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Ben Samples | Kelly Rowland & Lil Wayne – Motivation (Screwed) Afro Monk Exclusive

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Afro Monk Exclusive - Kelly Rowland ft Lil Wayne Motivation (Samples Screwed)

Ben Samples has hit the legendary status that I knew he would become years ago. I got this in my e-mail a few days ago and was asked to put it out. I figure I post this because lately I’ve been telling the people close to me how hip-hop is what is doing it right now in sets. We all know how quickly Dubstep has been rising but the truth is most of the crowd wants something they know and can sing along too.

This track is a perfect example of what is working right now. Grab a sexy R&B track which has someone spitting on it and add some bass, rearrange some pieces, give it your signature sound and you’ve got a hit. Truth is we all know the top DJs and Producers are the ones who can play things people have never heard and also the hit they all know. The balance or mixture of these two things is exactly what works at clubs, bars, house parties, etc… You want to appeal to the masses but have a unique take on it so they remember you. Ben Samples understands this and has continuously proven that this works. I can’t tell you how many sets I’ve seen where someone uses one of his remixes or originals and the crowd goes nuts. Why? Well even when I drop one of his tunes I get that feeling this is what people want me to be playing yet get some additional bass and version they might not know but can predict whats going to happen so they can still follow the beat and dance too.

I hope you enjoy this and throw this one into your playlist. It’s great to hear something along these lines after his releases of heavy bass dancefloor remixes of some of the classics. After listening to this the first time on my phone when I received it I smiled and knew that this would instantly become a track I’d be hearing quite often at shows.


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