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New albums from both Heyoka & Timonkey.

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Artist: Heyoka
Title: Cosmic Boogie
Cat # Muti066
UPC # 705105140209
File Under:
Glitch Hop / IDM / DnB / Electronica
In loving memory of Victor Olenev
01 Mowdery Pildew    3:03
02 Cabin Fever    4:37
03 Chaos Theory    5:22
04 Noises        4:55
05 Broken Bits        3:35
06 Fractalcore        5:31
07 Amenhostep    3:20
08 Mourning Would    4:13
09 Shlomsky        4:59
10 Slippery        3:31
11 Thingiemabob    3:29
12 Plasma        5:01

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Artist: Timonkey
Title: Future Perfect
Cat # Muti063
UPC # 705105140902
File under: Dubstep / Chillout
01. Be Humble    3:43
02. The Future    5:46
03. Dreamstep    5:37
04. Never Get Enough    3:29
05. Panther Beach 1    5:12
06. Open Road    4:52
07. Quantum Echo    4:18
08. Golden Throne    4:10
09. The Day Fungus Took Over    5:04
10. Let’s Get Surreal    3:18
11. Heavy Rain    3:39
12. The Fog Lifts    4:06
13. Hold Them Close    3:47

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Heyoka is keeping Muti Music busy just spittin’ out one release after the other. Where the last album “Marklar” went a bit much in the Dubstep direction for my taste this album comes out more diverse! Heyoka is mixing Breakbeats, Dubstep, Drum n Bass into a nice mix.

Timonkey’s “Future Perfect” is sadly way to much “ordinary” Dubstep for me to really enjoy it even if it’s mixed up with some Chill out tunes, thirteen track is a bit to much for me. But if you’re into Dubstep this might be the album for you!

Heyoka – Shlomsky by Muti Music

Heyoka @ Myspace
Timonkey @ Myspace
Muti Music

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Siren – Jingletown

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Artist: Siren
Title: Jingletown
Cat # Muti064
UPC # 705105140605

1. Summertime In Oakland   4:39
2. Law & Disorder  3:59
3. Stunna  4:22
4. Negative Ion  3:54
5. Burst 4:11

The debut EP from Siren is still one of my favorite releases from Muti Music so I was really exited when I saw that Brandon was about to release a new EP.

“Jingletown” is perhaps not as bassy as the first EP but this is just as good or perhaps a bit better even, I feel that the sound has become a bit “warmer” since “Spawn”.

Take a listen to the first track here below:

Buy the EP at Addictech
Siren @ Myspace
Muti Music

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Supersci releases a free track from the upcoming album

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Fellow Sundsvallian Hip Hop group Supersci just now released a free downloadable track from their upcoming album “Timelines” called “Snap out of it”.

The northern melancholy is still present in their sound and the sample with the keyed fiddle just takes my viking soul to a higher place, the beat is produced by Arka and Erik L from Flyphonic Beats (also key members of Supersci)

Download the track here (@ Supersci’s homepage)

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Kemek – Sine Language

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Sine Language_2

Artist: Kemek
Title: Sine Language
Cat # Muti062
UPC # 705105140308

1. Sine Language 4:46
2. Road To Somewhere (Remix) 4:47
3. Ignorant Dub 4:10
4. Vitamin Drumming 5:30

Kemek was the first artist to be released on Muti Music and now he’s back on the said label for a new EP. I haven’t heard the 12” that was released on Muti back in 2002 so I can’t say much about that but let me fill you in on what goin’ on with Kemek 2010.

Sine Language feature 4 minimal Dubstep tunes and to be honest I find this EP quite boring, it’s nothing we haven’t heard before. Track one & three are deconstructed Dubstep and they just float by and nothing stucks in your brain. Track two & four are a tad better, track two features some chimes which I find and the forth tracks has some chiptunes/bitpop influences which makes the song listenable.

Perhaps I’m not the best person to review “old school Dubstep” ’cause I grew tired of it back in 2006 but for me this is one of the weakest release from Muti Music, but be you own judge and take a listen to it, perhaps you’ll like it more than yours truly.

Kemek @ Myspace
Muti Music

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The Realist – Hate Speech

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Artist: The Realist
Title: Hate Speech
Cat # Muti060 & Muti061
UPC # 705105140001 – vocal
UPC # 705105140100 – instrumental

Muti060 – Hate Speech
1. Decay In Daisy’s 4:08
2. The Taktikal Torture Skroll 5:22
3. 5 & A Half Steps (feat. Ben Sharpa) 3:44
4. His Hypocritical Ways (feat. Gambino) 4:25
5. The Ass Track 2:50

Muti061 – Hate Speech (Instrumentals)
1. Decay In Daisyʼs (Instrumental) 4:11
2. The Ass Track (Instrumental) 2:50
3. 5 & A Half Steps (Instrumental) 3:45
4. The Taktikal Torture Skroll (Instrumental) 5:24
5. His Hypocritical Ways (Instrumental) 4:25

The Realist is a hip hop project from South Africa featuring the producer T.O.B. who has previously released two great EP’s on Muti.

I’m sorry to say but this might be the first time that I will complain about a Muti release, it’s nothing wrong with the beats cause T.O.B. know what he’s doing, to bad you can’t say that about the rapper.

The rap is so dry and uninspiring that I want to switch to the instrumental version as soon as he open his mouth. It was a smart move from Muti to release two verions of the EP, one with vocals and one instrumental.

Buy the instrumetal version and enjoy some real good beats and stay away from the vocal version.

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Take – Incredibright [Video]

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Take “Incredibright” from Alpha Pup on Vimeo.

Check out this brand new video from Take and look out for the album “Only Mountain” released 4/20 on Alpha Pup, it’s a real bomb.

Alpha Pup Records

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Mesak – School of Mesak

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Artist: Mesak
Album: School of Mesak
Label: Harmönia Records

Mesak has been putting out music since early 2000 but sadly enough I haven’t been much into the Finnish electronic music scene since a year or two when I got familiar with the genre Skweee which Mesak belongs to. Mesak is also one of the two persons behind the Skweee label Harmönia Records (the other one being “Randy Barracuda”) which has release stuff since 2006.

School of Mesak is from what I’ve understood Mesak’s first full length album and it contains 8 really good tracks. As his fellow Skweee colleges Mesak’s sound is a bit dirty, mid paced and funky. The album was release in January 2010 so it might be a bit old but I still think there’s a lot of people out there who haven’t heard it yet.

All and all a really good album that I encourage you all to take a listen to.
Listen to the teaser here below:

School of Mesak – teaser – ALBUM OUT NOW! by Mesak

Mesak @ Myspace
Harmönia @ Myspace

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Mix n Blend & Narch – I Got…

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Artist: Mix n Blend & Narch
Title: Acid Crunk EP 6 : I Got …
Cat # Muti059
UPC # 705105139906

1. I Got … (Original Mix) 3:27
2. I Got … (An-ten-nae Remix) 3:38
3. I Got … (Beats Antique Remix) 4:12
4. I Got … (Dov Remix) 4:20
5. I Got … (Random Rab Remix) 3:30
6. I Got … (Mochipet Remix) 3:08

The Acid Crunk series continues, this time with two South Africans namely Mix n Blend & Narch.

On this EP we get the original mix and 5 remixes from some of the hottest names right now, An-Ten-Nae (of course), Beats Antique, Dov (nice too see his name again), Random Rab and the ever so popular Mochipet.

The original mix is a quite nice story, mixing Dupstep and Glitch Hop into a most decent track, take a listen to it here down below. Buy it at your usual place, I know that at least Beatport got it!

I Got.. with Narch (from P.H. Fat) by mixnblend

Mix n Blend
Mix n Bled @ Myspace

Muti Music

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AC Slater – Take You Feat. Ninjasonik

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AC Slater | MySpace Music Videos

“AC Slater’s ‘Take You’ feat. Ninjasonik dropped last week and this week we’re dropping the official video on you, which premiered on Myspace UK! We shot some of this footage at No Escape From NY on March 10th, so if you were there, look out for yourself in the party scene!” (Copied from Trouble & Bass)

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My friends at Sweden based Galagowear released their spring collection a while ago and I just wanted to show you a few pictures of their baseball jacket because I really like it!

The jacket comes in three different colorways as you see here below!
Visit their web shop and browse through their clothes: Galagowear


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