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time February 21st by Taradactyl authorTags: , ,

I’m all about soulful, funkadelic tunes with nice electronic elements sprinkled about, so I was delighted when a friend tipped me off to Autograf. Their remixes are stellar; they are expressive and succeed in smoothly blurring the lines between genres. Who needs genres anyway? Stir up a pot of  uplifting rhythm, futuristic blips, deep vibrations, and mellow flow and you’ve got Autograf. Their sound is full and hypnotic yet crisp. It’s more on the house-y side than I am usually drawn to, but I am diggin’ their sound. Groove to this!


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The Originalz

time September 19th by Taradactyl authorTags: , , , ,

The Originalz have been crushing it lately. Hailing from Sebastopol, CA, this talented duo keeps shit fresh and fun! This summer they have been popping up on festival lineups left and right and I have to say that it’s much deserved; I have had the pleasure of catching them multiple times live and they give off an incredible radiant energy. There’s never a dull moment in a performance by The Originalz… every time I have seen them everyone is getting DOWN and dirty. Having kicked it with them on a few occasions, I have to say that both Troy and Derek are charming, super chill dudes. They’re spreading just the right love and positive energy that our bass community thrives upon. Catch them next at Trill God Campout in Ashland, Oregon next weekend (September 27-30), which looks to be off the chain!

The Originalz’ newest release, Get Lucid, out on Gravitas Recordings, is like a cosmic journey through a seamless soundscape. I would highly recommend checking out and downloading this stellar release (name your own price). If you give your eyes a rest and let go it can actually evoke a sense of lucid dreaming (and the radical album artwork doesn’t hurt with that).  I am a sucker for melodic innovative beats and these guys deliver that along with slapping gangsta bass, futuristic glitch, and sultry frequencies. Their tunes will satisfy music lovers across the board, with influences ranging from hip hop to purple. Their sound is full and exuberant. They recently did a remix for my boy SELBY and it turned out to be quite delicious! I actually can’t seem to get it out of my head. Their newest track, Holla’, is fire as well! The Originalz are only going upwards with their dope beats, killer performances, and authentic personalities… watch out for these guys!

Listen to and download Get Lucid here!


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Hecka ❘ Artist Spotlight

time July 4th by Molly authorTags: , , , ,

Sometimes I listen to an album way too much. Like waaaay too much. Case in point, Hecka’s The Cheese (although at the time it was released under the creator’s most notable moniker, Grimblee, he has changed it to Hecka since then). I listened to that EP so much last summer that my friends would walk into my house and be like “oh, you’re listening to Grimblee…again”. I never got sick of it and I still listen to every song on it pretty regularly. I was kind of amazed by the release since I was quite familiar with Grimblee as a producer and although I held him in very high regards skill wise, I’m not super into heavy dubstep, so therefore I wasn’t super into his music. But after exploring the work he has done under Hecka, I am tempted to go back to his older stuff and re-examine it, because obviously his range is really impressive and his set I saw at Infrasound a few weeks ago was a ton of fun.

Hecka’s music is influenced by an aesthetic I have been alluding to a lot in my posts recently. It’s a sound I am obsessed with and seek out passionately. Soulful and retro, heavy in melody and grandiose, it’s big, it trots on the border of epic and cool versus coked out and cheesy, but his skill and overall high quality taste keeps it from slipping too far the wrong way (although I’d totally be lying if I said I’m not down for the coked out cheese music :p I just know it’s not everyone’s forte). You can also hear some serious Juke and Garage influence in the drums, making it a hypnotizing and interesting listen. So far he’s released two albums under Hecka -Personal Thoughts and now, The Cheese, both for free download, both amazing. Plus I’ve been loving every track on his soundcloud. All around fun and dance floor ready stuff, I recommend it to anyone looking for some fresh and unique vibed out summer beats. Sounds even better when played outside in the sunshine!

Love and Low Frequencies,

The Cheese by Hecka

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Ahab | Artist Spotlight

time May 7th by John-Michael authorTags: ,

It has been awhile since I’ve made a post but Molly and Tara have been holding it down =)

Alright, now to business. Adam aka Ahab is someone I had to bring your attention too again. It has been awhile since I’ve moved back from Texas and Adam is one of those producers I got to connect with while there. People ask me all the time who I’ve been jamming too and figured that the next few post should be about those up and coming producers that I see a bright future ahead of them.

Ahab has had a few releases on his own and with Black Market Pharmacy.
I got a small taste of some freshies directly from him the other day. Now as I’m going through some music for some upcoming shows I’m playing, I thought to myself. Man, I need to make sure to hype this guys name out there because it’s only going to get better. If there’s a young new producer that is really standing out but making music that reminds me of the past lazer bass stuff, it’s Ahab.

I think we’ll be hearing the name Ahab a lot more as time progresses. He’s young and developing into an extremely talented producer. It’s always great to see a friend mature and develop their sound. Not to mention there’s the whole Black Market Pharmacy project that he is part of which consist of some other close friends.

Be sure to check out his Soundcloud to keep up with all his upcoming music! =D

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Mumukshu ❘ Artist Spotlight

time May 2nd by Molly authorTags: , , ,

Recently I’ve been obsessed with the cheesiest music.  Think super colorful and vibrant and bright, or as me and my best friend call it, “Azn Baby Music” because of it’s total absolute freshness and cuteness. But when listening to Mumukshu’s music, which fits into none of the above, I find myself back in the grimey swamps of bass I once knew very well.  And I could not be happier to be here.  His deep and textural sound exudes a heavy, dark, and alien flavor. There’s some excellent appropriately murky sound design in there with some very well done and interesting tribal vibed melodies. I’m sure it will really speak to some of you cosmic drifters, whether your journey be internal, external, or somewhere in between. I especially love his collaboration work with Shwex, whom you should all be expecting a post on quite soon. Associated with the mighty Enig’matik Records, he fits in well with the atmospheric, cutting edge, and indefinable work we’ve all come to know and love from the label.

Mumukshu, pictured above with Plantrae on the violin in Tahoe, is Jake Penn from Minneapolis, who’s currently studying Music and Technology at CalArts in LA and is starting to pop up more and more on lineups in the area. He’s young, inspired, and has a ton of potential, so start following him now, because we’re expecting some really great work from him in the coming year!

Love and Low Frequencies,


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TNGHT ❘Artist Spotlight

time May 2nd by Molly authorTags: , , , ,

Similar to my post on Rustie, I feel the need to write this because I am completely blown away that I’m still introducing these guys’ work to people. In my humble opinion, Lunice and Hudson Mohawke are two of the most important producers in all of electronic music and when I first heard they were teaming up to create a collaboration project, I was elated to say the least. TNGHT (pronounced “tonight”) is the result of these two musical mastermind’s coming together and oh my god, is it some successful teamwork.

I feel completely silly using the term “Trap” when I feel like I have been listening to music composed in that exact fashion for years now. Maybe I’m spoiled because I grew up in the thriving Bay Area music scene, but this type of music is nothing new and I wish we could just look at music as music instead of needing to create these specific genres that get obsessed over and then for the most part almost always fall off because of it. Hip hop and electronic music have always ran parallel to one another and the similarities of most contemporary hip hop beats and electronic dance music are too extreme for me to even consider there to be a difference. But if you have found the recent popularity of the slightly minimalist hip hop/bass music hybrid we as a community now call Trap to be your forte, then you are in for quite a treat, because nobody does it quite like TNGHT does. Both of these dudes are very talented producers and are at the forefront of freshness, so you can expect basically anything that comes from them to be epic.

They released the below track for a slew of U.S. tour dates that included both weekends at Coachella. I was lucky enough to see them perform live on a great sound system in San Francisco on 4/20 and their stage presence, energy, and sheer skill made it one of the better shows I’ve ever seen. So for you first time listeners, let me introduce you to what could be your new favorite group.

Love and Low Frequencies,

TNGHT – Acrylics

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Rustie ❘ Artist Spotlight

time May 2nd by Molly authorTags: , , ,

There’s truly no words for how I feel about this producer’s work. His last album revolutionized my taste in electronic music and despite it’s 2011 release date, is still getting plays on the daily. He is far from new, having made tracks with Joker a few years back, and is definitely way past the point of “up and coming”, but yet I still find myself having to introduce his music to the poor people who somehow missed his huge shoot in popularity after the release of the one and only, Glass Swords. The artist I am talking about is Russel Whyte, known by most as Rustie, and I believe it to be absolutely crucial for every fan of electronic music to give his work a chance.

Glass Swords, his 2011 debut album, was by far my favorite release of that year and is without a doubt one of my favorite albums of all time. The release was massive and received rave reviews from listeners and critics alike. At that point in time, I hadn’t heard anything like it before. His shiny fresh synth work creates an otherworldy experience and it is the exact kind of musical world I want to always be in – lush and epic with heavily retro, hip hop, and science fiction influences. It is truly the music of my dreams and it so freaking well done. The two times I have seen Rustie perform, first in the desert at Symbiosis and then in a tiny, grimy basement club at SXSW, have been beyond phenomenal and incredibly fun, so I highly advise to do your best to not miss the chance to see him when he’s in the states. Basically all I’m trying to say is that I LOVE THIS MAN!

His most recent release,Triadzz/Slasherr definitely reflects the current state of electronic music, while still keeping a strongly unique Rustie style. Both of the tracks are absolutely amazing pieces that will straight kick your ass on the dancefloor. I anxiously await the announcement of a second album from him, but for now the perfection that is Triadzz and Slasherr will definitely keep me somewhat satisfied. Happy listening!

Love and Low Frequencies,

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Penthouse Penthouse ❘ Artist Spotlight

time May 2nd by Molly authorTags: , , , ,

The last few days, the soulful and smooth beats of Penthouse Penthouse have been gracefully playing on repeat in the background of my life. I originally thought I didn’t know much about the two dudes behind this collaboration project , Preston James and Mike Parvizi (Papi), but I recently figured out that Preston James is Preston Walker from the excellent live electronic duo, Virtual Boy, a group I really loved after first seeing them perform live in 2010 but haven’t heard much from the last couple years.

Their name fits perfectly with their style of music, alluding to long nights that turn into early mornings on a top floor penthouse suite, Moët in hand, silk sheets, and booty all around. Penthouse Penthouse is part of the always impressive Team Supreme, a collective of top notch producers that take part in what’s basically a weekly beat competition, in which each producer is given an artist chosen BPM, two samples, one transition sound, and one remix and then creates a one minute track that is put together with everyone else’s into a podcast. I love the idea, it’s super fun, but not only that, the execution is amazing, for every producer involved in the project as well as the guests they choose are incredible. I was introduced to Penthouse Penthouse through their Team Supreme entries, but have now fallen in love with the work they’ve already put out on their soundcloud and can’t wait to hear more from the two.

Love and Low Frequencies,

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Bird of Prey | Artist Spotlight

time October 26th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Bird of Prey is the featured producer for this week’s Fire Friday Mix. Whenever someone asks me or mentions the most technical and skillful producer’s Bird of Prey comes to mind. I’ve been lucky enough to spend some time around Torin and get his take on a few things. He’s one of those people who take his craft very seriously. He comes from a psytrance background which usually consists of incredible sound design and a level of quality that you rarely find.

This mix is a live recording from Boom Festival. I’ve listened to this mix about 3 times today already. The mix consists of beautiful psychedelic music the whole way through. It also features plenty of Bird of Paradise music which Torin let me know is coming out soon. The complexity of the sound and textures is unmatched. There are not many producers that can capture my attention with the psy chill sound mixed with the dance floor flow that Bird of Prey puts together.

I spent a decent amount of time with Torin this past summer at Sonic Bloom and was enlightened that he has helped influence some of the biggest names in bass music that I’m sure you’ve heard of. It so happens that Seven Lions was his roommate for awhile and helped him develop his production skill set. Another big name he helped out was Nit Grit which has had great success. I won’t lie it’s a bit disappointing to see such a talented producer get so unnoticed compared to some of his apprentices. It’s crazy how the world works sometimes. He also informed me that his tracks under the Birds of Paradise project have gone as upwards of 140+ tracks in a single tune. That’s just straight dedication.

Sit back and enjoy this hypnotic journey Bird of Prey has created with this glorious mix. Also be sure to make it a point to see him play out live. There aren’t many artists out there that can provide such a beautiful soundscapes for early morning sets or late night vibes. He should definitely be recognized a lot more and worth a listen. I consider him to be up there with Tipper when it comes to sound design and production value.

DOWNLOAD: Bird of Prey Boom Festival Live Mix

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Sissy Ross | Artist Spotlight

time October 25th by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

Sissy Ross is one those hidden gems that I believe deserve more attention. I became familiar with her when I was living in Dallas for awhile. She played a few Silent Discos that I was at and never really gave much attention too for some reason. I had added her on Facebook and started to see her make really inspirational post as well as posting AMAZING music. I finally took the time to check out one of her mixes online and totally was blown away. I’m not a huge fan of hip-hop if you believe it or not but I decided to check out a few of her mixes and realized how wrong I was assuming what it would sound like.

Sissy has a way of incorporating so many different genres and styles together. This is the reason I had to post something about her. She blends jazz, swing, funk, hip-hop, etc… all into her sets. It really disappoints me that I didn’t really get to connect with her while in Dallas. She recently started a new weekly event on Thursdays that I’d love to have down here in Miami. The mix below is actually a promo mix she put together for it.

All in all Sissy is someone who inspires me greatly as a DJ and human being. She is always post things on Facebook that I have to Like and listen too. Not to mention she has also caught the Electro Swing bug and posting songs I adore. It’s not very often you find people who constantly post new music that impressed with. I HIGHLY recommend you check out her mixes on Mixcloud!

I wish her the best of luck with everything. Hoping she continues to put out fresh new mixes on a regular basis even if she does run off to law school. She’s definitely my DJ crush right now. She’s cute, smart, plays great music… What more could you ask for?! Ha.
Definitely check her out and follow her!

Sissytape take 5 edition by Dj Sissy Ross on Mixcloud

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