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AHAB | Black Market Pharmacy | Artist Spotlight

time October 4th by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

Ahab is 1/3 of Black Market Pharmacy. They recently put out an EP on Simplify Recordings featuring a few solo tunes from Ahab and a few as Black Market Pharmacy. Last year I moved to Dallas, Texas due to the company I was working for relocating. The people who welcomed me into the city with open arms and becoming my best friends in Texas was the Black Market Pharmacy crew. The group consist of Ahab (Adam), Randy (Panacea), and Eric. Their setup reminds me a lot of early The Glitch Mob. They have a handful of controllers in their setup and always tweaking out tracks with crazy glitch efx. Randy put together his own monome that glows bright green and one of my favorite customs I’ve seen. Eric is the developer behind the project. He is the person who actually customized a lot of the DJ template that I use.

They are a great group of talented artist and happy to finally do a proper write up for them. I really miss those guys and hope to visit Texas soon. Expect a lot more from these guys as they are starting to gain lots of momentum in Dallas, Texas.

BUY: AHAB vs Black Market Pharmacy – Aura Borealis

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