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Elfkowitz | Mans World | Exclusive

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In a Mans World… It Would Mean Nothing… Without A Woman…

Happy Valentines Day from <3

This is my gift to all you lovers. Elfkowitz’s Mans World. This is one I’d like to hold on to a bit longer but thought it would be the appropriate time to give away. I’ve been dropping this one for awhile and glad to give it all to you exclusively via the site. Elfkowitz right now is one of the best producers. He might not be a common name or massively well known but get ready because if you’re into heavy bass and sexy melodic vibes with a chill vibe to them, he’s doing it proper.

Enjoy this and remember to keep it sexy. This song is probably my 2011 anthem and overall life outlook. I took up DJing to fill that void of not having a woman. Yet doing all this writing, DJing, promoting, networking, traveling, etc… it really feel like it’s all for nothing till I have a woman to share this all with. I’m a big fan of Californication and last night there was a quote from one of the characters who is filthy rich and never got married. What is all the success in the world without having a woman or family to share it with… Couldn’t have heard truer words.

Hope you all have a lovely evening tonight with loved ones.

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Elfkowitz – Mans World ( Exclusive) by AfroMonk

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  1. PWR


    So Sexy!!!!

  2. 2

    absolutely nailed it

    great track a standard it will be

  3. Nathan R


    That makes no sense. Success in this world has both meaning and value. Having a woman/family does not. Simply having someone to have sex with, or children to carry on your genetic lineage doesn’t imply worth. Why do these things have worth? The answer is that they don’t. It’s simply a lie perpetuated to cow the masses.

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