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Skytree – Mineral Logic

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Skytree releases Mineral Logic EP on TIMEWHEEL on 09/22/2015, it’s an experimental 5-track mineral-journey through Earth’s atmospheres.  This release screams out psychedelia, transcending vibes through crystal healing, and originality – its feels are enchanting, and full of great depth.  I met Evan back in 2012 in Austin, TX for a festival we brought him out to, Alloveus, back when we used to throw events/gatherings.  I do have to say….I’ve been following Evan’s music ever since, and he continues to impress…he’s an ever-evolving artist.  He is consistently creating and pushing through into the music industry, and because of that, I have mad respect for Evan.

Layers of intricate patterns, fresh composition, percussive leads, psychedelic grooves, rhythmic beats, experimental fusions, and illuminating synth makes for a journey into the now and into a place far away from human existence, it’s Universal. Choric Lumina’s angelic vocals fuse in beautifully with Evan’s production, making for a unique collaboration, it’s like the Earth created these Gems in sonic formation.  The first collection of new, original Skytree material since 2014’s Cirrus Sapiens, Mineral Logic is a melodic dream state.  Aligning a visual aspect is the artwork and photography by Hayley Carloni.

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