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Somatoast – Tiny Things [ DRRTYWULVZ Remix ( Free DL) ]

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DRRTYWULVZ remixes “Tiny Things” by Somatoast.  Self-release and Free Download!  Both hailing from Austin, Texas, these two buds are genius producers…unite them further and it’s a new phase of spacious & creative extensions, dub rhythms, intricate amalgamations, layered textures, and psychedelic chills – it’s a shanti merkaba illumination.  Composed of signature styles and authentic visions, this tune is a sonic wolf howl through squish temptations.  Experience a new found ritual through mind’s eye expansions, street art – it’s an authentic escape into otherworldly dimensions of known frequency.  The art cover is a psychedelic visual reflection of sound through lucid visions, it’s a visual remix of artistry stemming from both creatives.  Somatoast’s original art work from ‘Tiny Things’ release on Shanti Planti and DRRTYWULVZ’s art by Aeonic Art for “Animal” EP originally released on Merkaba Music is a beautiful fusion to be felt!

Huge shout out to both of these guys, they are def solid friends, with genuine character, let’s see more collaborations! Thank you for making my words sparK! –

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