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The Tipper Quixotic Experience | Cirque de L’amour | Austin, Texas

time February 4th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,

Dave Tipper is one of the most talented producers alive. He has helped pioneer many genres of music including the Break and Glitch Hop sound. He has set the standard of recording in 5.1 surround sound and has released a collection of music that most would consider divine in nature.

I’ve had to luxury of seeing many live performances by him over the years. There’s two distinct sides to Tippers music. There’s the uptempo glitch-hop bass sets that will get you moving and then there’s the organic downtempo sound journey. I can say that his downtempo set at Symbiosis 2012 was the most unique and beautiful pieces of auditory sound that I’ve ever experienced in my life. I felt as if I was a small child rediscovering sound.

This February in Austin, Texas, Dave Tipper will be doing a special one time performance with the theatrics group, Quixotic. They are an artist collective comprised of aerial acrobatics, dancer, film makers, fashionistas, musicians, and visual artist. I had the pleasure of seeing them at Wakarusa and was totally blown away by the amount of production that goes into their show.

The Tipper Quixotic Experience is what they are calling it and assure you that it’s something you won’t want to miss. Once I saw the announcement of the show I immediately looked up plane tickets to Austin, Texas and bought a flight.

It is rumored that Tipper will also be moving more towards the live downtempo sets in 2013. There is no confirmation of this but you better believe that I’m praying with all my heart to get at least half set of downtempo. The event is a post Valentines Day called Cirque de L’amour. The events name translates to Circus of Love. I can’t tell you enough how excited I am to return to Austin, where I left a big piece of heart. It only seems like the proper time to revisit one of the most amazing cities in the States.

If you’re a follower of Tipper, enjoy theatrical performance, and never been to Austin, Texas I highly recommend considering flying or driving to this event. Many of you might have a strong opinion of Texas but I can create an endless list of why Austin is one of the greatest cities in the country. One of the best ways to describe Austin is by comparing it to New Orleans except it’s WAY CLEANER and super progressive compared to the rest of Texas. It’s the live music capital of the US and for good reason. There are tons of quality venues, bars, bands, DJs, etc that reside in the city. It’s also quite cheap and filled with tons of educated young people who attend The University of Texas.

If you’re reading this. Thank you for what you have done for the electronic music community. I think I’m speaking on behalf of all your fans. We want another downtempo release (feel free to make it another surround sound album).

For more details visit the Cirque de L’amour FB event page.
Also if you plan on attending be sure to say Hi if you see me =)

If you need some convincing on why this man is one of the most talented.. Click this to stream one of the greatest pieces of music created in my opinion, Broken Soul Jamboree.

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Gem and Jam Festival 2013 | Tucson, Arizona | Feb 7th-9th

time January 10th by John-Michael authorTags: , ,

Gem and Jam Festival is celebrating its 7th year! It’s the largest gem and mineral show in the world! The event is held in Tucson, Arizona and features an large outdoor venue. The event also features a musical festival alongside it. The legendary visionary artist Alex Grey will also be doing live painting all three days as well as hosting a drawing workshop!

I’m really looking forward to attending this festival to start off 2013. I’ve never spent time in Tucson and can only imagine that it’ll be gorgeous. If you’re thinking of attending there’s a travel package that includes 3 day tickets, hotel, and poster for $450. It’s my understanding that there is only a limited amount of packages available so grab them A.S.A.P. You can grab a 3 day pass for $80 if you’re not interested in lodging.



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Moksha Art Fair 2012 | The Eagle Meets the Condor

time November 16th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

The Moksha Art Fair is one of the most unique events of the year in Miami. The event takes place during Art Basel week which is a big event all over Miami. Art Basel brings in thousands of talent artist from around the world. The main event takes place at the Miami Beach Convention Center but you can find hundreds of galleries and events all around the city.

The Moksha Gallery is where you can find one of the most unique communities in Miami. You always hear about the culture and art of Miami but the one place I’ve found a true unique culture that promotes art and music is at Moksha.

I remember attending the 2009 Moksha Art Fair that featured Bluetech and Alex Grey painting live. It was one of the most memorable events I’ve attended in Miami. This year looks like it’s going to be something really special. The visual artist, musicians, and performing artist this year promises to deliver quite an event. I’m really looking forward to Govinda’s return and seeing Andreilien (Heyoka).

If you’re in town for Art Basel and looking for something more along the lines of a music festival, I recommend checking out this event. There’s plenty of speakers, artist, and music that will be sure to interest you.

Also be sure to check out the website I helped build for more information about Artist, Music, and Performing Artist.

Moksha Art Fair 2012

Grab tickets today and get 50% off. This deal ends Saturday November 17th!

BUY: Moksha Art Fair Tickets 2012

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RISE | X-Men Fan Movie | Age of Apocalypse Movie

time August 16th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

RISE is a X-Men based movie idea that is trying to become reality by die-hard fans via Kickstarter. I grew up reading and watching the X-Men and always found the Apocalypse story to be the most fascinating piece of the X-Men story. I’ll never forget that shinny holographic card of Apocalypse. It’s great to see that some fans are trying to make this story come to life in their own interpretation of the saga. It so happens that I went to high school with many of the people involved and decided that I could use this blog to get them over this small last hurdle. The project is nearly 100% funded but just needs a few more thousand in the next 2 days.

I will admit that at first I was disappointed that this is just another comic book cop out since it seems like everything is going super heroes. The more I thought about it made me realize you know what… I want to see this. It takes a lot to impress me when it comes to movies just as it does for music but this story is one of my favorites in the comic book universe. Truth is I’d love to see more filmmakers make completely original new stories. There’s too much being redone or ideas recycled for my taste. It’s hard not to look up movies and see some sort of sequel or story revisited. Now if we’re talking some old friends from high school doing X-Men during the age of Apocalypse I’m all for it.

For more information and to help fund this project:
Rise X-Men Fan Movie

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Michal Menert | Even If It Isn’t Right

time April 24th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , ,

Michal Menert just released his new full length release, Even If It Isn’t Right, today on Pretty Lights Music for FREE. If you’re a fan of Michal Menert or the sound that Pretty Lights represents I highly recommend grabbing this right NOW!

I had the pleasure of meeting Michal over WMC this year and got to kick it with him and take a glimpse into what the future holds on his side of things. This album defies a lot of the norm for most releases and tells his story in this long composition. Spending a few days with him and his manager I knew that I had to help them out. It’s not very often you come across such a talented artist with the ideals and vision that Michal has.

He’s your regular guy who likes to play video games, chill, make music, and eat tons of sushi. His story is quite a unique one and he’s the only person who could say that early Pretty Lights music was composed of Derek and Michal. It’s something that I believe isn’t noted enough.

I had the pleasure of being in Denver for Menert’s debut of his new fancy projection mapped stage. The moment I walked into Cervantes I was totally blown away. The team that put together is the same team that has put together Pretty Lights past stages but this one has been taken to a whole new level. The dedication and effort put behind Michal Menert is second to none. It’s a honor to have been brought in to take part of it. There’s much ahead and can’t even describe to you how incredible the experience was that night except by showing you a video of how wild it all came out below. The video was done by the Swaager team/website and is only a small glimpse into this magical stage represented by mountain like structures with a sun/moon center where Michal performs in front of.  The lasers, video clips, and seamless combination of music and visuals are some of the best I’ve ever seen in my life.

Dear promoters of all locations. This show and stage will be touring in the Fall. I HIGHLY recommend picking this up. It’s one of the most amazing stages I’ve seen. The production levels is on par if not higher than Pretty Lights and other projection mapping stages out there. Cervantes was completely slammed and no one had any idea that the stage was being showcased for the most part.

Now go grab the album for FREE and download Dreaming of a Bigger Life if you haven’t already!
Michal Menert – Pretty Lights Profile

Also the new website has had a soft launch and ready to check out if you haven’t seen it. Check it out and watch it grow as I work my magic on it.

Michal Menert Official Website

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Woofer Cookers Present Phobia

time November 1st by Mr Ed authorTags: , , ,

Whats your Phobia?  Do you have a overwhelming fear of Heavy Bass, Melodic synths, and Sick Beats then Woofer Cooker’s new release Phobia is going to drive you over the edge!  This compilation was created by the members of the Glitch Hop Forum Community.   The winners of the 2ed forum production contest were picked for the best original song following the theme, Phobias.  The results were across the board and were judged by some big names in the Glitch Community.  There were prizes and the such, but the selected were offered to be released for everyones listening pleasure!  After listening to this collection, I’m proud to be a member of our little community at Glitch Hop Forums and once again am totally impressed by how talented our members our!

Make sure you check out Noel Planet’s sick ink blots.  Each tracks gets its own orginal creation! Check Her out here!:

Here is a little Tease!

The release is going to be exclusively on Addictech for one month and then will be for sale through Woofer Cookers.  Grab it here!

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Lightning in a Bottle 2011 Review

time July 23rd by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

Lightning in a Bottle took place this year from May 27th-30th in Silverado, California. This was the second year where it was held at Oak Canyon Ranch. The layout of the festival was improved dramatically to allow campers easy access to the three immense stages. Last year one of the biggest issues was going up and down the mountain to reach the main camp area and stages. This year it seemed like The Do Lab figured out all the little kinks out and made for one of the greatest events I’ve ever attended.

Right when you drive into the venue an incredible force and vibe takes you. The community unites for this giant gathering of music, art, workshops, and more. People from all over the world unites and creates a small city made up of tents, RVs, renegade sound, shaded areas, grills, and beautiful people. There are three main stage areas that host some of the biggest and rising stars of underground music.

The Wookie stage is one of the first stages you see as you enter the festival looking for camp ground. It was an incredible sight to see. I heard the stage was rocking a FunktionOne sound system but to be honest I stayed clear of that stage. The Wookie stage is generally known for playing House music and too be honest I’m not a huge fan and there was way too much going on to even step onto that dance floor but it definitely was going off every time I came back to camp.

The Lightning stage is where the a lot of the big boys played. The area was massive with an enormous amount of room. This clearly was the main stage area. The production value on this stage was incredible with stunning pyrotechnics during Kraddy’s set. They also brought in giant LED screens for big acts like Pretty Lights and Mimosa. The vibe during the day was more of relaxed journey. I had great memories listening to Invisible Allies during the day on Sunday. I will say many of the opening bands were quite disappointing such as Metal Mother which almost made me wonder what was going on or if this all was just a sound check. The biggest crowd I saw was during Pretty Lights. The place was slammed and had to resort to going backstage to catch his set. Despite Pretty Lights set crashing and having dead air for about 2 minutes kids were still ready to party. Mimosa surprised me with his set as he is known for raging out and playing heavy popular brostep he kept it quite tame and one of the best sets I’ve seen from Tigran. It’s always a surprise though to see such a talented producer not play all originals or even more than 4-5 for hour and half set.

The Bamboo stage is practically where I lived. All my favorites and close friends were playing in this area. The first act I caught at LIB 2011 was Sex Pixels. They won the slot for the mixtape contest and wanted to see who these guys were considering I couldn’t find anything about them on the internet. Turns out they are a duo act and played mainly house music which I thought was odd they were placed on the Bamboo stage vs the Wookie stage considering the style of music they played. Going back to my initial shock of openers were Pussy Monster. I almost felt embarrassed for them as it was one of the worst sets I’ve seen on a major stage. Granted I don’t expect to love everyone but I was just shocked to see such a booking for the opening slot. The rest of the week-end everything I caught on the Bamboo stage was absolutely breath taking for the most part. The vibe and feel of the music being played in this area was clearly geared to more of my style and taste. Friday night NastyNasty stole the show for me. There was nothing that was going to top his set. Having a full 90 minute journey by Jasper was heaven. The way he flowed and broke his set into 30min pieces from dubstep to slow jams to 808 hiphop beats made his set my personal favorite of the entire week-end. A few of my friends also played on the Bamboo stage such as: Stephan Jacobs, Goldrush, Gladkill, ill-esha, Love & Light, Mimi Page, and Joey Mousepad. All of them did such an incredible job up there! Other notable acts were Emancipator, Phutureprimitive, Lynx, and Paper Diamond (which I only heard about and upset I missed Alex’s set).

Lightning in a Bottle doesn’t only cater to the people who are interested in the music but many other things. Many of the workshops I heard were incredible. The art and live painting going on all around the festivals created a real unique experience. Thousands of people dancing, hoola hooping, spinning fire, and sharing each others presence makes this festival one of the better communities to be around. All the vendors and food was excellent. I couldn’t get over how tasty the pizza was. Everything was done with thought and consideration. I never ventured up the mountain this year as it was something I didn’t need to relive. I heard it was gorgeous up there this year but I decided to pass and stay close to camp and others things going on.

Lightning in a Bottle truly encompasses everything you’d want in a festival. It changed my life for the better going last year and this year was nothing short of amazing. The community and people make this festival. The line up may change every year but what doesn’t change is the passion, love, and dedication put into everyone who is involved including you.

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Of Porcelain | Why Wait?

time June 8th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , ,

Of Porcelain aka Josh Mayer is no joke my favorite producer. Anyone who has ever talked to me about producing music eventually knows that my biggest influence would be Of Porcelain. The downtempo trip-hop artist is most well known by his other alias Ooah of The Glitch Mob. He also has other projects he is part as well such as PantyRaid and The Seedling Escape.

Josh has created such an impression with me that he’s probably one of the few artist out there that still feel starstruck whenever something appears from him. Despite recently seeing him preform with MartyParty as PantyRaid at Lightning in a Bottle he regained my faith that there’s a possibility of some more Of Porcelain or melodic sexy music still inside him after that underwhelming Superior EP. Watching him play you could see Marty jumping up and going crazy during the heavy aggressive basslines and you could see Josh just chillen grooving. It was obvious when Josh picked a tune as you could see him swaying to the chill beat and getting into it and see Marty just standing there. It’s interesting to see and hear the obvious differences in their music today. You can really tell the parts Marty wrote and the parts Josh wrote.

This new track by Of Porcelain brings so much faith back into music and where I first fell in love with chill glitchy beats. Ooah’s most recent track on soundcloud The Love I Need almost left me questioning if he was just experimenting or changing his sound towards this new direction PantyRaid was going for. He is extremely busy now with the upcoming Glitch Mob tour and has quite the insane life touring with Marty as well so I can only hope after the tours tone down we will see Of Porcelain revisited or hell even The Seedling Escape. Kitty D has been on a role as well and still has that unique sound which continues to stray away from the heavy bass beats. I can’t tell you how disappointing it is to see so many others fall to the trap of making heavy dance floor bangers.

Josh, Thank you for what you do and the music you create. I think I speak on behalf of many of your fans and lovers of music when saying this: PLEASE Of Porcelain album is way long overdue and in this brostep era something beautiful is needed baddddd. Take your time. BUT please everyone is craving something new with those hypnotic tones you’ve shown in the past. See you at the Dallas date if not out of town for a show. Much Respect & Love.

Grab the NEW Of Porcelain tune off the Seek Sick Sound Comp Vol. 2

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Sonic Bloom 2011 Music Festival June 24th-26th

time May 24th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Sonic Bloom 2011 takes places on June 24th through the 26th in Georgetown, Colorado! This is the 6th time this event will be held and boy does it have great history behind it. This year will be no different with another legendary line up. The true nature of this event is focused on the art of music. Shadow Ranch the gorgeous location where this will be taking place is one hour outside of Denver.

This year I’m thrilled to be attending as a trip to Colorado has been way over due. A big majority of the readers of this site come from Colorado and can’t wait to visit all the homies out there. It’ll be great to finally feel the magic of the state in a breathe taking venue and incredible festival. I’m looking forward to also seeing some of the locals play some music on their home turf where a huge part of the bass family lives. As of now most of the line up has been posted and wow it’s going to be sexy. I’ve gone ahead and bolded out the ones I’m looking forward to see. This doesn’t mean that some of these guys don’t deserve credit but I feel the ones bolded are the ones that are unique to the festival and are not as common to experience during this years festival line ups. Lets get real most of these artist are worth being bolded but these are my personal favorites.

Line Up

MALA (Digital Mystikz)
Random Rab

David Starfire

Break Science
Signal Path
Michal Menert
Octopus Nebula
Future Simple Project
Juno What!?
Love & Light
Nadis Warriors
Project Aspect
The Floozies
J.WAIL ft/ Chuck [Lotus]
Mikey Thunder
Miss Murray
Eminence Ensemble
Vinnie Maniscalco
Papa Skunk
Prophet Massive
Unlimited Gravity

DJ Synergy
& more TBA.

Besides an incredible  musical line up the event will showcase many other arts besides music. There will be tons of workshops, yoga classes, exotic food, vendors, and more! Fire dancers, jugglers, live painters, and more will be in full force to set the mood for the experience. Come and experience one of the most well known festivals in the States as we embark on a lovely journey to the Rookies for a few glorious nights of life.

If the sold out Manifestation Celebration in Dallas was just the pre-party where I had to chance to play a set. I can’t imagine how much energy will be present at this event. If that was just a small glimpse of the main event this will be another life changing event that will go down in history. There are still two other pre-parties that will be going on in San Francisco on Friday, May 20th at 103 Folsom and another in New York City on June 11th. Be sure to say hello if you seem me out there. I’ll be hanging and camping with close friend Ethan aka SubSynthesis.

BUY: Sonic Bloom Tickets

More Information:
Shadows Ranch
1259 Alvarado Road, (County Road 306)
Georgetown, CO 80444

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Grassroots California Hats

time May 20th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Grassroots California is a small indie company that sells custom hats. They have been gaining popularity in the underground bass community as they have a strong presence at music festivals. If you’re into festivals such as Wakarusa, Nocturnal, Emissions, SXSW, WMC, etc… you’ve probably seen quite a few of these hats.

I’m a huge supporter of the company as they help bring light to many artist and sports teams. They are well known for spoof hats for many popular teams. They have a special music line that features big names like Pretty Lights, Lotus, Big Gigantic, Fresh2Death, and many more. I personally sport the Miami Dubphins hat. I’ll be adding quite a few to my collection in the near future and have even been in talks with them for special Afro Monk hat for 2012.

Be sure to check out their website that features not only hats but accessories, t-shirts, pins, and more. Also if you’re out at any of the music festivals you’ll probably see a vending booth. Be sure to know your hat size before you head over there. I promise you that you’ll be wanting to buy at least a few and chances are they might be limited to a certain size since they’ve been gaining such popularity.

Also be on the look out for the possibility of a Grassroots record label…
Much respect and love goes out to the Grassroots California crew!

BUY: Grassroots California

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