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Nico Luminous | Sunrize in LA

time March 29th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Every once in awhile a release will come out and totally blow me away. This time the amazingly talented and amazing friend Elysha hit me up about the upcoming Nico Luminous EP, Sunrize in LA. She sent it over to me personalized stating that it was some Luvstep that she knew I would love. She was absolutely correct and have been so backed up on reviews but had to write about it after clearing up some messages in my inbox. Elysha has been helping out with the Street Ritual label and man they are putting out some quality work.

Sunrize in LA has some of my favorite tracks on it right now. It’s an absolutely sexy release and has the loveliest female vocals on top of some of these tunes. I’m playing a show soon where it’s strictly sexy beats and can’t wait to make the dance floor get down to a few of these tracks. There’s also a really fun IDM/8-bit tune in there that will make you all giddy after hearing the sample. Nico Luminous has really shown off his talent on this one especially considering this is his second release on Street Ritual.

Be sure to check out the album and BUY the set!

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Slim Thugz | Living Dreams EP

time March 29th by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

Slim Thugz is the dynamic duo of Frequent-C and The Candyman. These guys are putting out some sick tunes together. This free release, Living Dreams, is only a tease of what is to come. All the tracks on this are top quality and get my approval. It’s great to push homies tunes out there. Frequent-C is a great friend and always impresses me whenever he sends me some of the stuff he is working on. This collab of him and Candyman is absolutely slaying it. These glitch-hop & dubstep beats just slay the crowds and has some of the dopest samples layered just right.

Be sure to catch these guys live if near the Boulder/Denver area. I’ve seen pictures and heard that these guys are making dance floors erupt. Much love and respect goes out to these two! Keep the hustling going!

DOWNLOAD: Slim Thugz – Living Dreams EP

Check out this fresh video put together from their show on St. Patty’s!

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