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Tokimonsta | Creature Dreams

time April 27th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,

Tokimonsta has to be one the best producers in the game. She is often called the female version of Flying Lotus. Disregard the fact that she is a lovely Asian woman and totally captures my heart with her every beat. Jennifer Lee is an EXTREMELY talented producer. She might get a lot of attention because she is a women but please listen to her music because it has soul!

Jennifer Lee is a self proclaimed night owl. She makes her music in the hours of 2am and 7am. It makes perfect sense to me as she is constantly touring around the world and must take breaks from it all once the day is over. I’ve been having trouble sleeping myself because I function and do so much more work in the late hours as well.

This album is genius in my opinion. I would call this easily one of the sexiest and groovy album of 2011. I can not get over the Little Pleasures track featuring Gavin Turek. I have listened to it over 20 times since I got a copy of this. Stigmatizing Sex is another glorious track which many babies will be made to over the next couple months I’m sure. The energy and raw emotion that comes out of every tune sends chills throughout me. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Toki play twice in the past 6 months and it’s always something special. Her style and unique signature beats may not be heavy dance floor tunes but the music captures your heart and soul.

Much respect to Jennifer as she continues to share a piece of herself in her music. Thank you for sharing these tunes with us all! Grab this album May 17th via the epic Brainfeeder label.

Creature Dreams Tracklist:
01. Fallen Arches
02. Little Pleasures (feat. Gavin Turek)
03. Bright Shadows
04. Moving Forward
05. Stigmatizing Sex
06. Darkest (Dim) (feat. Gavin Turek)
07. Day Job

I have been asked to send you all a promo of Bright Shadows to give a small preview of this masterpiece.

DOWNLOAD: Tokimonsta – Bright Shadows

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Pantyraid | Superior EP

time April 26th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , ,

I’ll never forget the first time I heard PantyRaid, it was the mix for The Sauce. I even remember the post and saying The Sauce would be the best album of of the year. I still stand by those words and the dynamic duo of MartyParty & Ooah despite this follow up EP and uproar it has started.

What’s the cause of all this uproar? Easy. The new Superior EP is filled with heavy aggressive drumstep vibes. The fans of the duo are disappointed and I even have seen many people even calling them sell outs to the brostep movement. Marty and Ooah have gained the respects of many of the west coast crunk bass movement and lets just say most of them won’t stand for this change of direction. The Sauce was a major point of the crunk sound development.

It’s not that ohh no another brostep/drumstep EP its more about what people have come to expect from both of them. We all know how talented and musical they both can be. Hell go listen to Marty’s Skukuza EP or Ooah’s Of Porclain project. The production value of those versus this is quite astounding. Now lets not burn these guys at the stake they have the right to change direction and have fun. They aren’t sell outs because as the powerhouse Skrillex has said numerous times.

My biggest concern is how they are handling this as if to pull a big move to almost disregard and hide all the negative responses. Marty posted this on FB and I replied. It of course got deleted but WHY?! I’m here to support but also speak my mind.

“You gotta love the hate on Facebook – WOW! Full time job deleting evil postings – to all those people that hate on art – LOVE and HATE are the same emotion – check yourselves and open your minds – I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!”

My response:

“I’ll be honest I’m not a fan of the new material but it’s definitely something interesting to listen to coming from two extremely talented producers. I wouldn’t call Love & Hate the same emotion. I personally think this album if anything shows the dark side of ones emotions where it has heavy aggressive angry monotones all over it but don’t we all have that inside at one point of time. Have fun but realize the new sound pushes a completely different emotion than The Sauce so what did you expect? Keep making that music and enjoying yourself. Do it for you and no one else but remember the art of music is conveying you and emotions. You guys do it well. Big ups!”

Now checking Twitter I see this.
Marty: “#3 on iTunes – THANKYOU – when we made these songs in the Brooklyn studio we knew they would stir up some emotion out there”

If you knew this was going to happen stop trying to delete and erase all the people speaking their mind and giving their opinion. Hateful messages yeah sure get rid of them but something tells me all of them aren’t hateful or evil. Everyone has their own personal opinion and doesn’t mean everyone thinks they have to follow or feel the same way. Hell if it has hit #3 on iTunes already you got a positive response but don’t be surprised if on social media mediums your fans who have been following you and actually pay attention to you won’t react in a positive light and be ignored.

Personally I think this is a huge push for people discovering The Sauce if they haven’t already. Look what The Glitch Mob did and it was in the complete opposite direction. They followed up all their free bootlegs with a straight downtempo chill LP versus a heavy crunk glitch release everyone expected. There were people who hated it and talked trash but want to talk about the press monster that came out of it. The same is about to happen with this release from Pantyraid.

I might not be a producer and making beats all the time but I know that music is a powerful medium of expression. There is music to rock out and party with and then there’s the listening to music. That’s how I mainly divide a lot of my music lately. This Superior EP is jump up and rage at a club and they execute it well. There is no doubt in my mind that heavy energy is the name of the game right now. Just remember to keep the diversity. Pantyraid shows us that you can get all sexy and crunk but also get all that pent up energy and push out some fun jump up dance floor stuff.

Love it or hate it check out the Superior EP @ PantyRaid Music

Quick references to hear the differences:

The Sauce


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Mexicans with Guns | Ceremony

time April 25th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , ,

Mexicans with Guns has to be one of my favorite alias in the game. Ernest Gonzalez reigns from Texas and is easily my favorite dubstep producer from Texas. I had the pleasure of finally catching a set of his during SXSW and whoa. Ernest doesn’t mess around and totally rocks one of the dopest mask. This LP I’ve been dying to get my hands on and finally have given it a listen. WOW. Originality in the dubstep genre is so important to me. There are so many producers and majority of them all seem to blend together for the most part. Mexicans with Guns gives a brand new sound that has become so appealing to me and really has that Mexican/Latin feel to the genre. His classic hits, Dame Lo & Me Gusto, are back on this release which truly express this vibe.

Ernest is ready to take us all on this ceremonial journey of bass music with this 14 track release on May 10th. Truly I feel like this is a masterpiece. Highway to Hell has instantly become one of my favorites since I heard it, within a few minutes of hearing it I ordered the sexy red vinyl press of it. Restart ft Sasha Perera is also a track that blew me away with such beautiful vocals on top of chill deep beat.

Ceremony Tracklist:
01. Opening Incantation
02. Jaguar
03. Restart ft. Sasha Perera
04. Fields
05. Deities
06. Highway to Hell ft. Freddie Gibbs
07. Mirage
08. Me Gusto ft. Chico Mann
09. Corazon ft. Zacky Force Funk
10. El Sol y La Luna
11. Got Me F_cked Up ft. Nocando
12. Dame Lo
13. Death and Rebirth
14. El Moreno ft. Helado Negro

FREE Downloads:
Freddie Gibbs – Playa (Mexicans with Guns Remix)

Mexicans with Guns – Me Gusto ft. Chico Mann

Check out this insane video for Dame Lo:

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Bass Science | Slip N Slide

time April 24th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Bass Science is BACK!!! Just got e-mail from the talented and incredible human, Matt B. He is about to put out a brand new release on his label, Made in Glitch. Bass Science is his stage name where he rocks it with all original music for the most part. He brings such positive vibes every time I have spoken to him and seen him on stage. Not to mention I can’t thank him enough for the support he has always given me. He is one of those people I’m glad to call a friend and not just another artist. He puts real passion and feel in everything and always excited to talk and catch up. Truly a remarkable person in the industry.

Slip N Slide is four track EP which features two separate original tunes with two remixes of the banging title track. The official release date is today, April 24th! Matt has been out of the States for awhile now but will be returning in May. This is a small preview of what he has been working on and man do these tunes explode. Mindelixir and David starfire ft. I-Catching add their own takes of Bass Science’s tune to add flavor and more diversity to this small 4 track.

Be sure to be on the look out for Bass Science on tour soon and more releases from Made in Glitch. I know I’m DYING to get a final copy of the upcoming Gladkill release on MIG. Lots of projects and new releases brewing so you’ll want to remember these names: Matt B, Bass Science, and Made in Glitch.

Preview the title track above with the album art widget!

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ill-esha | Cherry Blossoms

time April 22nd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,

ill-esha, one of the most talented and beautiful women in the business has recently put out a small EP, Cherry Blossoms, out on TrueScoreTheory. The title track features her hypnotic vocals and signature bass sounds we have all come to love.

Along with her title track comes a group of all stars that take their stab at what they’ve taken from this track. All of the remixes are full throttled with extra bass and dance floor ready. The legendary Trillbass squad dialed in a heavy hitting remix that builds up and drops seamlessly. East coast bass king Mindelixir produces another mind tingling remix which gives you a small preview of what his next full LP might sound like. Lastly Dan Wall and Ron Gee close this EP off with some fire business.

Be sure to catch ill-esha while she’s tour all over the States. Can’t wait to see her again on my adventure to Lightning in a Bottle this year!

BUY: ill-esha – Cherry Blossoms

Also be sure to grab the FREE Splatinum remix

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BASSDREAD / The Story About Us

time April 22nd by Dj EA authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

This week’s Fire Friday mix comes from BASSDREAD, out of Baltimore, MD.  I had the privelage of meeting and hanging out with these guys at Big Dub Candy Mountain Festival last year and they’re two of the coolest, down to earth people I’ve ever met. I brought them in for a guest DJ spot at my weekly event recently and the crowd went bonkers for them. They’re stage presence and energy are awesome and their track selections are on point. I’m glad to see that they’re doing well and I’m really digging their latest mix. Grab the free download on this one fo sho!

Make sure to like Bassdread on facebook and def make your way out to one of their upcoming shows.  You won’t be dissapointed!

Stoked to be sharing the stage with BASSDREAD again soon along with DrivepilotMinnesotaDirty TalkVoodoo FarmScott Nyce, and HMAZZ at Dewey Beach Delaware’s first ever Electronic Dance Music Festival on Friday July 29, 2011. All of the details here: Dewey Beach EDM Fest.

BASSDREAD– The Story About Us

Track Listing:
01. Wax, CLS – Gonzales Theme (Bassdread Edit)
02. Alex Malheiros& Banda Utopia – 4 Eyed Viper (Danny Wheeler Remix)
03. Danny Byrd -Discovery
04. Ben Westbeech & Die – Get Closer (Second)
05. Danny Byrd – Failsafe (Ft. London Elektricity)
06. London Elektricity – The Great Drum Bass Swindle (Logistics Remix)
07. Danny Byrd -Tonight (Ft. Netsky)
08. Danny Byrd – Amen Alley
09. SHRUST – Goodbye
10. Intelligent Manners – Black Tea
11. Big Timers – Still Fly (Wick-it Drumstep Remix)
12. HirsheeFt. Sue Cho – Always Tomorrow (Figure Drumstep Remix)
13. Urban Assault – In The Groove (Drumstep Mix)
14. Dodge & Fuski – No Love Lost
15. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Freak
16. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Freak (Dubstep Mix)
17. SkisM – Elixir
18. Dodge & Fuski – Minus One
19. Dodge &Fuski – Filth
20. Matta – Mind Control
21. Genetix – Keep It Gutter
22. Hoax – Side Gammon
23. Genetix- Squid Attack
24. Pixel Fist – Clean Slate
25. Muse – Knights of Cydonia (Nostalgia Remix)
26. Melamin & Wicked Sway – Black Jack
27. Melamin & Wicked Sway – Archangel
28. Vexare – Breathe (Vexare Remix)
29. Robzords & Flinch – My Name Is The Lord
30. Obsidian ft. Meliss FX – Far From Home (J.Rabbit Remix)
31. Will Bailey, Figure – Bass Powa
32. Helicopter Showdown – Beat Down
33. Whisker Twister – We Are Your Friends VIP
34. Minnesota – Bass Power
35. D1 Ft. Jenna G – Flood Of Emotions (Subscape Remix)
36. Jamiroquai – Nothing But Blue Skies (Flux Pavilion Remix)
37. Dream Ft. Misty Miller – FairyTale (Dream Remix)
38. Selah – Woman’s World (Stinkahbell Remix)
39. Helicopter Showdown – Dramatron
40. Trypt – All I Ask Of You (Trypt Remix)
41. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Fu Manchu (Dubstep Mix)
42. Davr – Checkmate
43. Nirvana – Smells Like Team Spirit (Dual Remix)
44. Flux Pavilion – Bass Cannon
45. Flux Pavilion – Bass Cannon (Filth Collins Bootleg)
46. Caspa – Back to the First Time (Extended Club Mix)
47. Flux Pavilion – Got 2 Know (DubChef Remix)
48. Wickaman & Sylo – Get Mad (Dubstep Mix)
49. Performance – The Living (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Dubstep Mix)
50. Performance – The Living (Drumsound & Bassline Smith DnB Mix)
51. Bassnectar – Bass Head (Bassdread Proppa Edit)
Much love and respect!
-EA (

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The Polish Ambassador / Future, Sex, Computers

time April 21st by Dj EA authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

David Sugalski aka The Polish Ambassador takes us on a funky glitchy ride with his latest release, “Future, Sex, Computers.” Reflecting a sense of maturity and directed vision, Future, Sex, Computers incorporates some of the slower, more spatial sounds of Sugalski’s downtempo alias Ample Mammal, while maintaining the high-energy, ass-shaking, electro madness that The Polish Ambassador is known for. The production is so clean and the tracks have so many elements that you can really just zone out and get lost in them. The album is amazing all the way through so it’s really hard to choose a favorite. I always look forward to when he posts a new track on soundcloud and already can’t wait for the next release!  Make sure to catch him on tour this spring. Thanks for keepin it fresh David!

The album was released through STS9’s heavy-hitting electronica imprint, 1320 Records. You can preview tracks and grab the release at

Check out his other sounds too at

Here’s a bonus free download of an amazing Radiohead remix he did recently:

Much love and respect!

-EA (

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Wubber Stumpper, Lb Sand – Mello Wello Vol. II

time April 21st by WubberStumpper authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

They call me, "Mello Wello".

A friend and I made a new mix, I think it turned out quite nice.
I’ve been on a bit of a mellow tangent lately and Lb Sand has been on the same road for a while now.
So we decided to make a mix that specifically caters to that very need, DEEP-BASS for the deprived ears.
I must say… I really enjoy Lb Sand’s contribution to the mix and I think the two mixes compliment each other a LOT.
Great vibe, great tunes, great listen, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

SO, sit back, relax, and listen.
These tunes remind me why I LOVE Dubstep so much.

Wubber Stumpper 🙂

Name altered, additional W’s – overrated.

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420 Remixes / Happy Holidaze

time April 20th by Dj EA authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Hey, what’s up! It’s EA.  I’m a lil late on posting this as I was celebrating a bit too hard last night, haha.  But, check out these 420 inspired tracks from some of my fave producers. All of em are free downloads!

StylesP Method Man Red Man Bob Marley are all Chillin at Mochipet’s House for 420 with Freda Payne

Dr. Dre-Let Me Ride (SplataLighT RemiX) Splatinum and Love and Light

Warren G featuring Nate Dogg – Regulate (The Polish Ambassador Remix)

Afroman – Because I Got High (Elfkowitz Remix)

Download: Toni Braxton – You’re Making Me High (Paper Diamond Remix)

Much love!

-EA (

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Emissions Festival | May 13th – 15th 2011

time April 19th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Emissions 2011

Camp Questions Mark & Irie Cartel present EMISSIONS! It’s not very often I post about events on the site but ohh man this ONE is truly worth covering. Emissions is on it’s 3rd year and wow this years line up is mind blowing. This festival is approximately two hours outside of San Francisco. There will be camping at the beautiful location for all three days.

Now lets get straight to the punch, MUSIC! The line up for this festival is one of the diverse line ups I have seen compared to all the major festivals. Diversity doesn’t mean that there’s only some medium grade level headliners mixed in with some local talent. This truly means that some of the biggest names in all spectrum’s of bass music. It is still taking me back how I will be playing at this event as well. This will be the first time I’ll be in San Francisco and couldn’t have asked to play a better event for my first visit. I think the best part of this festival as well is the unity that will take place at this event. There are so many names on the line up that I’ve worked with directly, have booked myself, communicated on regular online, and/or close friends with already. This past year at SXSW it was a dream to be part of the crew that we were rolling around with and I feel this will be no different. At the end of the day we all are here to share the music but what makes this community so special is how closely networked and friendly everyone is. There so many people on here that are playing that I haven’t met in person and looking forward to finally giving a good amount of people some big hugs.  Can’t wait to kick it with all the homies out in Cali!

Now let’s list the two rounds of artist announced. I have bolded some of my recommendations for this. To be fair it’ll probably be quite bias to my personal taste and close friends of mine. Hey I was honest at least right?! Got to support the homies!

Line Up

ill Gates
J Rabbit
The Widdler
The Flying Skulls
Ben Samples

Abstract Rude
Carrier fmly NTRLD
Minnesota ft. PRFMR
The Pirate of DubPirates
Smasheltooth and Thee Bad Bitch Brigade
Johnny 5
Ro Knew
El Diablo
Mycho Pan Cocoa
Zombie J
Fresh Young Minds
Love & Light
Willy Whompa

Adsum (Porkchop & Mikey Fisher)
Afro Monk
Free Crush (Konekta & Devi)
Carly D
Dr. Knobz

K Theory
Fire Lieber
Dr. Dylon
The Glitch Report
Energy Alchemist

Erin Jale
Grizzly J
Digital Bill
Rich DDT
Jai Solei
Mr. Kitt
Ananda G
John Holiday
My Pet Monster
Swaggersaurus Rex
& More!

Please shoot me a message if you’ll be attending this event! I’m always interested in meeting new people. It’s such a blessing to be able to share the music to you all. I hope you all could make it! Be sure to grab your tickets now! Apparently there might be a limited amount of tickets. The price you’re paying for this line up is an insane deal! Not to mention there are still more artist to be announced! WHAT?! Yeah I know right…

More Info

2 Full Stages, 3 Day Camping, Chill/Alt. Area, Massive Sound, Gorgeous NEW Venue (w/water, tree shade, level campgrounds & easy paved entry road), Unique Lineup (new fresh music not @ every other festie…yet) , Art Installations, Artist Walk, Daytime Workshops, & so much more!

Limited Pre-Sale – $95. (Limited 200 available or until May 10th)
Pre-Sale – $110. ( available until May 10/Last Chance to Guarantee Entry))
At the Gate – $130.
*Special Limited Family Packs*-10 for $75.each (LIMITED/get asap if interested)*
RV & BUS Parking Pass – $40.


18+/ Please No Dogs/ Leave No Trace/ No Bad Attitudes

Sound: By the Wobble Factory & more
Art Deco: Jeremiah Allen Welch
Flyer Design/Image: By Sparkuhl
Stage Deco: RageStageDesign
Fire-safety by Fire University
Fire-breathing by Aries

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