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Alright so a lot of people ask me where I find a lot of the music that I post. One of the main sources is Addictech. I’ve never enjoyed Beatport and usually flooded with tons of music that I don’t want to waste my time with. Addictech is the one place I’m sure to find the super heady midtempo glitch stuff.

If I’m not getting the music directly from the artist on Bandcamp I’ll usually go through Addictech. I’m a huge fan of their charts versus many of the other online retailers. It’s also nice how they organize their music with tags. It can get a bit excessive it’s the best I’ve seen.

Sign up for an account and browser their selection. You’ll probably find TONS of new music just from browsing their tag pages. It would be a HUGE help if you were to sign up through as there are incentives now.

Sign up for an Addictech account through this link.


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