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Bombassic – Gato Negro

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Bombassic‘s “Gato Negro” future bass tune is so fresh!  Released as an Exclusive Free Single via Street Ritual, this track is the premiere of their forthcoming self-release EP, Acceleration, which is approaching the very end of March!  “Superstitions surrounding the black cat or gato negro have allured humans for ages. In Egypt they were worshipped, in France they were despised. Experience Gato Negro which features entrancing lush bass leads, melodic textures, rhythmic grooves, and a taste for a funky dose of hip hop clarity!


BomBassic is the musical collaboration of Brucey B and Cpt. HyperDrive focused on creating sound full of emotion and energy. Raised on the raw sound of NY hip-hop, and groomed in Asheville’s eclectic electronic music scene, they exhibit a wide range of influences. From funk, classical, jazz to glitch-hop, house, and future bass, every resonating genre is explored. With Brucey B on the keys and HyperDrive controlling a custom DJ-FX rack, their high-energy live performance adds an incredibly soulful dimension to their sound. BomBassic’s music is always growing, in different directions, looking for new ways to connect with the listener.

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