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Inanna | Cariad EP

time November 27th by Mr Ed authorTags: , , ,

Inanna’s new EP “Cariad”  released on Florida’s Dubporn records is a musical bass journey into the dimension of chilled back vibes.  The EP consists of one single, plus three remixes from the onetime garage/2 step stalwart of North America.  This release moves into a much more melodic and sexy direction with a smoothing downbeat sound that works perfect for any late night after-party set or on a chilled out Sunday relaxation session.  Ptr1’s remix adds some broken beats that add tempo and bass, but keep the blissful sound intact.  I personally really enjoy this version.  The experimental mix add a 4×4 kick for movement, but doesn’t overpower the heart and soul of this tune.   Dubporn really put together a nice release providing a track that will appeal to all different tastes.

While talking to Inanna about this release she was really excited about her current project, “Dalliance”.  She really thought this was a huge step up in her production and was really excited to get the tracks out to all of us.   As of now, it isn’t signed with any label, but I’m sure we will hear the finished tracks soon!

I had the privilege to ask a few questions to Inanna about her journey into music.

My inspiration comes from my experience, mostly my journey of self realization, truth and light. It is always an expression of emotion, and a way to creatively express and realize myself. I think with Cariad especially when you watch the video, it is also apparent I love faeries, and am inspired by nature, and beauty in general. The story of the video is one of the passage of that moving towards light and truth. An emergence of the truth of the soul. I filmed it at my house that I grew up in that is now empty. In the ‘dream’ I discover who I am, breaking the mask. It is actually based on a faerie dream I have where a young girl searches chasing her faerie self, when she finds her she awakens to the truth she is the faerie, the being of light.

The song I originally worked on with the intention of creating beauty. I love melody driven music that carries your imagination and heart to pleasant bright altitudes. Cariad I think differs from some of my more structured album future garage/bass music I am working on now, and is very different from the kirtan devotional music I am working on that I am singing on under the name Sat Avtar Kaur. The original Cariad version had so much heart and depth to the melody the beats were just a little sprinkling of structure.

I started teaching myself maybe a decade ago but couldn’t seriously start getting into it until about four years ago. Even then I didn’t have a permanent studio until a year and a half ago and I could still use some upgrades with equipment but I have what I really need. My first track came out in 2001 I think when I was dj’ing heavily in the North American garage/2-step scene. Iv recently listened back to it, Iv come a long way but I appreciate it, it wasn’t as bad as I remember, in fact it had a great little groove. I’m always reaching though.

Pick up the Cariad EP on Beatport here!

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New Years Festivities | SnowGlobe Lake Tahoe

time November 23rd by Taradactyl authorTags: , , , , ,

Looks like South Lake Tahoe, CA is most definitely THE place to be for New Years weekend. And what a place to bring in 2012! The masterminds behind Colorado’s SnowBall, along with some friends of mine who became close homies through Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s Snow Club, bring you SnowGlobe: a three-day outdoor festival situated in the stunning mountains of Tahoe. I attended six festivals this year and am confident that this festival will be incomparable (I mean – it’s in the fucking snow!). Make sure you bundle up, and as always, dancing like a crazy person is not a bad idea. There will be a main outdoor stage as well as two tented and heated stages, legit sound and lighting, live art, food and merchandise vendors, afterparties, and shuttles around South Tahoe. Not only will attendees have their eardrums blessed by some of the most talented DJs in the states and catch some of the best artists in the world, but they also get to ride or ski during the day. While Heavenly is the closest resort, if you get the chance to get up to the North side there are a lot of superior mountains to shred up – Alpine Meadows / Squaw Valley being your best option in my opinion.

So check out this ridonkulous lineup; it’s the best that I have seen in a loooong time. They aren’t messin’ around here!
Headliners: Bassnectar. Pretty Lights. The Glitch Mob. Thievery Corporation.
If that’s not enough… other artists I am so psyched about include TIPPER, Emancipator, Big Gigantic, NastyNasty, Paper Diamond, Eliot Lipp, ill-esha, Robotic Pirate Monkey, Samples, B. Bravo, Mux Mool, R-D, Stephan Jacobs, Russ Liquid, and Phutureprimitive.

Another very notable New Years Eve party is just on the other side of the lake at The Cal Neva at stateline in Crystal Bay: 5th Annual Black and White Superball put on by Tahoe/Reno’s biggest bass supplier Fresh Bakin’. I honestly can’t decide if I will be at this or at SnowGlobe for NYE night because I know firsthand that Fresh Bakin’ knows how to throw a top-notch party. This lineup is also astounding: GRiZ, Minnesota, DJ Laura, Pumpkin, Fort Knox Five, and more. GRiZ and Minnesota are in my top five favorite producers right now, so I would have a hard time missing this one!

The last NYE celebration I will mention is the 12th Annual Sea of Dreams at the Concourse Exhibition Center in San Francisco. If you’re in the city don’t miss this, even if solely for Amon Tobin ISAM – this is a spectacle I have been dying to see. The bill also includes Beats Antique Live, Santigold, and An-ten-nae. Definitely worth hitting up (but I still stand strong by the shows in Lake Tahoe)!

All you West Coasters have no excuse not to be in front of a speaker gettin’ down when the clock strikes midnight on NYE! No matter where you are I hope you bring in the New Year in a memorable and enjoyable way.


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ill. Gates | Friction Labs Rmx

time November 18th by Mr Ed authorTags: , , ,

ill Gates was challedged to do a remix of “Aag Da Kariya” by Dr. Zeus for a BBC Asia show.  They wanted him to think outside the box and work with Asian music in new creative ways.  I Think ill Gates nailed it.  Make sure you check out his website, ill for free downloads!

I have been noticing a cool thing going on within our community of artists challenging each other in some new creative ways to create music.  In this case, a radio show asks ill Gates to think outside the box, but I have also seen some cool communities working together to make some tracks.  I love seeing folks get creative and work outside their normal workflow.  I think we all benefit from the results.   Hopefully in the future, we will get to hear some of these cool collabs. and multiple artist challenges!

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The Digital Connection | A Universal Outcome

time November 18th by Taradactyl authorTags: , , , ,

Colorado native Ricky Shine, known as The Digital Connection, is stoked to release his first full length album, A Universal Outcome, for free today! Ricky has expressed that he enjoys all types of music across the board; the 13 track album reflects this in an appealing fusion of wubby basslines, harmonic arrangements, synthy ups & downs, and rhythmic sequences. The album has several flavors and while listening to it all the way through I found that my mood changed along with the flow of the album (and within each track, actually). One minute I was kicking back in a state of complete relaxation, and the next I’d be uncontrollably bobbing my head. I love the banger “Beasts” and can envision listeners really getting down to it on a dance floor. I also really enjoy the upbeat vitality in “Rest Assured”. Being a midtempo, emotive music lover, “The Purpose of Life” is probably my favorite on the release – he managed to make it both buttery and deep at once.

One thing that I have gotten to know and admire about Ricky is his genuine enthusiasm surrounding the bass music scene and appreciation for those who put the time and effort into producing quality music. In listening to A Universal Outcome you can tell that he devotes a lot of effort into his music and isn’t just releasing something for the hell of it. His mind state is without a doubt consistent with the premises of Afro Monk – that those who experiment with fresh sounds and strive for brilliant music, rather than sticking with the status quo of dub / brostep, deserve recognition and respect. I think that Ricky would rather have a steady and devoted fan-base that appreciates his unique music than discontentedly make what the masses are ignorantly listening to. Ricky is very down with the camaraderie in the music scene; he’s been with Got Bass Music from the get-go and also makes up part of The Mile High Sound Movement collective which is on the forefront of the Colorado bass scene (and the national bass scene, for that matter).  He also regularly plays his tunes and chats with listeners, other producers, and DJs in the Afro Monk room 🙂

As far as live performances go, I’d love to see a live Digital Connection set. I have seen a few videos of his shows and he definitely knows how to get a crowd moving; this guy emanates some serious energy. Ricky is all about playing unstructured live sets rather than having a set queued playlist. He articulated that “it’s as important to vibe off the crowd as it is to send vibrations out. It feels wrong to me to make sets – it feels a lot more natural to go with the flow and play to the crowd”. I can appreciate this as I have been to shows where although the music is good, the crowd isn’t really feeling the atmosphere (too mellow for the setting, too many bangers in a row, etc.). I don’t think that would be an issue at a Digital Connection show – the guy is a master at sensing an audience’s vibes and mixing his set up accordingly.

Show support for The Digital Connection by downloading A Universal Outcome. Be sure to check out his 3 other releases on Bandcamp as well, and keep an eye out for his debut EP on Gravitas Recordings in 2012.


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Simplify Mix Sessions Volume 9 | Pressha

time November 14th by Mr Ed authorTags: ,

Pressha drops a long awaited Simplify mix today that is sure to be a ear pleaser!  In my first post with Afromonk, I promised to bring some DJ’s from the Northwest to the blog.  Pressha has always been friends to this blog and he was one of the first of the artists I contacted to bring a Mix.  Super excited!  With out further to do. Here is DJ Pressha’s brand new mix, ” Simplify Mix Sessions Volume 9″

Pressha Simplify Mix Sessions #9

1.) Did it on em- Nicki Minaj (Lobounce Remix) (Bandcamp)
2.) Trouble Blind-Sugarpill (Subsynthesis)
3.) Money Talks-Deathstar (Bandcamp)
4.) Sun Burst-Minnesota (Tyco Records)
5.) Let me Love You-Stephan Jacobs & Love and Light (Muti Music)
6.) Lucid-Ruff Hauser (Muti Music)
7.) Pretty Boy-Stephan Jacobs & GRiZ (Simplify)
8.) Driving- Sugarpill (Simplify)
9.) Doebd-Sugarpill (Chris B Remix) (Simplify)
10.) Where’s the Love-GRiZ (Soundcloud)
11.) Jewel St-Mimosa (False Idol Muzik)
12.) Dream On- Aerosmith (Griz Remix) (Soundcloud)
13.) Hold up-Minnesota (Mallabel)
14.) Longest Road-Morgan Page ft Lissie (Papa Skunk Remix) (Soundcloud)
15.) Sexy Shapes-iONiK (Simplify)
16.) Activated-Signal Path (Bandcamp)
17) Scheme-STS9 (Polish Ambassador Remix) (Bandcamp)
18.) Fireflies Remax-Lokid (Bandcamp)
18.) Lost in Bass-SuperVison (Pretty Lights Music)
19.) Crunch Pleazer-Freddy Todd (Simplify)
20.) Simmer Gently-Blunt Instrument (Bran Richards Remix) (Simplify)
21.) Phresh- Love and Light (Simplify)
22.) Lightning and Rain- Love and Light (Simplify)
23.) Swamp Gate-Nicoluminous (Subsynthesis)
24.) Rock This-Dj DLG (Lazor Music)
25.) Zingy- Ak’sent (Jantsen and Dirtmonkey’s Boombahton Remix) (Unsigned)
26.) Jump-Kriss Kross (TBMA Remix) (Play Me)
27.) A Bad Place-Mimi Page (Carrier Remix) (Simplify)

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Tipper | Bubble Control

time November 14th by Mr Ed authorTags: , ,

Tipper’s new EP “Bubble Control” demonstrates his signature bass sound to perfection.  A true master of the band-pass filter delivers a truly out of this world sound full of bubbly bass, heart palpations, and complex sound design.  After listening to the release in my cans a few times, I wasn’t even sure where to begin.  Seems Tipper recreates his mood and ambiance with each release while keeping that bass we all love.  The title track, Bubble Control, is a complex blend of bubble mayhem with a driving bass line that keeps the movement full speed ahead.  For sure, this is my favorite track on the release!  Covered in Lobsters, showcases some funky percussion with crunchy bass that is sure to bring your head into a new dimension!  You can grab this hot Ep at addictech!

To top all things off,  Tipper just dropped a new promo mix yesterday full of a mixture of tunes of the past, present, and future!  This mix has been on constant repeat all day for me.  He seamlessy mixes through a high energy blend of what makes Tipper’s signature sound design out of this world!

On a personal note,  Some of you might be wondering about how my review of the high energy Tipper EP works into our Blogs direction.  Tipper’s sound is a perfect demonstration of all that I love in Future Bass Music.  There is a lot of energy, but still the intelligent sound design is forefront.  Artists that create these imaginative sounds continue to adapt and impress release after release.  Not just trying to capitalize on today’s trends.  I still love the funkiness of glitch hop,  the creativity of taking one sound and messing with its roots, and the mind-bending, out of the world sounds found within.  There is so much talent in our community,  I just have been struggling lately to sift through the massive amount of ugly sounds that attack my brain.  I have always believed in to each their own.  This world is so amazing because we each create our own art,  enjoy our own sounds,  not limited to what the masses our pushing in our direction.  There is a place for all music and the fans that enjoy it, but I’m so proud to work with Afromonk because we continue to collaborate/support/hype our friends and the music we love!

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The Goal of

time November 14th by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

Dear Readers,

It has been awhile since I wrote a post that doesn’t have to do with a specific release or spotlight. I’ve been meaning to write a piece about the website but I’ve been quite busy. I just recently relocated back to Miami, FL.

The website has been around for over two years now. It’s crazy to think it has been that long. It seems like it was just yesterday when I built it. The purpose of this website was to post music I found and help support my friend’s music.

Recently I’ve seen an increase in music blogs and resources online. There’s so much music out there that people are finally using online mediums to share and promo new music. I’m happy to see this evolution of online promotion because it gives chances for new producers and DJs to gain exposure.

The format of this blog is a bit different as I mainly write about people I’ve personally connected with online. The site after all is which is my DJ name and story of my experiences tied together with music. I want to give readers, fans, and music lovers more than just a download link. It’s important to me as a DJ to have a personal connection with the music versus just playing what’s hot or popular. I actually take pride in making sure that all the music I do play out to a crowd is by people I personally know versus just scanning through Beatport for something that’s in the charts.

The main goal of this post is to let my existing fan base, readers, new visitors, producers, and people interested in getting a featured on the site know that this website is designed for a specific sound., has no plans to expand into something huge and ultimate resource for electronic music. The objective for this website is to provide a place where SPECIFIC niche of music will be written about. Ultimately what I’m trying to say is that there will be NO BROSTEP. The site will always be a niche site and for people who are interested in the softer chiller side of electronic music.

I recently started a room, glitch / chill dubstep / IDM. The purpose of the room was to create a room where I could create a place to listen/play music that I love and can sit back and listen to at work. We have a great following already and it continues to grow. The reason for this is due to the fact that we are extremely picky and have no problem with trolling the crap out of heavy dubstep. The room is designed to follow a specific format.

I have no problem pushing this specific sound. This does not mean that it’s all I support but in the current state of dubstep and electronic music we have people like Skrillex introducing the masses into electronic music. My goal is to create different mediums such as, room, mixes, etc… that promote a sexier side to electronic music. The influx of people interested in electronic music is great but there’s too many websites/blogs that push things due to the fact that they are popular or fit a generic genre. We’ve seen a rise in some massive websites overnight but catering specific to this sound Skrillex, Bassnectar, Nero, Flux Pavilion, etc… It’s not that these producers don’t have diversity but it’s more of the fact that people are constantly promoting specific major artist and sound.

I had a talk with my talented new writers Ed and Tara about this and let them know that will continue to push a softer chiller side to electronic music. We encourage you to send us e-mails about anything new you hear about that fits to a setting where you’re lightning one up and just want to take in the music. It doesn’t even have to be electronic music per say but have a lounge chill feel to it. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy trip-hop and wish there would be more music created in that realm vs aggressive bass sounds that have become so extreme.

For the love of God realize that this website will not promote or post anything that resembles BROSTEP. If you can’t close your eyes and relax while listening to the music chances are we won’t consider. CHILL SEXY MUSIC PLZ.

Thank you for all the support over the years.

I’m sorry if any of you take this post as something negative but understand there are thousands of dubstep blogs out there now that post the heaviest filthiest sounds out there. This site is designed to be a contrast to this trend of music.
Please send any music you feel that fits into our goal to

– JM

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NastyNasty | Poison Flavored EP

time November 12th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

NastyNasty aka Jasper has finally put a release date to his highly anticipated new Poison Flavored EP! I’m not going to lie and say that this is probably the best thing he has put out since The Reef. Jasper has been touring heavily in 2011 and yet still has time to put together one of the best EPs of the year.

This release contains some of my favorite songs that he plays. I can’t tell you how excited I was when a copy of Sweaty Bodies was in my possession. Sweaty Bodies is one of those tracks that I kid you not I listen to at least 5x a day (it’s unhealthy). Another track that I absolutely love that finally has an official release is Jelly. Every single song on this EP is incredible and completely approve. The moment I got a promo copy of this I put it in my phone and listened to it non-stop since it was the only release on my cell phone at the time. This most likely be one of my top 3 releases for all of 2011. Flawless.

Over the few years I’ve been part of this community I can’t help but say that Jasper is one of the best in the game. His dynamic range, unique style, and overall personality are unmatched. He’s one of those few people that can actually drop house music or juke and actually have me grooving (that’s huge). There are so many people who try to dip into a bit of everything but NastyNasty takes 1st prize for creating the best overall sound with every genre he takes a stab at. The best part about him is the fact that he’s actually one of the best people to chill with. Overall the guy is living life up and has a smile on his face. If you ever watch him play you can see NastyNasty come alive and pour out this explosive side to him. He has openly admitted that almost all the music he writes is about women which shows quite well. Jasper is just another guy like us who happens to make incredible music that has introduced him to a culture and scene that is quite unique. He’s the guy everyone loves and knows how to please any crowd he is given. Even today someone asked me what I recommend since nothing seems to really satisfy them lately and in that list NastyNasty was on the top of it. Be on the look out for another stunning release from Quitter (NastyNasty + So What).

I can’t tell you how honored I am to call him a friend. This summer I had the luxury of seeing him a whole bunch and feels good to know he’s a friend. Never will forget that moment he found me at Emissions and just gave me a hug and had no idea who it was at first but soon realized who it was. That’s when I knew that I had to be doing something right to get this mans respect.

NastyNasty – Poison Flavored EP
01: Sweaty Bodies
02: Jelly
03: Hyda
04: Legionnaire
05: Ghost Down

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Virtus in Sonus Compilation | Gravitas Recordings

time November 10th by Taradactyl authorTags: , , , , ,

Gravitas Records has just announced its second official release, Virtus in Sonus, for FREE on Addictech! The 24-track compilation is comprised of a diverse roster of producers that invite you on a gratifying musical rollercoaster ride. The album kicks off smooth and sexy for the first few tracks (my personal favorite of these being Rion King’s “Bliss”) and evolves into more funky and ethnic varieties found in Blunt Instrument’s and Govinda’s work – where the coaster is doing pleasing twists and turns. Then after enjoying the scenery for a moment comes the exhilarating peak, where you can sense a division between soul and body with One4All’s, Cryptex’s and Brede’s awe-inspiring tracks. Cryptex’s “Reset” is absolutely phenomenal; it’s drippy and melodic yet packs in some serious heat. After finding yourself again, you have a chance to reflect on the experience with some effervescent tunes including Jake Scarborough’s bouncy “Radar Junkie”, The Digital Connection’s lazerblappy “Starwalker”, and Bobby Tank’s 80’s-inspired “Good Girl Bad Girl”. The Virtus in Sonus coaster may have left you stunned, and that’s simply because it encompasses such an array of sounds that flow impeccably.

Given the fact that Gravitas Recordings has only been in the game since May 2011, the caliber of this release is exceptional. Jesse Brede, founder of Gravitas Recordings explained that he “reached out to guys that [he] knew would provide a certain type of sound so it wasn’t the same BPM or style the whole time. The compilation has just about every genre of electronic music on it – everything from downtempo to dubstep to house to electro to dnb to trip hop to glitch hop, so if you listen from start to finish you really don’t get bored.” I agree; the genre-encompassing album is brilliant for listening all the way through while on a road trip, at work, or chillin with friends. Grab it here from Addictech, give it a thorough listen, and gain the “Power of Sound”!

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Love and Light | Galactic Booty Activation

time November 4th by Taradactyl authorTags: , , , ,

Love and Light’s freshest release positively lives up to its name, Galactic Booty Activation. You can’t listen to this funky composition from Matt Madonna and Ryan Anderson without feeling the need to shake that ass! While you can clearly sense their signature sound shining throughout the release, they blend in an assortment of other musical flavors. The album effortlessly integrates crunky, glitched-out beats with wubby bass, tasteful samples, and instrumentals, making for a vibrant and compelling listen. My favorite tracks are Ninja Brothas Motha and their collaborations with Samuel Wexler (Structural Liberation – I love the buildups & instrumentals) and Zebuel Early (Making Waves – I enjoy the rock influences).  Zeb is a fellow Tahoe local and proponent of the bass scene here so I was stoked to see his name on the album. This is without a doubt Love and Light’s most solid release yet! Let Love and Light empower you with the sensation of pure bliss; grab the Simplify Recordings album here at Addictech.

Matt and Ryan have made it their goal to transmit their genuine compassion for humanity via uplifting, genre-paving music. People are catching on so the pair is deservedly blowing up – they have been touring the nation and popping up on coveted lineups. That being said, if you have the chance to catch these two live, I would highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity. The energetic duo originates from Reno, NV; as I am native to the Lake Tahoe region I have been fortunate enough to see, or rather experience, countless Love & Light sets. I can honestly say that of the multitude of shows that I have attended, Love and Light offers the most consistently astounding live experience – I have yet to be disappointed. They never seem to suffer from “off-nights” as most DJs do every once in a while. It’s not only the duo’s spine-tingling music that triggers the masses into motion, but also their undeniable energy and passion for creating a sense of togetherness. While they are undoubtedly stirring up emotion in their listeners, you can tell that the audience is having the same effect on them. You can FEEL the music and the soul that they devote to it. Check out Love and Light and get that galactic booty activated!

Might as well say what’s up to all you Afro Monk readers and introduce myself. I’m Tara, also widely known as Taradactyl. I’m passionate about bass music and the community that surrounds it so I’m honored to become part of this project 🙂
I promote and attend most of the countless shows in the Tahoe/Reno area and also make it to many CA festivals. Come say what’s up!


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