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Smigonaut – States of Being

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Smigonaut releases “States of Being” on Mycelium Music.  This release is a benefit for Conscious Impact in Nepal as it reveals an ambience of deeply felt sonic nourishment.  Experience different levels of consciousness through 3 downtempo tracks which will transcend one into a lucid state through dope bass, awe inspiring melodies, rhythmic patterns, glitch beats, synth pulses, and deeply felt piano tones.  Intricate and deeply layered textures provide an overall balance with grand melodic space which creates a evolving journey of its own. “Smigonaut” is the brainchild of Josh Kipersztok – an electronic / bass artist hailing from Seattle!  A life-long composer, he incorporates endless passion into his creativity through the incorporation of eclectic styles!  Artwork by Nicholas Yochum, Mastering by Jade Cicada.

‘States of Being’ EP


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