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Afro Monk | Alien Sessions

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DOWNLOAD:Afro Monk’s Alien Sessions

I’ve put together this mix series for all those people who crave for music to jam to on their headphones. I wanted to create something that you can put on when you want to sit back or lay around with relaxing music.

The internet is filled with so much dance music and club bangers. I’m tired of it and too be honest I know that there’s so much good music that is overlooked at times because they aren’t meant for the dance floor. I’ve looked back at all the mixes I’ve done and wasn’t content with it and felt like I needed to do this. I want to be remembered for creating something that is for the chill music lovers.

Right now I’m at a weird place in my life where I’ve become burnt out on bass music and even typical club music that is expected when you go out to a show. This is my way of showcasing where my heart has been. I hope the day will come where I’ll be able to find bookings on the regular where this is type of music I’m asked to play vs the banging hits.

I can’t thank you all enough for even downloading this collection and reading this. I want YOU to know that I am grateful. This is for YOU and no one else. Share this and enjoy it with your lovers and friends.

– JM aka Afro Monk


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  1. Brobie


    Good one JM!

  2. Mathijs " Creech "


    Greetings, I’m a dutch guy who’s living in Finland.

    I’ll give this a try. I’ve been trying to discover some new music lately and stumbled upon this genre called Glitch Hop. ( As I’ve been writing down as many subgenres and fusion genres of hip-hop I could find and compiled these genres in a notebook just for my own use / fun.) Anyway, I found out about this site and judging on the desription you gave for this Alien Sessions CD, I think I might actually like this music. Glitch Hop to me sounds definately like it’s music with an experimental sound, wich is exactly what I like.

    Greetings, and thanks for the music, Mathijs.

  3. J


    Hi I love your music. I moved me to tears I can feel the heart you put into it. For some reason I cant get Tell me you want me to be here on my ipphone to listen to. It won’t accept it. Any advice? maybe another way to download?

    Thanks for sharing your gift.


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