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G Jones | Mirage

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G Jones is the hottest new artist right now. I’m not that into Trap music but whoa. This guy has stunned everyone with his latest release on Saturate Records. I’ve always said that most trap music is played out and is polluting the music culture due to producers going this route and leaving creativity behind. G Jones has added a flare to the trap sound that I rarely hear. I was talking to my home girl who runs Real Trap and she said it sounded like a hybrid of trap and Minnesota’s sound. I think what she was getting at is the fact that the music sounds so rich and atmospheric just like Minnesota’s epic dubstep tracks. The funny part is that a few days later I see that Minnesota and G Jones are working on a track together.

G Jones might be a new name too you but you might have heard of him before as another alias, Grizzly J. If you haven’t checked out that stuff, I highly recommend it. I had the opportunity of catching G Jones this summer at Emissions. I had woken up really early due to an intense night and stumbled into his set. His set blew me away and was totally in shock. He is one of the few people I’ve asked myself who the hell is this guy and why don’t I have this music on my laptop. It’s not very often you’re at a festival around 6-7am and hear some quality stuff.

This entire album has been on repeat for awhile since I got a copy from him. The crazy part is that as amazing as all these tracks are he has so much more that’s just as good or if not better. He sent me over a copy of his remix for Trill Murray (Love yah homie!) and WHOA!!! It’s one of the best tracks I’ve heard all year. Keep your eye out on G Jones because I’m positive this guy is going to blow up! Big ups to Saturate Records for this one! They are putting out some quality stuff. It’s funny how much this reminds me of the Herobust release they put out and knew that he would explode. I predict the same thing for G Jones!

DOWNLOAD: G Jones – Mirage

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