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Mr. Ed |A Sunny Day in October Mix

time October 9th by Mr Ed authorTags:

Hello new friends.   This post has two purposes.  First to introduce myself to all of you.  My name is Ed, and I have been writing for Afromonk for the last 2 weeks.  This is something I have wanted to do for some time now.  Ask JM, have bugged him for months.  Personally, I really enjoy not only the Music, but the community that surrounds it.  There is some amazing people involved with this scene, and I feel honored to be apart of it and help promote some of those people who bring so much joy to my life with the music they create.  That being said, I want your hear what your working on so I can get it posted up here!!!  Got a finished Album, Ep, Tune, or mix , I want to hear it,  Send it to

The 2ed part of this post is to kick off a few weeks of posting mixes from some of my favorite DJ’s in the  Northwest!  I live outside of Seattle for only 1 more month so I want to say thanks to these people who gave me many a good night of fun.    So to kick it off I’m posting a mix of my own.  Im no pro,  but this was really fun to record.  It was recorded live at a party last week on Traktor with the S4, and no sync!  Hope you enjoy!

Run For Cover-Tipper
Rolling In The Deep-Griz rmx
Lost In Bass-Supervision
Pure Gasoline-SUN:MONX
Learning is Remembering-Tipper
Vision Of Happiness-GriZ
Olympus Egg-Blunt Instrument
Robobooty-Opium Alias n Benson rmx
BlackWater-Doobie Brothers(Love and Light rmx)
Swamp Gate-Nicoluminous
Ride-Ciara&Ludacris(LoBounce rmx)
Sleaze Me VibeSquaD

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