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Freddy Todd | Neon Spectacle Operator

time January 13th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Freddy Todd is as legit as they come. His musical background as a kid has lead him to day. Freddy reps Detroit hard and is ready to show you whats up. It’s been almost a year that I’ve been waiting for a copy of this release. Neon Spectacle Operator debuts a grand picture of what Freddy has going on. This two disc LP is just the beginning and only another landmark day to embrace Freddy’s talent. There is no way I could list all my favorites because each tune slays with heavy bass lines and sullen melodies.

I assure you each and every tune on this LP will get you moving. The opening tune describes it perfectly with the sample, “I make it easy for you to bop to this.” Get ready for an incredible journey into bass, dubstep, glitch, idm, etc… Freddy will have you hooked from the start and just when you thought you had enough the 2nd disc starts up.

Be sure to check out Freddy at a city near you. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to spend a week-end with him and Elfkowitz when I brought them into Miami during summer of 2010. Super awesome dude to be around and from the moment of meeting him you know Freddy means business. He really knows whats up with music whenever he talks about it. It’s great to see this release finally appear a few days after Elfkowitz Prolific EP dropped. Detroit bringing it!

Pick up a copy of the album on Additech featuring collabs with some of the most talented producers in the game: Black Mic, ill-esha, Joe Mousepad, Lila Rose, Augusta Morrison, Elfkowitz, Unc and Athena Koumis.

BUY: Freddy Todd – Neon Spectacle Operator


Much respect and love to Freddy!
It’s finally out!

Big ups to Simplify Records.
2011 has been insane!

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