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Fire Friday Mixes / EA’s picks

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We had a lot of great submissions to the website this week.  Here are a few standout mixes for your listening pleasure this Fire Friday….

This first one comes from Dr. Knobz.  It’s a nice mix of glitchop and dubstep and includes some of my faves out right now. He also wants you guys to know that  him and Carly-D’s label, GruntWorthy, is going to be giving away a 20+ track compilation of free originals and remixes very soon.

Dr. Knobz – Nocturnum Mix

This next mix comes from Dirty Byrdz (Hexidecibel + Shiver) out of Seattle. They spent about 2 months getting the tracklist together for this one as well as waiting for tracks to come out or getting the ok from producers to use the unreleased ones. It includes a bunch of quality dubstep tracks and I think a found a few new faves in it.

Dirty Byrdz – Paper Chase

This next mix comes from DR. EW & JOHN BEAN who have been DJing in Philly for about 5 years now bringing heavy bass, dubstep, rap, hiphop and some thugstep to the scene. The mix is Terminator 2 inspired and has a lot of nice filth and thugstep in it. It was recorded live in Philly in December.  Wish I had made it out to that show cause that’s close to my hometown.  I started my day off with this one 🙂


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