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Hussein Chalayan | Moritz Waldemeyer | LED Fashion

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Hussein Chalayan, fashion designer, & Moritz Waldemeyer, engineer, came together to create two beautiful pieces of work. The Video dresses, Airborne, are created with 15000 LEDs embedded beneath the fabric of the dresses. Watch the video below to see how one dress shows sharks in the ocean and the other has a rose blooming. It looks absolutely stunning how appear and look on an ordinary white fabric dress. Not only are these lovely fashion pieces but also incredible art.


Moritz Waldemeyer and Creative Recreation have teamed up to create these fresh LED sneakers. This takes the whole LA Lights to another level. I can’t help but think of these on the dancefloor or out at a festival late at night. I’m wondering how long a charge last for them or if they have to be plugged in. LOL. Either way these are some next level dance floor business.


Francesca Castagnacci kept it real simple with a fiber optic cable look when it came to the two heels above. They don’t look too over the top and yet still have an appealing desire with the LED light. Talk about classy fancy shoes for women who like to show of and call attention to their shoes. Figure if you going to drop serious cash on fashion they’ll definitely get noticed.


Rodarte’s Illuminated Heels are another pair of heels I found that totally rock LEDs. These have much more of a classy playful feel to them. You have to hand it to them that they didn’t go too over the top but added the LEDs with finesse. The lights don’t take away from the original design and feel of the heels. The video above shows off some of the Rodarte’s 2010 line and features the Illuminated Heels at the end.

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Emrg N See | Art & Music Festival 2010

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Emrg+N+See takes place about an hour south of Portland, Oregon at Miller Brothers Ranch in the hills east of Salem. Nestled in a lush canyon, the setting for the weekend includes soft meadowlands, old-growth evergreens, ancient oaks, a swimming pond and a clear stream meandering through the length of the venue, with easy access provided to the shady camping on the grass nearby.

Lineup includes: Slugabed, Mala, March Fourth Marching Band, Sean Hayes, Funginears, Free the Robots, Vibesquad, Eprom, MartyParty, Hovatron, Emrg+N+See Orchestra, Mux Mool, Nasty Nasty, Teebs, Shlohmo, Baths, Bass Science and dozens more electronic and live music artists who are shaping the evolution of sound with their bold creative endeavors.

Vendors will be on hand with food and drink as well as unique goods from independent artists including tooth bling, skin food, booty capes, feather earrings, fair-trade Peruvian textiles and much more. Emrg+N+See is an all-ages event and families are welcome to come and enjoy a special play area and free admission for children under 15. Individual camping is included in the ticket price ($140 presale), with additional fees for cars, RV parking and VIP passes.

Download the Emrg N See 2010 Promo Mix

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Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival 2010

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Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival is less than a week away. I’ll be flying out of Miami straight to California via Virgin America Friday morning. One of my great friends, Sugarpill will be picking me up from the airport and we’ll begin our journey!


Let me first tell you that I’ve never been camping in my life nor have had any interest in camping. You could probably call me a prissy bitch but honestly that’s just how I was raised and never got into the whole outdoor thing. I’m a huge geek/nerd and always spent my free time usually on the computer. Don’t get me wrong I played base ball, soccer, football, and track & field but probably would prefer being at home playing StarCraft while listening to music being young. I’ve become an adult and spent more time inside now when not traveling because nothing is better than a long night with a beautiful woman being inside listening to music, talking, and cuddling. WAIT a second…! That can all be done at this festival with the stars staring down at you?! NOW IT MAKES SENSE! hahaha

lightning in a bottle music festival

LIB is a festival where the creative meet and celebrate the world we live in with music, art, workshops, dancing, and all sorts of outdoor things people do *cough* hippies *cough*. What ultimately made me decide that I was going to go was my undying Love for music. At the end of the day LIB is a music festival. There is so much to do and so many artist to catch live! You could probably spend hours reading about each performer or workshop that will be at LIB. I’ve gone through the list of all the musical talent and made an “Afro Monk’s MUST SEE AT LIB”

Afro Monk’s Must See List @ Lightning at a Bottle 2010

An-ten-nae, Apparat, Beats Antique, Booka Shade, Daddy Kev, Daedelus, Eliot Lipp, Emancipator, EOTO, Heyoka, Jupit3r, KRADDY, MartyParty, MiM0SA, Nosaj Thing, R/D, The Album Leaf, The Glitch Mob, & VibeSquaD. Let’s not forget the BREATHE TAKING performance of Lucent Dossier!!! (see below)

Everyone on the East Coast please take notes of these… I can’t explain to you how talented each of those acts are. I have no idea how I’m going to catch all of them let alone catch some new music in the process!

It’s absolutely hilarious and shows off some great photos!

Besides the unbelievable amounts of music there is endless amounts of art! When I mean art I mean it in every aspect: fashion, installations, gallery’s, sculptures, lights, dance, etc..

Must Read Guides From Two of My Favorite Bloggers!
Shilo’s Guide
Boho Crush Guide

I’ll be meeting up with Shilo and part of the BWOMP Camp! Come say whats up and introduce yourself! Going with only knowing about a handful of people and hope to come back with many new friends! I’ll have stickers and cards so feel free to ask for some!


Some epic videos of past LIB’s!

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ENVISION : Step into the sensory box

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I felt like posting this.
It was breathtaking and haven’t posted much art stuff on here lately.

This was done by:

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The Glitch Mob – Beyond Monday

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That is all… carry on!

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Lazer Tits = WIN!

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lazer tits

This has WIN written all over it!!

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Galaxy Dress – LED Wearable Dress

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That about a dress that shines and lights up the room! This dress is designed by CuteCircuit and is currently being shown in the MSI in Chicago. The dress is comprised of 24,000 LEDs. The dress also has 4,000 hand-applied Swarovski crystals to add more affect when the dress runs out of battery. The dress is powered by iPod battery’s and needs to be charged every hour or so.

Art Basel starts this week in Miami.
This is one piece of artwork that is quite inovative.

I will say I hope things like this don’t become a trend. I always found the t-shirts at raves that light up a bit too much. They might of been ahead of their time with them but nahhh I’ll pass. Have a feeling this is just a fad that will wear away just like the scrolling LED sign as a belt buckle.

I do have to hand it to CuteCircuit there is some serious craftmanship to this dress.


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Audiowood – Turntable’s Handcrafted

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Art Basel is coming on up in Miami and plan to post some more things listed under art. I love with art and design come together with music. Audiowood is a company that is producing some incredible designs of turntables.

thor turntable

pods audiowood turntable



You can check out some more of Audiowood’s creative work at their website.
They also got some matching iPod docks. Audiowood Site

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The Menace To Sobriety

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I’ve always been into visuals ever since I started downloading my first Mp3s and using WinAMP. I’ll never forget the days of just staring at WhiteCap. WinAMP had all sorts of fun plug-ins for visuals.

That was many many years ago. Now with all the fun gear that has been developed you can do some pretty intense stuff. Now there are deticated VJs who soles job is to take care of visuals.

The Menace to Sobriety consist of DJ Mitch Mitchem & VJ Roach. They are a team located in Tampa and are taking advantage of using visuals. I met Mitch back when I use to goto USF. These guys aren’t just assigning music videos to each track played, Roach and Mitch work together so this is a live experience more so than a pre-planned set of videos. It’s great to see real detication on their part truly syncing themselves together and not just have any visuals up on the screen.

Check out more of their videos they have online on their YouTube Channel.

They are currently taking bookings

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Julie West Solo Show Miami Pink Ghost

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julie west solo show

I’m a big fan of vinyl toys. Ever since I saw the customizable Munny’s, I totally dug the whole customize culture.

There are many toy designers out there but one stands out of the crowd, Julie West.

julie west tweet spring toy
Julie West has a definite unique style and theme with all her work. She is not limited in toy design but also creates beautiful illustrations and prints. Although her style is very feminine I can appreciate her work and see how many women around the world collect her work.

Julie West custom VGS Mei Mei

We are lucky enough to have Julie West in town this week-end for a solo show at Pink Ghost! The event is October 24th at 7pm. She will be signing her art book at the store. Be sure to check it out!
julie west book
For more information and directions check out the Pink Ghost site.
Also if you want to check out some of Julie West‘s work online visit her site as well.

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