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The Cognitive Awakening

time June 29th by Taradactyl authorTags: , ,

Conscious, forward-thinking minds will meet to join forces in Northern California’s Paradise, CA for The Cognitive Awakening. Held on July 13-16, it will be a much needed cool-down from the mayhem that is July 4th weekend. The location looks to be nothing short of spectacular, on a 90-acre ranch on a bluff in Northern California. Combine the majestic setting with top-notch electronic DJs, mind-expanding art, and our open-minded bass community, and you are guaranteed to have a kick-ass weekend! The aim for The Cognitive Awakening is quality over quantity. It is a participatory event and those contributing are considering each and every detail that will make the gathering unforgettable. I can already imagine drifting around the blessed space through different soundscapes, meeting and learning from vibrant souls, and witnessing the multitude of visual stimuli offered at the gathering.

First off, Nexus is bringing the Funktion Ones so you know no matter what your soul will be shaken and your ears tickled with auditory delight. The lineup is incredible and features some of my all-time favorites such as Love & Light, Random Rab, Heyoka, Ill.Gates, Russ Liquid, Gladkill, Kalya Scintilla, Mihkal, and Nicoluminous. I absolutely love the focus on thought-provoking, melodic bass… you won’t be finding any brostep here, that’s for sure. Some awesome Tahoe kids are playing which will make for great family time! And of course I can’t wait to wander and discover some new amazing music while there.

The interactive and visual installations sound out-of-this-world. Giant water balloon slingshot? Yes, please. There will be a Love Tech Digital Jam Dome which will provide an immersive multi-sensory experience. We have Erin Branwell’s awe-inspiring and complex yet massive jellyfish-like structures which are sure to inspire. Michael Heltebrake’s art is always mind-warping and I am excited to see what he brings to the table. Then we have a Nexus fire cauldron, portals, mutant vehicles, and a huge laughing yoga circle. Sounds like way too much fun! I can’t wait to release my inhibitions and open my senses to new possibilities. Come join me on the bluffs!


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Satellite Respond | I Can Be (Drake Refix) | Artist Spotlight

time June 12th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Satellite Respond is Boris aka Gladkill’s new downtempo project. I’ve been eagerly been anticipating this to debut for over a year now. Ever since I found his first work, AlphaOne, I’ve been begging him to return to more of the IDM downtempo style vs the more bass influenced stuff Gladkill has evolved into. Boris is one of those producers that from the moment I heard his music I wanted more and would do anything to help promote. Hell this new project Satellite Respond sounds exactly like the type of music I hope to create. The emotion and energy it creates is what I hope to hear every time I hit play on a new track.

Briefly talking to Boris about the project he said that there’s a lot more of this stuff and reason why he decided to branch off and start a new alias. I’m all for this sound and hope that we’ll get to hear more of this. I’m really excited to see where this project goes. It’s a good look for music right now. I’m hoping to find more music like this for Afro Monk Records. This week-end Gladkill will be playing at Impulse Festival in Georgia and hoping to hear more of this project at his set. Go and find Satellite Respond on Facebook as it’s where you’ll also hear more about this new alias.

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ONE4ALL | Anna Love – Skip A Beat (ONE4ALL Remix) | Exclusive

time June 6th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

ONE4ALL is one of Texas’ best-kept secrets. Augustine lives in Austin and is ready to start turning heads. He caught my attention awhile back before I even moved to Texas with his Lil Wayne Deuces remix. During the time I lived in Texas I got to spend quite a large amount of time with him and also rage a few shows together. He’s a great guy and his music just keeps getting better and better.

Augustine has been hustling the past few months releasing tons of new material and just put out a single with Sugarpill that crushes. Not to mention his Beat King’s Crush remix absolutely makes a crowd explode. I just got back from Wakarusa and while watching the homie Wizard throw down he dropped Augustine’s Crush remix and it totally set the tone for the rest of the set. I’m happy to share another new fresh beat by ONE4ALL. This is a remix of another Texas resident Anna Love. This remix is super chill and adds a great vibe during any set. Augustine totally warped the original into something sweet and melodic. I’ve been using this one quite a bit since I heard it and happy to share with you all.

ONE4ALL is one of the hardest working guys online to me. He is a Mod in my room and always previewing his new material in the room or playing originals. He deserves your attention and worth scooping out more of his music. Don’t be surprised to be hearing more of his name especially with his upcoming EP and collaboration (Connect4) with The Digital Connection out of Colorado. I’ve had the opportunity to hear some of the music they’ve written together and know that you’ll all love it as much as I do. I only wish the best for Augustine and know he’s headed on the right track to the top.

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