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The Art of the Way | The Human Experience

time March 31st by Mr Ed authorTags: , ,

I have been in the mountains for more days in a row then I can count.  Snow was deep, turns amazing.  Got home last night and woke exhausted to the sound of rain on my roof.  All I can think about is a mellow morning with coffee and a big breakfast.  Checking my email from the past week and I find a great recommendation from JM “Afromonk”  that fits my mood perfect this grey day.  The Human Experience’s release “The Art of the Way” is a gorgeous piece of music.  David Block took last year to travel around the globe and grow as an human and this release shows just that maturity in the tracks.  Sometimes it just takes stepping out of your normal day to day life and venture into the unknown to be inspired and unleash the inner creativity.  I don’t know David Block, but from listening to “The Art of the Way” this morning I think he has succeeded.  Check out his whole release on Bandcamp!

“Lion Heart” -The Human Experience

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Lush EP | ChrisB.

time March 29th by Mr Ed authorTags: , ,

ChrisB just dropped a fantastic new EP this morning that totally kills it.  2 Songs full of gorgeous melodies layered over slightly glitchy beats with some atmospherics really showcase how ChrisB is taking his music to the next level!  The release which can be found on Bandcamp is perfect preview to what we can expect to see this festival Season.  Catch ChrisB at the Do Lab stage at coachella or check out his site to see the other venues he is playing this spring!

Whats a halfstep among friends- ChrisB


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GoldRush – Love Hz RMXD

time March 21st by Mr Ed authorTags: , ,

One of my favorite albums from GoldRush just got remixed by some of the freshest names in the game!  Goldrush is dropping his 2ed release on Generation Bass with the help of some friends.  Each a talented producer in their own right, re-imagines one of Goldrush’s original tracks off the Love Hz release.  The result is a new creative look on what started as amazing tracks.  These creative additions add elements of percussion, melodic atmosphere and dance floor ready beats!  Love Hz Rmxd drops on March 23.  Enjoy!

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Desert Dwellers – DownTemple Dub: Remixed

time March 20th by Mr Ed authorTags: , ,

Desert Dwellers are super excited to release their newest release that has been fully funded by their fans through a kick-starter project!  DownTemple Dub: Remixed will be released on April 3ed thanks to a huge rally from fans and friends helping to promote this project.  This is just one more reason why our community is such a blessing to be apart of.  Everyone benefits in this situation, new music, new live show.  Now the music.  Desert Dwellers put together a release filled with otherworldly down-tempo and psy-chill grooves.  Some of today’s top producers took classic Desert Dwellers yoga dubs and remixed them into another dimension.  Combining sounds of the future with the roots of years past this release is perfect for sitting back and allowing your mind to drift far from daily life.  Prepare for a sonic exploration into higher dimensions!  Remixes from Love & Light, Aes Dana, Kaminanda, Kalya Scintilla, Duke Mushroom, Eastern Sun, Drumspyder, Androcell, and Earthrise SoundSystem.

Grab Love and Lights remix of More than Anything!

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Sonic Bloom 2012 Line Up

time March 20th by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

Sonic Bloom 2012 Line Up (phase 1)

Bonobo (DJ set)
Random Rab
Karsh Kale & Jamie Janover
Ana Sia
Octopus Nebula
Stephan Jacobs
Adham Shaikh
Bird of Prey
Paul Basic
Russ Liquid
Akara Project
Lotus Drops

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Lightning in a Bottle 2012 Line Up

time March 13th by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

Lightning in a Bottle 2012 Lineup!

Adham Shaikh
Alexi Delano
Android Cartel
Anton Tumas
Big Gigantic
Derek Marin
El Papachango
Grant Kaye
idiot Savant
Jeremy Sole
Jesse Rose
Justin Levi
Justin Martin
Kalya Scintilla
Karsh Kale
Lafa Taylor
Lee Burridge
Lila Rose
Marley Carroll
Michal Menert
Mikey Lion
Nick Warren
NiT GriT
Random Rab
Red Sonya
Russ Liquid
Sammy Bliss
SaQi Ensemble
Sidecar Tommy
Star Slinger
The Glitch Mob
The Human Experience
Tim Herrlein
Zach Moore
The Do Lab does it right as always! This years line up looks incredible! I can’t wait to see all your faces and see all my friends on the West Coast. You will find the family there in full force! I’ve bolded all the acts i’m most excited about!
We will have more coverage as time progresses!
Much Love to The Do Lab and everyone part of this event
( ( <3 ) )

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Sunmonx | Power Salad

time March 2nd by Mr Ed authorTags: , , , ,

Sunmonx’s debut release “Power Salad” is one I have been waiting for all winter because I’m a sucker for live instrumentation blended with top notch production.  Sunmonx consists of the Australian duo of Opiuo’s tight production style with Austero’s down under funky guitar rifts.  This tight fusion of production blends together pieces from many genres including bass music, blues, and funk.  I picked up moments that really reminded me of Signal Path’s funky guitar while other tracks slowed things down and had a much chiller organic sound.  The Australians have been killing it this past year and this release is no exception.  Power Salad is true to its name, a sonic fusion that explores new dimensions of the electronica spectrum.

Sunmonx is releasing “Power Salad” on March 21st, but you can get it Pre-Release on Interchill’s bandcamp and Addictech March 7th.

Sunmonx-Pickle on Interchill

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Nico Luminous | Unearth the Diamond

time March 1st by Mr Ed authorTags: ,

One of my favorite Bass Innovators Nico Luminous is providing a new audible treat with releasing his 3ed Ep entitled “Unearth the Diamond.”  Personally, I only got turned on to the LA, based producer last year from JM the creator of, but he has become part of my constant rotation, his tracks finding their way into my dj sets and mixes.  Don’t get me wrong, just because I was late to the scene, Nico Luminous is a longtime member of the Bass community sharing the stage with some of the greats including, Vibesquad, Dave Tipper, and Heyoka.  Hopefuly, I will have my first pleasure of hearing a live performance at the up and coming Lucidity Festival!  The specific sounds that set Nico Luminous ahead of the pack in my mind is how he makes electronic music sexy.  He stretches the limits of his software and pulls together elements of the bass genre into one seamless package that is a pure sex.  Catch a show this spring and hear for yourself, Nico has a busy touring schedule taking him from Coasta Rica to Texas, Cali, Nevada, Utah and Washington. I hope to catch up to this talented individual this spring and enjoy the positivity his music brings to our community and the larger galaxy.  In Nico Luminous words,  “Music is nourishment for the soul, a bridge to unseen worlds.  I’m grateful to have dedicated my life to something that brings people together in Love and Peace.”

Pickup your copy of this Masterpiece and support one of the true Innovators of our Bass Community at his Bandcamp page.

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