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Guttstar | Speaker Seduction | Exclusive

time November 21st by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

It has been awhile since the last Exclusive. I received a collection of new tracks from the homie Guttstar recently and fell in love with one of the tracks. I first became familiar with Guttstar when I heard Kastle’s remix of his tune. After that I made sure to reach out to him and connect. Turns out he is another brother in arms in the SEO game.

His original sound was a lot more focused around the lush pretty dubstep/luvstep vibe. I’ve always enjoyed what he has done musically and finally got to see it live at Emissions this summer. Stellar guy. It makes me happy to see that despite his direction moving more towards the whole trap game that he’s still making tunes like Speaker Seduction. The track has that purple luvstep feel to it but has hints of trap and that new sound we’ve been hearing a lot of.

There’s a lot of new music come from him so be on the look out. There’s even talks of a split EP with G Jones but nothing set in stone. We will see what happens with that but I’m hoping that Afro Monk Records will be releasing that ;) If you haven’t already checked out his collaboration with G Jones (Disko Rekah remix), I highly recommend it.

Nothing but Love and Respect goes out to the homie Guttstar and hope you all enjoy this exclusive tune <3

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Afro Monk | Alien Sessions

time September 5th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , ,

DOWNLOAD:Afro Monk’s Alien Sessions

I’ve put together this mix series for all those people who crave for music to jam to on their headphones. I wanted to create something that you can put on when you want to sit back or lay around with relaxing music.

The internet is filled with so much dance music and club bangers. I’m tired of it and too be honest I know that there’s so much good music that is overlooked at times because they aren’t meant for the dance floor. I’ve looked back at all the mixes I’ve done and wasn’t content with it and felt like I needed to do this. I want to be remembered for creating something that is for the chill music lovers.

Right now I’m at a weird place in my life where I’ve become burnt out on bass music and even typical club music that is expected when you go out to a show. This is my way of showcasing where my heart has been. I hope the day will come where I’ll be able to find bookings on the regular where this is type of music I’m asked to play vs the banging hits.

I can’t thank you all enough for even downloading this collection and reading this. I want YOU to know that I am grateful. This is for YOU and no one else. Share this and enjoy it with your lovers and friends.

- JM aka Afro Monk


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ONE4ALL | Anna Love – Skip A Beat (ONE4ALL Remix) | Exclusive

time June 6th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

ONE4ALL is one of Texas’ best-kept secrets. Augustine lives in Austin and is ready to start turning heads. He caught my attention awhile back before I even moved to Texas with his Lil Wayne Deuces remix. During the time I lived in Texas I got to spend quite a large amount of time with him and also rage a few shows together. He’s a great guy and his music just keeps getting better and better.

Augustine has been hustling the past few months releasing tons of new material and just put out a single with Sugarpill that crushes. Not to mention his Beat King’s Crush remix absolutely makes a crowd explode. I just got back from Wakarusa and while watching the homie Wizard throw down he dropped Augustine’s Crush remix and it totally set the tone for the rest of the set. I’m happy to share another new fresh beat by ONE4ALL. This is a remix of another Texas resident Anna Love. This remix is super chill and adds a great vibe during any set. Augustine totally warped the original into something sweet and melodic. I’ve been using this one quite a bit since I heard it and happy to share with you all.

ONE4ALL is one of the hardest working guys online to me. He is a Mod in my room and always previewing his new material in the room or playing originals. He deserves your attention and worth scooping out more of his music. Don’t be surprised to be hearing more of his name especially with his upcoming EP and collaboration (Connect4) with The Digital Connection out of Colorado. I’ve had the opportunity to hear some of the music they’ve written together and know that you’ll all love it as much as I do. I only wish the best for Augustine and know he’s headed on the right track to the top.

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Jake Robertz | Purity Ring – Obedear Remix | Exclusive

time May 24th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Jake Robertz might be a new name you’ve never heard of until recently. I will tell you that you probably have heard tons of his music though. Jake formerly was 1/2 of Knight Riderz. Nick and Jake have gone separate ways and Jake has begun to pursue his solo career. It brings a smile to my face to bring you another Exclusive! After hearing his first EP, Something Inside, I was hooked. Knight Riderz the past two releases had gone a direction I personally wasn’t into considering how aggressive it got but hearing Jake’s new material cheered me up. He has a unique style that doesn’t really encompass the old Knight Riderz sound but has a chill vibe that I adore.

Jake’s Purity Ring remix is stunning! If you’re into 808s than you’ll love this tune! Not to mention the vocals add such depth to the tune that you can’t help but jam out to this one. After hearing his debut EP and this remix it should be obvious that despite parting ways from Knight Riderz he is still on the right path! We have already begun talks of a possible Afro Monk Records release in the near future!

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Intelepaths | Adina Howard – Freak Like Me (Cover)

time May 16th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Intelepaths is a collaboration of the talented woman, ill-esha, and the homie, Unlimited Gravity. The two of them have had their own success working on their solo projects but a handful of events unfolded to have them work together on this new union.

They’ve put together a few tracks together that I’ve heard and blessed to be sharing this debut track. They’ve chosen Adina Howard’s Freak Like Me. The vocals Elysha put down on this one are incredible. If you haven’t heard of ill-esha sing live yet you’re missing out. Now add Ronnie dropping some vocals in the background of the chorus. The vibe and energy is just a small tease to what they have in store. I had to pleasure of playing one of their new tunes at Emissions this past week-end and hope everyone who hasn’t left to Symbiosis could grab this one. Freak Like Me is the perfect tune for any set. Who doesn’t want to find a freak out there =D

One of the things that Intelepaths reminds me about is how there is no limit to what you can do music. The EDM scene consist of instrumentals for the most part. The two of them bring so many pieces of the puzzle together to create a new blend of EDM. The vibes aren’t as focused on the dancefloor as much and creating beautiful music with good energy. Ever since I’ve been talking to Elysha about this collab I find such positivity and love behind it. Don’t expect crushing bangers with insane drops. Intelepaths represents the art of  playing live set with live vocals, beatboxing, looping, and free styling organic sounds. The true experience is seeing to joining forces of both of them in a live set environment.

There is a small EP that is in the works but there are no official dates as of now. What I’ve heard so far is fantastic and always get excited to share the music they’ve both created together. It’s great to hear tracks that include original vocals from both a man and woman.

There’s much more ahead for these two. Elysha relocation to the States has opened the door to a lot more shows and availability to work with other artist. Ronnie is finishing up school and ready to show everyone what he has been working on and accomplished with his MHSM family. Expect a lot of new things from both of them working together and on their own. This isn’t the last you’ll hear of this.

Enjoy the first official Intelepaths tracks here from <3

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Sounduo | I Would Do Anything | Exclusive!

time December 9th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Sounduo, is the greatest act I know in the Florida region. I can say that with tremendous confidence. I was lucky enough to interview them a few months ago when I lived in Dallas and thrilled to hear of such an act had finally appeared in the Miami area.

Now that I’ve moved back to Miami everyone has been asking me how things are out here. The truth is I knew I was signing my death note for my music career moving out here. The Miami bass scene targets more of the mainstream dubstep fans and not so much of the glitch-hop west coast scene. Don’t get me wrong Miami Dubstep is alive and thriving but it’s quite different from what I’d consider myself part of. The first week-end I was in town I heard about Archnemesis playing a show, which totally blew me away because I had never heard of anyone like Archnemesis coming into town since I left the city. Turns out that Sounduo was opening for them for a few dates in FL. I was thrilled to finally hear and see these guys play live.

WOW. These guys are incredible performers and have their own unique sound which mixes their dub, reggae, and bass roots together into a great package. Zach absolutely crushes it on drums live and Will is behind many controllers playing live keys during many of their songs. They play all originals and can expect them to glitch it up just how we all love and even some massive bass drops. Needless to say I was impressed and consider them one of the best live acts with a drummer in the game.

I’ve had the pleasure of being able to become friends with these guys and man they’re totally legit. They’ve got a lot ahead of them and have a great outlook on everything all around. I’m honored anytime they come over to jam out or play live on my show. They truly give me hope for the Miami local scene in regards to what I’d consider myself part of. The Archnemesis show showed me some light for this city. There was a super chill crowd and even could pick out about 5-6 Grassroots California hats in the crowd which usually is a good sign.

Overall these are guys you want to keep your eye out for. Their debut release is due out on Made in Glitch which makes me really happy to hear. I assure you everyone who fancies most of the music we post on here will love their upcoming release. Now for the real treat. They contacted me recently that they were working on a tune specifically for the site. It has been awesome getting to know them and playing beside them in my studio and we’ve gotten to discuss what sort of sound I enjoy and am trying to accomplish. The track they send over totally took me by surprise. It’s EPIC. A 7min long tune that sends chills down my body just because after hanging out with them they’ve created something so perfect that fits exactly what I would want to represent

I’ll also be working on some new stuff with them in near future, which makes me scream with excitement.

Much love to Will and Zach!
Expect that Made in Glitch release soon!

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Ben Samples | Kelly Rowland & Lil Wayne – Motivation (Screwed) Afro Monk Exclusive

time September 22nd by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

Afro Monk Exclusive - Kelly Rowland ft Lil Wayne Motivation (Samples Screwed)

Ben Samples has hit the legendary status that I knew he would become years ago. I got this in my e-mail a few days ago and was asked to put it out. I figure I post this because lately I’ve been telling the people close to me how hip-hop is what is doing it right now in sets. We all know how quickly Dubstep has been rising but the truth is most of the crowd wants something they know and can sing along too.

This track is a perfect example of what is working right now. Grab a sexy R&B track which has someone spitting on it and add some bass, rearrange some pieces, give it your signature sound and you’ve got a hit. Truth is we all know the top DJs and Producers are the ones who can play things people have never heard and also the hit they all know. The balance or mixture of these two things is exactly what works at clubs, bars, house parties, etc… You want to appeal to the masses but have a unique take on it so they remember you. Ben Samples understands this and has continuously proven that this works. I can’t tell you how many sets I’ve seen where someone uses one of his remixes or originals and the crowd goes nuts. Why? Well even when I drop one of his tunes I get that feeling this is what people want me to be playing yet get some additional bass and version they might not know but can predict whats going to happen so they can still follow the beat and dance too.

I hope you enjoy this and throw this one into your playlist. It’s great to hear something along these lines after his releases of heavy bass dancefloor remixes of some of the classics. After listening to this the first time on my phone when I received it I smiled and knew that this would instantly become a track I’d be hearing quite often at shows.


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LoBounce | Cassie – Me & U Remix | Exclusive

time August 5th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

LoBounce takes a classic track that most the population will remember. After staying in close contact with LoBounce and giving him some feedback on all the new work, I decided to ask for an exclusive. The moment I heard the Cassie – Me & U remix I knew it was the one I wanted. He gives such new dynamic range to an already fresh beat.

If you’re looking for a sexy glitch hop tune that has some luvstep feel to it this is the one you’ve been looking for! I know I dedicated to my lady when I first dropped it.

I assure you this will not be the last you hear of LoBounce and will be wondering how he blasted off so quickly. This track will answer that in the future. LoBounce has become easily one of the most played artist in my sets and can’t wait to hear more of the new material. Look out Chicago cause he going to be launching off from there.

Much Love and Respect to my homie LoBounce!

DOWNLOAD: Cassie – Me & U (LoBounce Remix) Exclusive

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Elfkowitz | Rent Money | September Exclusive

time August 2nd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Elfkowitz over the years has become a close friend and someone I’ve always pushed to everyone. The attitude and perspective he brings to the music industry today is unmatched. He works hard and has been putting in his time. The time is near for Elfkowitz as his name begins to be recognized more and more amongst some of the best in the game.

The life of an artist is tough and while it may seem a bit odd to put out a release called Rent Money to help fund his actual rent money it’s brilliant and only shows you the true colors of Ian. He is no bullshit and one of the most humbling people to be around. Life can be tough and paying rent sometimes can be stressful. When I got the text from him about posting this release I was in Austin and had to sigh because I was taking my break from the blog and knew it’d be awhile till I got around to this post.

It has been awhile since Rent Money came out but I assure you this release contains some of the freshest beats that will remain timeless in the development and evolution of Elfkowitz work. I reached out to him asking if he had anything new he’d like for me to share along with Rent Money and pulled some strings and giving me the honor of releasing another exclusive track for the blog. I hope you enjoy this tune as much as I do and give it some loving. I’ve been testing it out the room and everyone has been asking when it’ll be available to download. HERE IT IS! Be sure to check out my room as Elfkowitz does make frequent visits to drop some freshies!

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Benito | Exercise Progression | Exclusive Inside!

time July 25th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Benito releases his highly awaited release on Street Ritual, Exercise Progression. Considering Benito isn’t one of the most well known names right now I highly recommend this one. Elysha and many others had been telling how much I was going to enjoy this one and boy were they right. Street Ritual always delivers with quality and vibes I enjoy.

Exercise Progression isn’t your traditional styled beats in the bass scene. There’s a large amount of unique sounds that blend together well with clean bass lines and wonky styled arps. I’d consider this borderline IDM versus glitch-hop/wonky where most would put this. Elysha considers Benito to be the next Lorn so you can see where I’m coming from. The track Thuggity totally has that hip-hop glitch feel that shines and great crowd pleasure if dropped at the right time. Every track on this one grabs my attention and give me the feeling that no matter which of Benito’s tracks I pick they’ll all have that unique experience of man this is awesome more people should hear this. Benito might not be some superstar right now but give him a bit more and don’t be surprised to see his name amongst some of the greatest right now with this wonky glitch idm sound.

BUY: Benito – Exercise Progression

Proud to bring you all a new track solely being offered via through the site and soundcloud. I’ve had the pleasure of rocking this tune out for awhile and was offered to give it away to you! My good friends Joey and Elysha do an incredible job with the vocals on this track. The vocals give this tune so much more depth. Previewing it to Samples earlier today he commented on how Joey sounds black sometimes, LOL. The layering of Joey’s voice and Elysha was done so well and shows off the incredible dynamics of them together. Their energy and vibe create an VIP version that I had to have first dubs on =) Exclusive!
Benito – Caffeine VIP featuring Joey Mousepad & ill-esha!

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