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Path of the Moose – Tonight’s the Night [ Wormhole Music Group ]

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Path of the Moose releases “Tonight’s the Night” track on Wormhole Music Group.  Discover Path of the Moose – they’re a collaborative project stemming behind two long time best friends – DRRTYWULVZ and Know Matter.  Connected through inspirational world of Burning Man, and through real life moose experiences, both of these creators reveal a unique touch and style which evolves through bass pathways and elevations.  “Tonight’s the Night” is grimey bass tack fueled with 808’s, whompy beats, intricate and spectacular sound design, growling injections, and love intention.  Art Work by Duffrey!


Both of them are solid dudes and solid friends.  Having aligned and spent time digging into their creative process of present and future presentation, I foresee the beginning of grand creative soundscapes injected into the underground scene.  After holding numerous Burning Man sets, and West Coast event presence, they’re collaborating more than ever, they’re geared into a new found vision.  Keep your eyes peals for Path of the Moose as 2016 is looking fresher than ever.  Stay connected w/ Path of the Moose


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