner which will be vegan/raw friendly. There will be free filtered water areas. If you drink it’s a BYOB event so bring your own!

When: Friday through Sunday, October 22 – 24, 2010
Where: Apache Pass, 9112 N. FM 908, Rockdale, TX
How: $80 3-day Pass including Camping.

Music Highlights: Blockhead, Random Rab, Heyoka, Psymbionic, Brede, God-Des and She, Spoonfed Tribe, Brownout!, and more. Full lineup

Visual Artist Highlights: Jennifer Chenowith, George Kraus, Casey Warr, The Sound Cave Roadshow, Art of Such-N-Such, MT Pockets Traveling Midway of Curiosities and Delights, Michael Christian and Joe Santandrea. Full lineup

Here is a promo video for the event to give you a small taste of what is in store. It seems like Texas has quite the special event going on here. I can’t think of anything like this back home in Florida.

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Hussein Chalayan | Moritz Waldemeyer | LED Fashion

time July 16th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , , ,

Hussein Chalayan, fashion designer, & Moritz Waldemeyer, engineer, came together to create two beautiful pieces of work. The Video dresses, Airborne, are created with 15000 LEDs embedded beneath the fabric of the dresses. Watch the video below to see how one dress shows sharks in the ocean and the other has a rose blooming. It looks absolutely stunning how appear and look on an ordinary white fabric dress. Not only are these lovely fashion pieces but also incredible art.


Moritz Waldemeyer and Creative Recreation have teamed up to create these fresh LED sneakers. This takes the whole LA Lights to another level. I can’t help but think of these on the dancefloor or out at a festival late at night. I’m wondering how long a charge last for them or if they have to be plugged in. LOL. Either way these are some next level dance floor business.


Francesca Castagnacci kept it real simple with a fiber optic cable look when it came to the two heels above. They don’t look too over the top and yet still have an appealing desire with the LED light. Talk about classy fancy shoes for women who like to show of and call attention to their shoes. Figure if you going to drop serious cash on fashion they’ll definitely get noticed.


Rodarte’s Illuminated Heels are another pair of heels I found that totally rock LEDs. These have much more of a classy playful feel to them. You have to hand it to them that they didn’t go too over the top but added the LEDs with finesse. The lights don’t take away from the original design and feel of the heels. The video above shows off some of the Rodarte’s 2010 line and features the Illuminated Heels at the end.

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time April 18th by Pierre authorTags: , , , ,

My friends at Sweden based Galagowear released their spring collection a while ago and I just wanted to show you a few pictures of their baseball jacket because I really like it!

The jacket comes in three different colorways as you see here below!
Visit their web shop and browse through their clothes: Galagowear


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Support Your Local Dealer

time February 8th by Pierre authorTags: , , , , , ,


Your Local Dealer is a Swedish clothing brand that was brought to life by the shop Top Street Wear in Stockholm, they are mainly focusing on Street and Urban wear.

Much of their stuff is a bit to much “Hip Hop” for me personally, like pants with embroideries all over and the such of clothes you can see on you favorite Hip Hop star but recently they released four pairs of jeans that I really fell in love with, they call them just simply “basic jeans”. The jeans are made of raw black denim and the difference is the seams which are in different colors, you get khaki, green, purple and my favorite turquoise. I dig the striped down design and the contrast that the seams bring forth, the price is aslo really fair when it comes to these kind of clothes here in Sweden.

Don’t forget to check out their track jackets as well, they are also real nice.

Top Street Wear is one of Swedens biggest online shop when it comes to urban fashion and they ship worldwide so don’t hesitate to look through their site and see if you find something you like.

Your Local Dealer @
(The pictures are used with permission from the owner)


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Ghostly International presents The Dark Arts

time January 27th by Pierre authorTags: , , , ,

I just wanted to let you know about Ghostly International’s new clothing line. They are calling it ”The Dark Arts”.
I’ll copy what they’ve written on the page about it:
”Earlier this year, The Ghostly Store introduced custom artist t-shirts, working with West Coast designer Ryan Stephens (aka Electric Seaweed). This fall, The Ghostly Store is expanding its curatorial t-shirt line with Dark Arts, a new collection of extremely limited-edition tees showcasing work by a small group of New York artists, curated by Brooklyn’s Philistine DSGN.

The Dark Arts line, whose imagery tends toward the shadowy end of the aesthetic spectrum, features work by fine artists and graphic designers Lauren Bahr, Andy Gilmore, and Danny Scales. The line’s initial roster will continue to grow, as new shirts will be added periodically throughout the coming year.”

The dark feeling of the t-shirts is something I really love cause I’m a sucker for skulls and other dark imagery”. As Ghostly wrote the t-shirt are from a limited batch so act fast if you want a shirt.

And of course don’t miss out on their musical release, they’ve got some real good artist on their roster.
For those who own a iPhone they’ve got a real nice app for you aswell.

See the clothing line here!

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