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Lapalux | Some Other Time

time October 9th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Lapalux is back with his new EP, Some Other Time. This is a follow up from the incredible When You’re Gone release put out earlier this year. Brainfeeder has been on a roll lately and this short EP is a great palate cleanser. The past few post have been a bit more upbeat but this one is quite on the mellow tip. When You’re Gone is one of my favorite releases this year so far and I was very excited to hear there’s some new material.

The first track Quartz is a beautiful opening track that features some male vocals paired with a relaxing beat. Don’t expect anything too upbeat from this release as it doesn’t have much bass at all. Jaw Jackin’ is a playful track with the first introduction of female vocals. It has that unique layered style beats and bloops we all know Lapalux for. Forgetting and Learning Again featuring Kerry Leatham is the highlight track of this release. Kerry lays down some vocals that will easily transition you from Jaw Jackin’ vibe to a seductive sexy mood. This is really where Lapalux shows off. The beats are full and stacked with the vocals it makes for a lovely tune. Strangling You With the Cord is slow to lift off but when it does it’s got a bigger beat than I expected. The effects on the vocal sample remind me of the Araabmuzik sample. This track isn’t really what I was expecting but it sits well with the others. Close Call / Chop Cuts is the closing track for Some Other Time and it starts off fairly ambient and escalates into a comforting chill but complex beat combination. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that Lapalux is one of my favorite producers who executes the use of vocals magnificently.

Overall this release is great if you’re a fan of chill downtempo wonky beats. I’m a huge fan due to the way he mixes vocals in with fun relaxing beats. This isn’t as incredible as the previous release but definitely something you should check out.

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