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J:Kenzo – J:Kenzo

time September 24th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Legend J:Kenzo is back! This is his first full length. Tempa records delivers with another classic. This album brings back memories. I’ve kept myself at a decent distance from dubstep due to the massive abuse of mid-range wobbles. Yeah, you can call me one of those hipsters who says they hate dubstep. Truth is it’s not easy knowing that the original dubstep musical form sounds NOTHING like the new age brostep. J:Kenzo is one of those names that is just all to familiar and impossible not to to pick up.

J:Kenzo delivers! This is album reminds my of why I loved dubstep so much. It’s dark, deep, minimal and bass heavy. The low end just gives you that tingling feeling as waves of bass flow through your body. This is where the original dubstep sound came from. There’s no question what the music evolves into there will always be albums like this that stand the test of time.

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