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Halloween Festivities | Freaker’s Ball

time October 28th by Taradactyl authorTags: , , ,

Halloween is upon us, and you know what that means. Time to party on down and be that crazy-ass animal/inanimate object/celebrity/monster/profession/freak of nature that we hope to come back as in our second life. There’s gonna be insane parties all over the world- so how to decide where to do some ass shakin?

One of the best events that I attended last year was Freaker’s Ball at Public Works in San Francisco… it’s thrown by Raindance Presents, who obviously knows what they’re doing. If you can make it happen I would highly recommend attending this year! The lineup is stacked both Friday and Saturday; check it: UK’s dubstep pioneer GINZ, Eliot Lipp, Sub Swara, Heyoka, R/D, Ill.Gates, Love & Light, David Starfire, Little John, Bounce Brigade (Russ Liquid & Lafa Taylor), & Stephan Jacobs, to name a few. Worth attending? I’d say so. Check out the Raindance Presents website for more information.

That being established, the set that I probably look forward to the most is Eliot Lipp’s. His recent album with Jasia 10, “How We Do: Moves Made”, is phenomenal and blends mellow jazz with effervescent bouncy bass. You can tell that each piece was well thought out to provide easy listening at its finest. However don’t let the soothing sensations of this release fool you into thinking that Lipp can’t get a crowd moving. I recently had the pleasure of seeing him at a show, and he had a brilliant live set. He’s definitely one to catch if you can make it to Freaker’s Ball.

If you can’t make it to Freaker’s Ball, fret not – there will be lots of wild weekend parties across the nation worth attending. To name a few:
GRiZ, Project Aspect, Slim Thugz, & more in Denver, CO
EOTO, NastyNasty, Bass Science, & More in Spokane, WA
Freaknight in Seattle, WA
Moogfest w/ STS9, Amon Tobin ISAM, Flying Lotus, Beats Antique, SBTRKT, Emancipator, Baths, & more @ Asheville, NC
Bassnectar afterparty w/ Tipper, Govinda, Psymbionic in Austin, TX

Whatever you do, just make sure you get down to some beats and enjoy yourself – in costume! Happy Halloween!


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Freddy Todd & Black Mic | Dopesauce

time October 27th by Taradactyl authorTags: , , ,

Freddy Todd has been experimenting with music since he could walk and is on a serious mission to emit some fresh resonations into your eardrums. Well, mission success. In his newest (and highly anticipated) release, Dopesauce, he collaborates with rhyme master Black Mic to produce five quality bangers that will please music enthusiasts across the spectrum. Having been a hip hop lover for years and more recently evolved into a bass aficionado, I am a huge fan of this work which seamlessly combines the two. The release is laced with heavy bass, drippy synth lines, and gripping hip hop; and also features rappers Fat Ray, Joe Mousepad, and Scorpion. The track “Dopesauce” has to be one of the fattest tracks I have heard in a while, I seriously can’t stop blasting it! Also a deserved shout to Ill.So.Naj for contributing the radical album art.

Drink up some of that “Swagger Syrup” – you won’t be disappointed.Cop the rap infused lazer-bass album here on Addictech via Daly City Records. Next I’m hoping to hear some SplaTTerboX, comprised of dynamic duo Freddy Todd and GRiZ.


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One4All | History of Things to Come

time October 25th by Taradactyl authorTags: , ,

Hailing from Austin, Texas, producer One4All (Augustine Verrengia) has tremendous passion for electronic music, the feelings it emotes, and its ability to bring people together. This is manifested in his latest album, History of Things to Come, which he released for free last week after reaching 1,111 Facebook likes. The album offers a diverse range of sounds that showcase his unique talent and ability to produce an array of electronic grooves. I particularly love the smooth, dubby feel of “Calling Out”.

Augustine also helped launch Gravitas Recordings, a creative collective involving an array of talent – the likes of Cryptex, Blunt Instrument, The Digital Connection, and Brede. Gravitas Recordings will be releasing a compilation album this week that will showcase the label.

Make sure to grab One4All’s album History of Things to Come. Don’t hesitate to chip in for his efforts so he can continue to bless your eardrums with audio delights! I am excited to hear more from One4All as he clearly has a lot of potential.
Also if you’re in the Austin area, he’ll be opening at 10:00pm on November 11 for Paper Diamond and Run DMT at The Parish; this is guaranteed to be a great show!


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time October 22nd by Mr Ed authorTags:

Hypha just hit us up over here at Afromonk with some stellar sounds.  He is dropping 22 tracks that consist of a collection of originals and remixes that have been released during the last year.  As of right now, you can download all these dope tracks in one place.  Pretty diverse mixture of sounds in this collection from melodic bass poetry to some fun and funky remixes that are sure to get people moving on the dancefloor!

Protohype ft. Ozone – With the Stars (Hypha Remix)

Hypha, representing Humboldt County has developed a unique sound in the West Coast Bass world.   Each track I’ve gotten to listen to from this producer/Instrumentalist has highlighted one of his most impressive skills, the ability to keep things fresh and new.  Letting us swim in a sea of acoustic mayhem, but keeping our feet moving and the party soaring!   If you haven’t checked him out in the past this is your opportunity to grab his tracks for free.

Grab all of Hypha’s tracks here!

If you like what you hear check out BassStream Radio on Glitch.FM on October 25th where he will be dropping a brand new Mix!

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Ben Samples | Malbec | Shadow of Love

time October 18th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Ben Samples has finally announced his second full album, Malbec. Samples has not stopped putting out tracks since I’ve heard of the guy and I’ve always said he is the most prolific glitch-hop artist. His sound might have gone from lazer bass to more of a dubstep sound but don’t count this guy out for anything. He’s notorious for getting crunk and raging a dancefloor all over the States. He has decided to give away a track that was originally on the album out for FREE, Shadow of Love. It’s probably one of my most favorite tracks when I first received the promo. You’ve probably even might recognize it from my luvstep mix back in February for Valentines Day. You’re going to one to grab it now!

Malbec will be out on Old Tacoma Records Elliot Lipp’s label November 8th, 2011. This def has more of that glitch-hop vibe mixed with dubstep. There some straight bangers on here that will give you the power to rock a crowd like Ben Samples himself, haha. Look out for his upcoming Halloween tune he’ll be giving away and a funky 90s jam. For now grab the free demo track for Malbec!

DOWNLOAD: Ben Samples – Shadow of Love

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Kastle | So You EP

time October 18th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Kastle is back with another to follow up the most recent Time Traveler release a few months ago. If you haven’t heard of Kastle get in the know now because he’s making some of the most incredible music out right now. I can’t think of any recent set I’ve played that I haven’t played one of his tunes.

The So You EP has the traditional sound we have come to love from him but adds much more emotion where some of his earlier tracks come from. I’ve listened to So You numerous times since I saw it appear on Soundcloud last night. I felt that Kastle was sort of falling flat compared to some of his earlier work but this track So You totally has grabbed me. The other two songs on the EP, Could U Want Me & You Know That I Know You Know, have been on his SC for awhile now but finally get a release on this small EP. He will be doing a small tour it seems to help promote this one. I’ll be sure to make it out to the show in Miami.

Be sure to grab this EP when it’s released on November 7th.
It’s perfect for those sexy R&B luvstep sets.

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Whitebear | Inanimate Incarnate

time October 18th by Mr Ed authorTags: , ,

Whitebear’s new release Inanimate Incarnate totally caught me off guard when I listened to this tonight.  In todays world, We all struggle to find those gems that really show creativity and genius in the massive sea of music releases.  With only 1 year of production experience and 20 years under his belt, Whitebear has really created an amazing piece of music.  Enig’matik Record’s gave this talented youngster a platform for him express his creativity and I feel we will all reap the benifits for a long time to come.  This is just one more example of why the Australian IDM scene is exploding with new talent.

Inanimate Incarnate’s mixture of field recordings and immaculately produced percussion is glitched up bass goodness! Check out the release on his Bandcamp page with a name your price download option!

Inanimate Incarnate EP – OUT NOW ON ENIG’MATIK RECORDS by Whitebear

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Seied-Be Green Records 1st Release!

time October 16th by Mr Ed authorTags: , ,

Our friends at Be Green Records just tipped us off to a their first official release, 2 tracks from the Denver based Bass master, Seied!  I was lucky enough to get to preview these tracks today, and I could see why they  jumped at the opportunity to release these tracks.   Bugz In My Headphonez and Skewed Up have been secret weapons by some of the best performers out there, but now they are cleaned, polished, and perfected to be released to the world.  Cherry on the cake,  they have been mastered by Bill Bless.  Constant repeat around my home today!

Just a quick word about Be Green Records,  These guys are really on to something.  If you don’t know about them be sure to check the website out.  This sustainable label is founded by artists for artists. They understand the artist’s they work with and work hard to distribute their music in the most sustainable and green way possible.  On top of that 33.3 % of all their profits go back into non-profits.  I must say that would make the folks at Occupy Wall Street proud.

Just to get you even more excited for the upcoming release listen to Seied’s last release  Subdimensional Harmonics out now on

Holographics-Seied & Diverse


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Cryptex | Isolated Incidents

time October 11th by Mr Ed authorTags: , , , , ,

Cryptex is well learned for being an 18 year kid bursting onto the Glitch Hop scene.  His new release, Isolated Incidents, out today on Austin-based Gravitas Recordings is sure to push some speakers to their bass limits!  Cryptex has educated himself well, and the production quality speaks for itself.  The clean bottom end is complimented with an onslaught of lasers attacking from every direction.  Isolated Incidents sound has roots in solid Hip Hop beats, but Cryptex has taken that flavor and created something much more out of this world.  Even with all the comparisons to Glitch Mob, Samples, and Crystal Method, this sound is still fresh.

The song “Footsteps” did its job fullfiling my bass addiction providing a pure unadulterated fix of  deep bass sounds, futuristic synth sounds, and glitched up vocal samples.  This midtempo bass slammer delivers glitched out greatness!

Cryptex is giving this track away for free download.  The Glitch Anthem is a crazy mashup of The Glitch Mob, Kraddy, and Skrillex with covered with Cryptex’s signature sounds.

Grab your copy at Addictech

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Mr. Ed |A Sunny Day in October Mix

time October 9th by Mr Ed authorTags:

Hello new friends.   This post has two purposes.  First to introduce myself to all of you.  My name is Ed, and I have been writing for Afromonk for the last 2 weeks.  This is something I have wanted to do for some time now.  Ask JM, have bugged him for months.  Personally, I really enjoy not only the Music, but the community that surrounds it.  There is some amazing people involved with this scene, and I feel honored to be apart of it and help promote some of those people who bring so much joy to my life with the music they create.  That being said, I want your hear what your working on so I can get it posted up here!!!  Got a finished Album, Ep, Tune, or mix , I want to hear it,  Send it to

The 2ed part of this post is to kick off a few weeks of posting mixes from some of my favorite DJ’s in the  Northwest!  I live outside of Seattle for only 1 more month so I want to say thanks to these people who gave me many a good night of fun.    So to kick it off I’m posting a mix of my own.  Im no pro,  but this was really fun to record.  It was recorded live at a party last week on Traktor with the S4, and no sync!  Hope you enjoy!

Run For Cover-Tipper
Rolling In The Deep-Griz rmx
Lost In Bass-Supervision
Pure Gasoline-SUN:MONX
Learning is Remembering-Tipper
Vision Of Happiness-GriZ
Olympus Egg-Blunt Instrument
Robobooty-Opium Alias n Benson rmx
BlackWater-Doobie Brothers(Love and Light rmx)
Swamp Gate-Nicoluminous
Ride-Ciara&Ludacris(LoBounce rmx)
Sleaze Me VibeSquaD

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