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Path of the Moose – Green Glove

time February 13th by Dalton authorTags: , ,


The upper echelon psytrap cadets Path of the Moose are back with another all night head knocker from their native martian colony Moosedia. From deep within the production dungeons of DRRTYWULVZ and Know Matter comes a beard-scratching second release titled “Green Glove”. With coordinates plotted for Spaceship Earth, their newest freq transmission is on a course to stir the mammal pot and get the monkeys jumping. With the convergence of psychedelic and 808 influences, a time traveling trap anthem is born proselytizing recalcitrant observers to adherent Moosedians. The mysterious appearance of this duo and their quick rise to dance floor domination proves these amBASSadors are to not be taken lightly. Expressed in a way only a Moose can proclaim “what we are about is making sounds to bang in your ufo. Supplying the moment with the necessary blend of consciousness and crunkness (haha). While we take this path and project very seriously, we also keep our vibes humorous and friendly, everything in balance. :)”. Now have a listen to your new favorite wedding song, spread the word about the Bad Boys of Bass, and join the movement to the next star system~

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