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Guttstar | Speaker Seduction | Exclusive

time November 21st by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

It has been awhile since the last Exclusive. I received a collection of new tracks from the homie Guttstar recently and fell in love with one of the tracks. I first became familiar with Guttstar when I heard Kastle’s remix of his tune. After that I made sure to reach out to him and connect. Turns out he is another brother in arms in the SEO game.

His original sound was a lot more focused around the lush pretty dubstep/luvstep vibe. I’ve always enjoyed what he has done musically and finally got to see it live at Emissions this summer. Stellar guy. It makes me happy to see that despite his direction moving more towards the whole trap game that he’s still making tunes like Speaker Seduction. The track has that purple luvstep feel to it but has hints of trap and that new sound we’ve been hearing a lot of.

There’s a lot of new music come from him so be on the look out. There’s even talks of a split EP with G Jones but nothing set in stone. We will see what happens with that but I’m hoping that Afro Monk Records will be releasing that 😉 If you haven’t already checked out his collaboration with G Jones (Disko Rekah remix), I highly recommend it.

Nothing but Love and Respect goes out to the homie Guttstar and hope you all enjoy this exclusive tune <3

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    Wow, you have really sick taste in dubstep. Have you thought about making a mix to release or a top ten or something?

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