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Mr. Bill | Focus

time April 30th by Taradactyl authorTags: , ,

Aussie Mr. Bill’s latest album “Focus” pretty much knocks my socks off. It is so masterfully thought out and crafted. This album embraces a variety of deep yet glitchy, swaggy yet moving, complex yet simple, and aesthetically-pleasing yet entirely unique sounds. I always had Mr. Bill on my radar to an extent, but since hearing this album I am without a doubt interested in what else he has to express through his production.

On a Monday back at work after a raging weekend in the sun, I can definitely say that I could use some cheering up, and this album did it for me. Focus is elaborate and beautiful and allowed me to clear my mind. The album guides listeners through sundry soundscapes with marvelous blips and tasty melodies; it truly pushes the envelope.

I am now kicking myself for passing up the chance to see Mr. Bill live in Nevada City last month where he also hosted an Ableton Live workshop. No doubt that both events would have been inspirational. I’m not sure how many other times I’ll have the opportunity to catch Mr. Bill, but if I do I will not surpass it!

Grab Mr. Bill’s album “Focus” here on Addictech.

Also, there will be [Re-Focused Part 1] & [Re-Focused Part 2] coming soon – with remixes from Kalya Scintilla, Circuit Bent, Blatwax, Whitebear, Kursa, and more. Pretty psyched for that!


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Pressha | Everything in Moderation

time April 30th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

I consider Pressha one of the greatest strictly DJs out there in bass music today. The first party I ever planned and promoted Pressha played. Didn’t know much about him but my good friend Shilo assured me he was incredible. He showed up and totally blew me away. There aren’t many DJs who mainly only use Serato to play out and using Turntables that I enjoy. Ever since he came to Miami and crushed it for my WMC party we’ve kept in close contact. He really works hard and understands the importance of building a network and relationships in the music industry. There isn’t a line up in the NW that I’ve seen where it be a major event and not seen this man not playing at it. His network and ear for music is almost unmatched entirely but when talking solely DJ and not producing music there is no other I can think of besides Mihkal.

I’ve had the pleasure of kicking it with him out in Seattle and showed me around a bit during Decibel Festival. He’s a super chill dude who likes to party but also collects and plays dubs like it’s nobodies business. I know when I was focused more on putting out mixes that I had to beat Matt to the punch of releasing a mix because if not he’d probably be playing a lot of the stuff I’d be playing also. Now that I’m focusing less on playing out I’m glad that he’s still going strong and playing out and making a huge name for himself.

It has been awhile since we last kicked it but I’m really looking forward to getting to spend some time with him at Emissions this year. We’ll both be out there playing at it and if was still playing glitch-hop I’d probably have to check with him what he has planned because this guy always has the headie tracks that most don’t have access too. If you haven’t heard of this man and looking to become a DJ in this culture I highly recommend going back and looking to see the work he has put in. He’s the true model of what most DJs should be like…

Everything in Moderation Tracklist:
1.) Sugarpill – A Gift To
2.) Gladkill – Stay Awake
3.) Kastle – Walking Away Mc Armanni
4.) Goldrush – It’s when I miss all of you (Gladkill Remix)
5. ) Sugarpull – Say you want to
6.) Kastle – I Know (Bokator and Jock Styles Remix)
7.) Drake – November 18th (Stratus Remix)
8.) Sugarpill – Tanktop
9.) Minnesota – Roof Back
10.) Sugarpill – Cats used to harmonize
11.) Matty G – Back to the Bay ft.Ugene
12.) Ginuwine – Pony (Molecule Remix)
13.) Polish Ambassador – Space Leaf Dub (Gladkill Remix)
14.) Frequent C + kLL sMTH – Something for Everyone
15.) Guttstar – Waking
16.) Awol-Nation – Sail (Slim Thugz Remix)
17.) Paper Diamond – So Precise
18.) Chris B – Be Cool
19.) Oh Tebins – Tickle Parts
20.) Samples – Capture the Flag

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Futexture | The Science of How Things Unfold

time April 28th by Mr Ed authorTags: , ,

I am honored and privileged to bring word on Afro Monk Record’s Debut Release.  Futexture “The Science of How Things Unfold”  combines top-notch production, with out of this world  arrangements and the creativity to bring the listener to a higher dimension.  No matter if you call this release IDM, FutureBass or Downtempo, Futexture, aka Danny Krantz, has taken the more sonically diverse elements of our genres and brought us a complete piece of work that will entertain the mind and tickle the ears.  My first listen to this release was done after a long day kicked back with the cans on and a bit of a mood enhancer.  Not only did the music grab a hold of me but it provided energetic boost to my whole body.  Some would say thats just the herb, but thats what pure quality music should do to all of us!  You should not just hear it, but experience it.   I must congratulate both Futexture for such an amazing album that is sure to make quite a name for him, but also the founder of this blog, Mr. JM aka Afromonk for pushing through and bringing us his first debut release on the brand new record label.  Now, with no more bullshit from me,  I bring you the music!

I hope to hear Futexture’s sounds being dropped in the wee hours of the morning all summer long. Pick up this release Addictech!

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Summer Solstice Relief Album

time April 25th by Mr Ed authorTags: , ,

One of the main motivating factors for me getting involved with Afromonk was to actively take part in the amazing community of talented individuals behind this music we all love.  When I talked to the folks over at Be Green Records about their upcoming 2012 Benefit release I knew this was the kind of project I had to get behind.  Not only am I excited to listen to this compilation of talented producers, but I love Be Green’s vision, that when we  collaborate with our friends we can create the change we need in this world.   He are a few words from the folks over at Be Green Records/Glitch FM.

“Music and art has enriched each of our lives so much, we have chosen to use it as a medium to do positive things.  By collaborating with like minded individuals, we are able to do so much more as a community and to give back to the world around us.  Focusing on feeding, clothing, sheltering, and providing medical care for those most in need, is our primary intention. We believe we can achieve this when we all come together.”

“Be the Change you wish to see in the World,” is one of the most inspiring quotes the creators of Be Green Records have ever been influenced by.  And personally, through meeting countless individuals who want to help and just don’t know what they as one person can do, is the inspiration for this album.  Many people gathered together, each doing just a little, does affect huge change, and since we are all passionate about music – we thought this would be the best way we could benefit from both worlds.

Also, looks like they are still taking submissions from producers and visionary artists.  Get involved!   Look for this release on the summer Solstice 2012.

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Michal Menert | Even If It Isn’t Right

time April 24th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , ,

Michal Menert just released his new full length release, Even If It Isn’t Right, today on Pretty Lights Music for FREE. If you’re a fan of Michal Menert or the sound that Pretty Lights represents I highly recommend grabbing this right NOW!

I had the pleasure of meeting Michal over WMC this year and got to kick it with him and take a glimpse into what the future holds on his side of things. This album defies a lot of the norm for most releases and tells his story in this long composition. Spending a few days with him and his manager I knew that I had to help them out. It’s not very often you come across such a talented artist with the ideals and vision that Michal has.

He’s your regular guy who likes to play video games, chill, make music, and eat tons of sushi. His story is quite a unique one and he’s the only person who could say that early Pretty Lights music was composed of Derek and Michal. It’s something that I believe isn’t noted enough.

I had the pleasure of being in Denver for Menert’s debut of his new fancy projection mapped stage. The moment I walked into Cervantes I was totally blown away. The team that put together is the same team that has put together Pretty Lights past stages but this one has been taken to a whole new level. The dedication and effort put behind Michal Menert is second to none. It’s a honor to have been brought in to take part of it. There’s much ahead and can’t even describe to you how incredible the experience was that night except by showing you a video of how wild it all came out below. The video was done by the Swaager team/website and is only a small glimpse into this magical stage represented by mountain like structures with a sun/moon center where Michal performs in front of.  The lasers, video clips, and seamless combination of music and visuals are some of the best I’ve ever seen in my life.

Dear promoters of all locations. This show and stage will be touring in the Fall. I HIGHLY recommend picking this up. It’s one of the most amazing stages I’ve seen. The production levels is on par if not higher than Pretty Lights and other projection mapping stages out there. Cervantes was completely slammed and no one had any idea that the stage was being showcased for the most part.

Now go grab the album for FREE and download Dreaming of a Bigger Life if you haven’t already!
Michal Menert – Pretty Lights Profile

Also the new website has had a soft launch and ready to check out if you haven’t seen it. Check it out and watch it grow as I work my magic on it.

Michal Menert Official Website

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The Digital Connection | Lazer Party Mixtape

time April 20th by Taradactyl authorTags: , ,

Lazer Party Mixtape

Passionate producer/DJ and homie The Digital Connection (Ricky Shine) is doin’ big things. I kid you not when I say that every time I listen to Ricky’s newest tracks on SoundCloud, I am even more impressed than the last. His latest and greatest all-original Lazer Party Mixtape certainly reflects this sentiment. And he has spoiled us with a free download! With a nice gradual yet enticing build including sparkly notes and deep stunning melody, the principal development of the mix is on point. Then it transitions into a killer beat with ___ samples from Aretha Franklin’s “I Say A Little Prayer for You”. I really can’t wait for that track’s release. The remainder of the mix continues to satisfy my constant craving for mellow yet vibrant electronic frequencies. At a little over halfway through we get some of that nice blappy lazerbass Ricky loves. We later get hints of gangsta bass at around 30:00 which is personally my favorite segment. The bass gets deeper while retaining the unique multidimensional structure of the rest of the mix. Then we get an absolutely beautiful poignant section that makes me want to call my friends and tell them how much I love them J. His remix of Kaskade & Deadmau5’s “I Remember” (while admittedly I dislike most that I hear from both) is a fun way to start the wind-down. The mix ends on a high note with a fun upbeat tempo. Listening to Lazer Party Mixtape all the way through is such a treat and it takes you on a pleasant roller coaster ride; just when I feel a slight lull the next moment I feel myself grooving to the beat. It’s so clean and thought-out. I can tell that Ricky devoted his soul to this music, revealing to each listener a part of it. This is more expressive and sincere than anything I’ve heard from him yet.

Indulge yourself and take a listen to The Digital Connection’s Lazer Party Mixtape! I know you won’t resist downloading.I can’t wait for his upcoming release as well as to hear more of his collaboration with friend One4All (named Connect4)! Those two are crushing it across state lines.


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Proper Motion | A Refined Perspective

time April 4th by Mr Ed authorTags: ,

This morning I decided to take a day off from chasing this spring’s amazing corn skiing to prepare for spring.  Searching for a new Mountain Bike!  As I sat in my sunny kitchen drinking a wonderful cup of coffee waiting to hear if my dream bike is mine I found a wonderful sonic gem.  Proper Motion just dropped a new album, “A Refined Perspective” that is a great mix of classic funky jazz samples and energetic basslines.  Music that grabs your mind and transports you do a different land has always been near the top of my charts and this release does just that.  Includes, all the componets of modern bass music that I have grown to love and combines that with the soul of yesterday.  Moments, of this release like “How Long” brought me back to my parents den where my farther was rocking the turntable with his classic jazz tracks.  Colorado producers Noah Marion and Harrison Watkins have really stepped up to the plate on this one and taken their listeners on a wonderful sonic journey.  I for one appreciate the time travel to keep my mind off of whether or not my dream bike will be hitting the trails this season.  If the tunes are not enough Noah and Harrison have offered this entire realease for free on Soundcloud.  Give it a listen and grab these tracks while they are hot!

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Spring is in the Air | Mr. Ed

time April 1st by Mr Ed authorTags: ,

Mix I put together yesterday while enjoying a day off from the mountains.  Things are really changing down here in the valley.  Spring is beginning to be in full swing.  Going to embrace it!

Hope you enjoy the mix.

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