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Raindance Festival | June 6-9 | Belden Town

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Raindance is a festival that has captivated my attention for years but I have never had the chance to participate in it yet. This may surprise some who know my typically packed festival circuit each year; however some responsibilities had always somehow taken precedence over my attendance. That being said, I am more elated than usual to immerse myself in Raindance. It is nice to be completely open to all possibilities and going into the weekend without expectations, while at the same time knowing full well that I will be blown away. Multiple trusted, sage festival friends of mine have endorsed the gathering as their favorite in existence so I can’t wait to see what it’s all about! It will be the gathering’s 10 year anniversary which is a perfect time to join in the fun. Having experienced gatherings across the board, I can really appreciate one that is put on by wise and seasoned organizers. The fact that it will be held at Belden Town, a place which I associate with such profound comfort (it truly feels like a second home at this point), will make the entire ride even much more pleasant and smooth.  I truly can’t wait carouse in this joyful jubilee!

When you unite such experienced festival masterminds, talented performers, sublime bass-laden melodies, breathtaking art and installations, enlightened healers and intellectuals, inquisitive imaginations, and downright intention in an extraordinary wooded location on the Feather River… the outcome is inevitably pure bliss. A complete synergy that is Raindance. I can’t wait to explore the tall timbers, stargaze at our boundless universe, make soul warming connections, giggle with glee, have my jaw dropped at the art and beauty that humanity and nature together can co-create, dip my toes into the water, tap into my true essence, and DANCE. I can feel my excitement bubbling up inside of me (that has been building up for years of missing Raindance, actually), my champagne cork ready to burst.


The talent at Raindance is of the highest quality and includes many personal favorites; they’re not messing around here. There is a lot of variety which I love. Shpongle’s Psybient DJ sets are consistently unique and brilliant. I am perpetually pleased by Bluetech’s stunning soundscapes; his music gives me that indescribably spine-chilling feeling. Eprom’s glitched-out futuristic beats are always far from ordinary; I haven’t seen him perform in some time so am excited to see what he will bring to the table. Russ Liquid’s sax-laced bass is always a winner and Kalya Scintilla’s eclectic bass always strikes it right. The more I look at the lineup the more I get overwhelmed with feelings of stoke…

Ill-Esha’s soulful resonance always tugs on my heartstrings and her passion is unparalleled. Vibesquad is always a rager full of fun! I just had the pleasure of hosting MiHKAL for a Bass Tribe Tahoe show as I have always dug his style. His mellow yet turnt up bass is catchy, pretty, and gangster all at once. I enjoy Dimond Saints’ style and can’t wait to experience their live performance. Nanda always provides nice sunset or sunrise flavor. And Pumpkin’s genius mixing and unbeatable remix selection is undeniably fun! Wala is a badass chick with the best beats around. Trevor Kelly never fails with his zesty original vibes. Nico Luminous is beyond talented and I know I will be awe-struck once again during his set. No one can deny the fun that is a G Jones party. Other favorites on the bill include Plantrae, Liberation Movement, Mr. Rogers, VNDMG, Timonkey, and Smasheltooth.

Art, Workshops, and Healing

I know that my senses will be tantalized by all that Raindance has to offer. There will be unbelievable lighting and projection mapping courtesy of Audiopixel and many others, incredible stage design, and other endless visual delights. A plentitude of live painters will guide us to question our limits and reality. I have yet to experience Freq Nasty & Claire Thompson’s Yoga of Bass and am elated for the chance to look inward on my mat alongside low frequencies. While reading through the fascinating list of workshops I get excited to learn and expand my understanding of the world and life. I am particularly overjoyed to partake in the “Keep Going, Keep Glowing” workshop wherein we will build LED hula hoops from start to finish, the levi-wand workshop, the Qi Gong talk, and Chakra Yoga. Prepare for some divine energy, people!

Raindance will be full to the brim with synchronicity and a beautiful sort of pandemonium. Awaken your senses to the visceral thrill of letting go completely among the forest groves, effervescent waters, and sunshine of Belden Town. It’s just a weekend away; get your tickets for Raindance here!

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