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Love & Light | The Light We Bring

time March 31st by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Love and Light are back with a new release on Simplify Recordings. Ryan and Matt have been hard at work with this new release and have put together quite a tour of the States. This release shows off some of their new styles and techniques as they mature their sound. It’s great to see a release where most of the tunes have that whompy bass feel that reminds me a lot of Heyoka. The best part is that this arsenal of bass bombs are at a sweet sexy 200 bpm. It’s always great to have a good amount of variety in the bpm ranges.

I’m really looking forward to playing the two Texas shows in Austin and Dallas with them. Matt and Ryan truly have so much great energy online and always have been there to support me in anything. Excited to finally kick it with them in person. The videos and responses I’ve seen on this tour is unbelievable. It seems just like yesterday when they put out their first tune together. Get ready because they are just getting started and this dynamic duo has quite the future ahead of them.

Be sure to grab this release.
BUY: Love & Light – The Light We Bring

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Nico Luminous | Sunrize in LA

time March 29th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Every once in awhile a release will come out and totally blow me away. This time the amazingly talented and amazing friend Elysha hit me up about the upcoming Nico Luminous EP, Sunrize in LA. She sent it over to me personalized stating that it was some Luvstep that she knew I would love. She was absolutely correct and have been so backed up on reviews but had to write about it after clearing up some messages in my inbox. Elysha has been helping out with the Street Ritual label and man they are putting out some quality work.

Sunrize in LA has some of my favorite tracks on it right now. It’s an absolutely sexy release and has the loveliest female vocals on top of some of these tunes. I’m playing a show soon where it’s strictly sexy beats and can’t wait to make the dance floor get down to a few of these tracks. There’s also a really fun IDM/8-bit tune in there that will make you all giddy after hearing the sample. Nico Luminous has really shown off his talent on this one especially considering this is his second release on Street Ritual.

Be sure to check out the album and BUY the set!

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Slim Thugz | Living Dreams EP

time March 29th by John-Michael authorTags: , , ,

Slim Thugz is the dynamic duo of Frequent-C and The Candyman. These guys are putting out some sick tunes together. This free release, Living Dreams, is only a tease of what is to come. All the tracks on this are top quality and get my approval. It’s great to push homies tunes out there. Frequent-C is a great friend and always impresses me whenever he sends me some of the stuff he is working on. This collab of him and Candyman is absolutely slaying it. These glitch-hop & dubstep beats just slay the crowds and has some of the dopest samples layered just right.

Be sure to catch these guys live if near the Boulder/Denver area. I’ve seen pictures and heard that these guys are making dance floors erupt. Much love and respect goes out to these two! Keep the hustling going!

DOWNLOAD: Slim Thugz – Living Dreams EP

Check out this fresh video put together from their show on St. Patty’s!

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Parting Ways EP

time March 28th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

One of secret producers that I absolutely love has been working hard and is finally putting something out that I want to share with you all. German producer ioqe has put together a 3 track EP with two other producers, Mr.Ebs & Retrotation.

ioqe’s style is so fresh and what I hope to hear more from other producers when searching for new music. Mr.Ebs is another German producer who contributed a track and it’s such a solid contrasting tune compared to ioqe’s. It has a lot more of the bassy tones spread all over the tune with the same beautiful melody behind it. Retrotation is a producer from the States and resides in Penn. His version is very laid back and has some fantastic samples that he used wisely to create extremely well rises. The violin parts add such depth and beauty to the tune.

This is a FREE release due out April 1st and man I can’t push this one enough. It’s absolutely a masterpiece. It’s such a blessing to be connected with such artist from across the globe.

Much love and respect to these three talented artist.

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Mimosa | 58 Degrees

time March 27th by John-Michael authorTags: None

Mimosa is back with a new EP that he is giving away for free aka name your own price. This release hasn’t seen much spotlight so figure let you all know about it. I wouldn’t call this his best work by any means but it’s great to see Tigran trying out some new things on this.

This release to me is a bunch of tracks where he did a little of everything. There’s some glitch hop, dubstep, brostep, and drumstep on this. Nothing really stands out that much on this release but after all you can grab it for FREE! It’s real interesting to hear his take on drumstep and brostep. If you’ve seen Tigran live recently you know that he mainly plays heavy dubstep bangers during his sets and not so much any of his originals. It always made me wonder why he didn’t just make some of this stuff if he was playing it out such an aggressive heavy set. I think this was a test to see how it went over when he sat down and wrote a few tracks in different tempos.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more music from him soon but this is a great EP to grab for free and get one of the more recognized producers in the West Coast take on new genres. Truly you have to consider that it must get boring making music in the general same BPM.

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Mono/Poly | Manifestations EP

time March 26th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , ,

Mono/Poly brings up something special in his latest release, Manifestations. It’s an absolutely beautiful piece of work. Brainfeeder always seems to put out some of the greatest works. This whole release has a real fun feel good vibe to it. Mono/Poly was one of those producers who I knew the name but never got around to really spending time on. This EP totally blew me away and makes me realize how silly it was to not give this stuff my ear earlier.

The beats on all these tracks are unreal. They all have that unique wonky glitched up beats thrown in there. There are some tunes that are absolutely intense such as the tune Punch The Troll In The Neck. Complete madness yet works so well. The diversity and crazy beats that are on this release is something you should definitely check out. Don’t sleep on this like I regrettably have for too long. This comes out April 5th, 2011! Time to play some catch up!

1. Manifestations
2. Forest Dark
3. Glow
4. Needs Deodorant
5. Toe Jam
6. Punch The Troll In The Neck
7. Vibrations (Alternate)

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+verb | Solar Heat Traveler

time March 25th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

One of my all time favorite producers out there, +verb, has a release coming out! This release is being put out by Vermin St a great group of people behind it. This is everything you’d want in a release and few unique remixes along for the ride. There are three original tracks by Dominic and another three quality remixes. JerkOFF shines on this release with a such beauty. Playing this song never gets old. Seriously. It’s an instant classic in my book. We’ve also just begun because the rest of the tracks only show off some of the freshest beats done by +verb. The three takes of Puddleglum add the perfect amount of spice to an already original tune. Just when you’ve fallen in love jerkOFF in comes Freddy Todd to bring some extra hype with perfectly well placed samples.

+verb has so much more ahead and this is the perfect place to start checking out his material if you haven’t already. You can be sure to hear more from +verb as he begins gearing up for possible tour dates in the future. I know I’m excited to finally catch this guy playing out. He also has a ton more release where this came from. Be sure to check out his soundcloud and hear some of the amazing work he does. Big up to Vermin St for releasing this one. Top quality. This is officially due out this upcoming Tuesday! Be sure to pick this one up!

BUY: +verb – Solar Heat Traveler

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Wubber Stumpper – Set @ WuRK 03/19/11

time March 23rd by WubberStumpper authorTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

I recently played a show with FRESH2DEATH and Love & Light, it was a blast, here is the set I played that night.

Wubber Stumpper


1. Band Of Horses – The Funeral ( Butch Clancy Remix )
2. D-Jahsta – Transmorph ( Biometrix Remix )
3. Mt. Eden – Sierra Leone
4. The Secret Lemon Project – Sierra Le-Owned
5. 12th Planet & Antiserum – Snack Attack
6. Skream – The Shinein
7. d-Queue – Z.A.M.N.
8. Diesel ft. Tatu – All the things she said
9. Jogo – Bunny Rabbit
10. Bokator – Soap Box
11. BadKlaat – Gang Star
12. Dubsidia – kill humans
13. DZ – Untitled Facemelter
14. Tigerlips – Oslo
15. Supreme Selecta – Kicking Ass ( VIP )
16. Papuga – Ne Vien Stoteles Zalios
17. Twisted Vizions – Escalation
18. Supreme Selecta – Sex Offender
19. Ruckus & Roke – Soliqual
20. GIO.ELECTRO – Aliens Are Coming
21. Oblivion – Whomper Stomper
22. Legend4ry – My Life In Transient ( 2010 Refix )
23. DU3 – Emissions
24. Nit Grit – Babylon ( Dubzilla Remix )

Wubber Stumpper – Set @ WuRK 03-19-11

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ill Gates | Artist Spotlight

time March 23rd by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

ill Gates aka Dylan has some brand new freshness for us all! Celebrating the soft launch of the new and improved he has put out a new mix via Memekast! He has lots of big plans coming up and this is only the beginning. He has been hard at work touring all around the world spreading the music. I can’t think of many others out there who have been creating such a rift with music around the globe.

This mix is filled with such energy and fresh tunes that I’ve listened to it a few times already. This is only a small glimpse into what it is to catch ill Gates live. I had the pleasure of catching him live this past week at SXSW. Dylan is back with some heavy dance music and rocks a crowd like no other. You’ll know when he’s in the room and when he’s behind the mixer.

Without a doubt the highlight of my SXSW experience was staying up till sunrise with Dylan. Ever since I was able to catch his workshop in Seattle at Decibel Festival I’ve told everyone that I’d love to just be friends with ill Gates. He left such a mark on me and had such a sense of control of life that he’s one of those people you just want to be around. It was a honor to talked for a few hours with him. The guy is honestly as real as they come. I’ve met a lot of people in this community and hands down Dylan is one of the most unique and impressive people out there. His dedication and love for this community is unmatched. Hell the guy even has a specific type of diet so he can sleep less and be less cranky on tour. Even if you don’t dig this mix or his sound know that ill Gates encompasses everything you’d want in a person, friend, and musician. There aren’t many that I can say this about.

Look out for his upcoming ill Methodology online workshops coming soon. This is something all you upcoming producers might want to look into. The program is very affordable and can tell you Dylan is one of the best teachers out there. After seeing his workshop in person I can tell you this isn’t just about learning production but learning how to approach anything not just music. You’ll have to catch one of his workshops or online courses to know what I mean.

Nothing but respect and love to Dylan.
I can not say enough positive things about this man.

Be sure to check out the NEW ill Gates site!
Much more to be added soon!

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ill-esha | Only Fair | Kickstart Video Fund!

time March 21st by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

ill-esha is working on possibly making a music video for her track, Only Fair. She had decided to launch a kickstart campaign to help fund the project. The bar is set to $3,000 and it needs YOUR help! The video above goes into detail what she is hoping to accomplish with this video. We all know it’s a hard time to produce top quality products and with the decrease in album sales and labels lacking the budget this is her way of giving back a piece of herself in this video.

There are many benefits to contributing to this project based on how much you donate. What many of you don’t realize is that if the project does not hit its goal you will be refunded however much you have donated. Please spread this project as much as you can as I know that if there is anyone who has put in the time and effort into the community it’s Elysha.

I spent the past couple of days with her and every moment my faith is restored in where the music is going and seeing a loving heart behind the music. There’s so much music out there and seems to lack soul and seeing her preform and being around her you can just feel it. I hope you can give a little to this project and see it manifest itself into reality. Once the song is released all the profits made from commercial sales will be donated to the emergency relief effort in Japan.

For more information: ill-esha // Only Fair Kickstart

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