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Annunakii – Andreaya Triana Draw the Stars Refix

time August 9th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Annunakii is a boss. I’ve gotten the pleasure to see Andrew’s music evolve over the years. Earlier this summer we got to rage it at Lucidity and he totally caught my attention when he played out there. We got to hang out quite a bit and his take on everything right now was to go the 808 beats route. This Andreya Triana refix is just one of many products that has been delivered to me this summer after that conversation. There’s a ton more where this came from. While the whole trap crazy is going on, I know I can always count on Annunakii putting out a clean solid track if looking something fresh.

Andrew is one of those super down to Earth guys and got me hooked on the term “weird”. Now I have a sticker on my laptop that says “Get Wierd”. We’ve gotten to spend a decent amount of time out at a bunch of festivals and can’t wait to till everyone realizes what a boss he is. Annunakii’s tracks are some of my secret weapons that always fill that 808 part of my sets. Keep an eye on this guy, he gets weird with it.

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