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Parting Ways EP

time March 28th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

One of secret producers that I absolutely love has been working hard and is finally putting something out that I want to share with you all. German producer ioqe has put together a 3 track EP with two other producers, Mr.Ebs & Retrotation.

ioqe’s style is so fresh and what I hope to hear more from other producers when searching for new music. Mr.Ebs is another German producer who contributed a track and it’s such a solid contrasting tune compared to ioqe’s. It has a lot more of the bassy tones spread all over the tune with the same beautiful melody behind it. Retrotation is a producer from the States and resides in Penn. His version is very laid back and has some fantastic samples that he used wisely to create extremely well rises. The violin parts add such depth and beauty to the tune.

This is a FREE release due out April 1st and man I can’t push this one enough. It’s absolutely a masterpiece. It’s such a blessing to be connected with such artist from across the globe.

Much love and respect to these three talented artist.

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