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Hypha | Whispers

time October 2nd by John-Michael authorTags: , ,

Hypha has to be one of most talented producers I know that deserves way more credit than he gets. I’m happy to do a blog post on his new release Whispers! This release is out on Muti Music which makes me happy due to the name recognition of the label. Hopefully a lot more people will take notice to his work.

Aaron is an artist that has always impressed me with his music whether it be an original, remix, or edit. We’ve become solid online friends and can’t wait to meet him in person. Following him on Facebook has been a pleasure since he spent a good amount of time in Spain and traveling all around Europe. His pictures are breathe taking and always cool to see someone making some post in Spanish.

Whispers is a great introduction to Hypha’s work if you haven’t checked it out before. It’s a collection of tracks that vary from a variety of bass music. The first time I heard the track Rosita I was sold on this release. I absolutely love all the tracks that have vocals on them. This release is something I highly recommend grabbing!

Preview/BUY: Hypha – Whispers

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