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Afro Monk Mix Series – 001- Clear Shadow [Transcending the Shadow]

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Clear Shadow (Removal of Blockages) is an Alter Ego I’ve created- it’s my creative journey here on Earth through poetic writing through sounds. I had a vision a couple years ago, and removed a blockage two years later. I’m a creative/conscious writer for the conscious underground music, art, culture, and psychedelic/transformational community; I’m also currently experimenting & putting more focus in music production, still learning…I will tell the story of how I cleared my shadow (removed blockages), and let go of fear, through an intuitive following of passions, an alignment with truth- and how engaging in those mediums has helped me to heal, allowing me to enter a new phase…

For my mix, Transcending the Shadow, I am using music that has been released within the past 6 months, music that has inspired me and helped me to heal and clear my mind. Afro Monk Mix Series 2014!  – Clear Shadow (Sofia Raisanen).

This mix was made September 2014 , before the blog experienced a web hosting 1&1 malfunction, which caused internal errors, & shut it down, it was a VERY sad day.  Now We’re back, 12/2015.

Cover Art by Sonic Geometry

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