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Trill Murray | Lust EP

time October 15th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Trill Murray is my favorite trap artist. There has been quite a fuss about the trap game the past few months but I’ll be honest with you I knew this guy would take over from the start. There’s much mystery about who Trill Murray is but I’ve had the pleasure of spending a good amount of time with this BOSS.

We had a conversation awhile ago where he told me he was entering the 808 game. I encouraged it and told him he would totally crush it as no one really had made a name for themselves yet. Fast forward too today and he’s a beast. The thing about Trill Murray that really sets him apart is the fact that his beats are clean, full, sexy, and melodic. The trap game is filled with tons of ghetto beats that we’ve all come to embrace again with a new modern sound. Murray has a way of making beats just sound bigger and sexier for me. The same goes with him and G Jones. The title track Lust has been one of my summer favorites and even used it in the Get Weird. Alien Sessions mix. We had a talk to other day about music and the whole trap game. I told him I’ve been looking for a certain take on trap music so I’m hoping he’ll be releasing some more material soon, maybe an exclusive for the site?!

If you’re a fan of trap beats Trill Murray is someone you should really get to know. What’s incredible about him is the fact of how big it got so quickly. I can pretty much say that Trill Murray is just as big if not bigger than his other alias now. It’s amazing how this industry works. I’ve got nothing but love for this guy and the entire 710 Records family. It’s one of the best feelings when you see one of your close homies crushing it. I’ve spent a lot of time on the blog and pushing peoples music versus spending time on mine but it’s all worth it when you get to support them over the years and they finally break out!

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