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NastyNasty | Artist Spotlight

time October 10th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

NastyNasty aka Jasper is a BOSS. I’m one of the biggest fanboys of his music. The span of diversity in his music is incredible yet always has that signature NastyNasty texture.

He just posted up this professionally done video from What the Festival and it really showcases what Jasper is all about getting “weird in the paint”.

I highly recommend checking this guy out. I got to kick it with him a bunch over the summer at different festivals and he let me know that there will be a Frite Nite release and a Quitter release. He also gave me insight that he generally produces one new track a week. I’m dying to peak at his collection but something tells me we’ll be hearing a lot more from him soon.

He also put out a mix not too long ago called LAZERBRAIN. It’s a collection of unreleased material and man does it satisfy the weird receptors. I encourage you all to find his Twitter because he’s one of the coolest cats around.

Nothing but love out to you Jasper!
You are a true inspiration.

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