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Wu Wei – Black Forest

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wu wei
Black Forest by Wu Wei is the newest volume released on Merkaba Music, inspired from the archetypal mystery and associated power of woodlands, often home to rituals and practices seeking shelter from the eyes of societal convention. Coalescing elements from around the globe, from ambient vocals to middle eastern instrumentations, Wu Wei has woven a spirited anthology with an underlying narrative. ‘Refugee’, influenced by the struggle of losing one’s home and being cut from your roots, creates a melodic aura assembled by indigenous Syrian instruments that meditates on the fight to maintain identity in the face of crisis. The title ‘Eyes of an Owl’ finds muse in Norse folk music and modern ambient metal of Norway, creating a more abstracted environment with an airy melody stamped with Wei’s signature bass. Continuing the world hop tour, ‘Our Ghosts’ haunts airwaves with sober strings and ardent atmospheric sculpting, taking listeners to a contemplative realm deep in the forests of thought, where the sultry downtempo stirrings surface the timeless questions of the human condition. Varnished with remixes from Soulular and Devin Kroes, this six track release is an immense addition to the Merkaba treasury and a statement of global awareness through music. Catch Wu Wei this July at Konnexion Festival and Enchanted Forest and keep your ears perked for future compilations.

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