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Afro Monk | TheUntz | Weekly Column

time January 31st by John-Michael authorTags: , ,

I’ve become a writer at Every week I write a few words on certain subjects. This is where I’ll keep an updated list of all the articles I write. I hope you enjoy and understand these are MY personal thoughts and don’t express the views of anyone else. Also these are opinions and my takes on certain subjects. It doesn’t mean what I write or how I feel is necessarily right.

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Diversity and Style

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Rusko | Brostep

time January 28th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

I have been known to be quite the advocate of anti-Brostep. Recently I was interviewed by a local music blog here in Dallas and was asked if I were to ever play Rusko and my thoughts on the whole brostep thing. The response in the online text clearly says No I’ll never play it. I want to clear things up on that. I’ll never play Rusko because it generally is music most people have heard. Why play a Rusko track if everyone in the crowd has probably heard it and every other DJ rinse the crap out of the tune. If Rusko wants to send me some dubs then sure I’ll consider it when I do want to take it to a hype level.

I never had anything against the guy more so that I had something against the DJ and people who would play Brostep ALL through their set. It’s as if going out was a competition to see who could play the dirtiest set in the night. Yeah sure crowds love to get wild and go crazy. He even describes that the music isn’t really heavy metal which I referenced in my interview as well yet there are guys like Borgore who are saying fuck it why not throw some metal into a set and break the club out into a pit. Yeah sure it’s fun but please when every DJ is doing that all night it’s a bit aggravating.

When I do actually go out to a bar/club it’s for the music and there use to be a time where dubstep didn’t mean brostep and their wasn’t such an emphasis on melting peoples faces off. I cringe every time I hear “melt face” in some sort of way. Variety is key. My only concern is how this take on playing more melodic stuff is a major trend. It’s as if melodic is the word of the time now just as deep was for awhile. Even in a recent interview I saw Datsik do with the homies in Seattle, Splatinum, said how he is starting to do a lot more stuff with melodies and making it more ‘melodic’. Don’t be a cop out now and only play melodic stuff or deep stuff. Give the journey of music different landscapes. Hell throw in a little ghetto crunk in there sometimes to ha.

Much respect to Rusko for this even though it seems like it’s a bit overdue haha but we all knew that even one of the Brostep kings couldn’t possibly be that bro. Despite being one of the kings of Brostep the issue is what he and the sound has amassed in the American DJs who do this all the time.

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Blunt Instrument | Twice Baked EP

time January 27th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

Blunt Instrument is a duo formed by Luke Latimer and Rocco Mico based out in Australia. It’s great to see the duo finally making their debut solo release on Simplify Records this Friday 1/28/2011. They have been featured in An-ten-ae’s Acid Crunk series and been having their tunes played out by some of the bigger names in the Glitch-hop community.

I’m proud to give you some insight into these guys as they have a really things going for them despite being in Australia. As many of us in the States don’t realize Australia, New Zealand, and other countries are really starting to create gigantic communities that would rival even where many of the well known names we all know come from. I can’t tell you enough how amazing it is to be in communication with some of these artist across the world. I’m seriously hoping one day I’ll be making a trip to NZ or AUS for a festival or even vacation to play a few shows. It is really getting to that point and these two are a prime example of the movement. There’s some serious talent all over the world don’t forget that and AUS/NZ is becoming quite the hot spot.

Now here’s some serious love from these guys. They’re giving away a good amount of their bootlegs for FREE in one zip so you don’t have to go around searching for some music right now from them. Enjoy!



1) Blunt Instrument – Turtle Slap

2) Beatnuts – “Watch Out” (Blunt Instrument Remix)

3) Bob Marley – “Get Up Stand Up” (Blunt Instrument Remix)

4) Dillinja – “Twist Em’ Out” (Blunt Instrument Remix)

5) Radiohead – “Street Spirit” (Blunt Instrument Dubstep Remix)

6) Rolling Stones – “You Can’t Always Get…” (Blunt Instrument Remix)

7) Toots & The Maytals – “Funky Kingston” (Blunt Instrument Remix)

Here is a preview and taste of their debut release, Twice Baked EP.

Their first single, tURTLE sLAP, can be found below. Massive respect goes out to these two and Simplify Records for putting out another big release.

DOWNLOAD: Blunt Instrument – tURTLE sLAP


1) Impound lot

2) Olympus Egg

3) Hands free

4) Sack Full

5) Slightly More

BUY: Blunt Instrument – Twice Baked EP

Out 1/28/2011 on Simplify Records

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MartyParty | Blueberry Kush EP

time January 27th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

MartyParty is ready to release another one of his  releases, Blueberry Kush EP, that I wrote about awhile ago with the Skukuza EP release.  The official date is set for February the 15th! This release will contain 6 new purple dank tracks. I can only imagine which set of dubs he is going to give out this time. I can only hope for some of the previous tracks on his soundcloud that he gave us a peak at for a short period of time.

Marty has been hard at work touring. He recently finished up a short set of shows going solo. Now he’s off to play some winter festie’s across seas and then returns for a small leg of PantyRaid shows which includes an Austin show \o/ This will be the first time I’ll get to see PantyRaid, should be a rager considering the infamous Skrillex will be headlining the show. There going to be some great exposure for the duo. Hope they keep it real sexy and purple to balance the night! Marty’s been saying some of the new material is getting dropped into their live sets already so I’m beyond excited.

We have a little treat for you as well.
Marty has decided to give away one of his staple tracks in his sets for FREE.
Pick up his Purple Anarchy tune that you’ll clearly remember if you’ve ever caught him live.

DOWNLOAD: MartyParty – Purple SexPistol (Anarchy In The UK Remix)

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Big Gigantic & Samples | Black and Yellow Remix

time January 26th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

Colorado rockstars Big Gigantic & Ben Samples team up on an epic glitch-hop remix of Wiz Khalifa’s Black & Yellow. This track is probably one of the best examples of glitch-hop in my book. The next person who ask me to show them a track that shows what the genre is about it’s going to be this. I know this track will be a prime example of what it’s about when I load this into my set and smash some efx on top of it and crush the crowd. That to me is glitch-hop. A perfect blend of hip-hop/crunk, banging bass, glitched up beats, and live elements.

Massive respect to the duo Big Gigantic and Samples on this one. It’s absolutely massive and easily one of the anthems for awhile. I can see this being used quite often by many in the community.

DOWNLOAD: Wiz Khalifa – Black and Yellow (Big Gigantic & Samples Remix)

Be sure to pick up some of their other work if you aren’t to familiar with them.

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Two Fresh | Interview

time January 26th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , , ,

Two Fresh, the Asheville-based trio consisting of twin brothers Kendrick and Sherwyn Nicholls alongside drummer Colby Buckler, is currently completing a string of tour dates all over the country and I had the chance to check out their performance this past Saturday in Tuscaloosa, AL. I’ve seen these guys play a few times now and they never disappoint; by bringing high-energy rhythms paired with dope basslines and phenomenal live drumming this group guarantees to remain a crowd favorite. Here I ask Kendrick Nicholls a few questions!

KZ: I’d like to start off by acknowledging the amazing community Asheville is building up right now. As some of the key figures in that scene, what would you say are the developments you’re most excited about? Who are you most proud to represent Asheville with right now?

Kendo: I’m really excited about bringing back the love of something
weird, I mean that in a way that, people will come out with no expectations. I feel like every time I go out now I get to see something that pushing the envelope.  I am most proud to represent our crew Labcoat (Bookworm + Jables + Peripheral + Shweez + Kendo)!  We’re getting recognition outside of NC, and hopefully inspiring others to be creative.

KZ: You just kicked off the Air Mail Tour; how’s it been so far? Are there any particular stops on this one that you’re particularly amped on playing, or that you haven’t gotten to play before?

Kendo:  The tour has been great.  We got to bring some of our favorite
acts out with us.  We’re really looking forward to Brooklyn and
Chicago, those are two of our favorite places to play.

KZ: As the creators of some of the most refreshing, genre-defying tracks being put out right now, I’m curious as to what your major pools of inspiration are. Not necessarily just other artists, but rather any source of an experience that led to your experimentation with sound.

Kendo:  the inspiration that drives us to keep making more, is just
the feeling of making something you never thought you would be capable
of.  Its the best feeling to stumble upon new techniques and to be
able to hear how that is different then your last work

KZ: Tell me a little bit about your other projects; what does Lab Coat have coming up that we should be gearing up for?

Kendo:  We have an album that will be released Feb 15th called “Air
Mail” on Elm and Oak  as well as 1320 Records. Also another
compilation from all the Labcoat members as well as close friends.

KZ: If you had to name only one goal you’d like to accomplish in 2011, what would it be and how will you get there? Why is this most important to you?

Kendo: The goal for this year is to keep our audience, eager for new
music,new art, and new inspiration. I feel its essential because
without that eagerness, we’d be listening to the same hits over and

You can see Two Fresh on their current tour alongside Mux Mool (whose Tuscaloosa performance was the first live set of his I’ve seen – definitely don’t want to miss out on this artist as well).

-Kate Zaliznock

Ps: Afro Monk will be opening up for the Dallas, TX date 2/3 so be sure to check that out if in the Dallas region!

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Afro Monk dot com needs Staff!

time January 25th by John-Michael authorTags: None

Going to try to make this one short and sweet without going on a huge rant. I wanted to make an official announcement that I will be toning it down on how much I write on the blog. Ultimately right now I just need a break for awhile. I’m looking for some additional staff to cover my slack. This doesn’t mean that I will be shutting the blog down by any means. There will be at least one to two post a week even if all done by me. I’ve brought in some amazing people in the recent months. Eric is a champion at putting together post that showcases some of the hottest tunes in the genre of glitch-hop and dubstep. Kate has been putting together great reviews and interviews for the site and overall amazing woman. I’ve recently brought on another blogger Wubber Stumpper but he hasn’t made his debut but expect post that fills you in on some of his favorite tracks for the week.

Alright what I’m looking for is a dedicated blogger who keeps up with the style of music and willing to feature some of their favorite artist. Ultimately I understand everyone has a life with tons of things going on because hell I don’t even know how I’ve done it. The minimum I’d be looking for is two post a week. You will be sent all promos sent to the site which I assure you can get a bit overwhelming. You’d need to have a good sense of quality control. This is not paid unfortunately but I assure you it’ll get your foot in the door if you’re interested in the music business. Many up and coming producers and successful artist are in close contact with our staff. You’ll also be getting to write to a large audience. The site is now receiving over 12,000 visitors a month!

If you feel like you would be a good fit, have similar taste in music that is featured on here, and willing to post twice a week please contact me directly. You can find my e-mail in the Bio section of the site. I assure you it is very easy getting you setup to write post. We are just looking for someone who is passionate about the music and willing to share their love for it in writing post.

I will NOT be leaving the site. You will still get post from me time to time. I just need a break. I plan on focusing on writing a memoir, producing music, and starting up a new glitch label. There are a lot of things ahead.

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R/D | Liquid Heart Keeper

time January 24th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , ,

R/D is one of those producer who might be extremely niche but produces extremely high quality music. His Face of God EP was a masterpiece of melodic tunes and it seems like this new release, Liquid Heart Keeper, will encompass a similar more chill emotion this time around. The preview track, Passion Designer, is a beautifully put together. It has a relaxed downtempo meets dubstep tone.

Be sure to keep up to date here for updates on when the album comes out.
Here is a download link for the track he is giving away.

DOWNLOAD: R/D – Passion Designer

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+verb | luv u (extended mix)

time January 21st by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , ,

+verb is probably in my top 3 producer list right now. His sound is so unique and fits perfectly into any set I play. Awhile back he put this track ‘luv u’ on his soundcloud which was only a minute and half long. I completely fell in LOVE! I knew it would blow up and be one of the best tracks. I cried for hours and finally received a copy! The track was originally made for his lovely wife Marissa. Ever since I got a copy I’ve been dropping it non-stop and it makes the ladies go nuts!

Now it is a great pleasure for me to hand this tune over to you! Apparently Mimosa has been dropping it in his sets as well so you know this tune has a stamp approval. Dominic has TONS more from where this came from. There are so many releases due out in 2011. There’s going to be a remix EP called “Cough” out with Muti on Feb 1st,. After that another  4 track EP out with Simplify Records shortly after. Ohh it keeps going… A 4 track + remixes EP out in April via Vermin Street label out of Boston. The one I’m super excited for Dominic for is his EP that is being put together for the Robox Neotech label later this year.

Needless to say you’ll be hearing the name +verb quite some bit in 2011. Also get ready for his upcoming tour later on this year. I’m looking forward to that as Dominic is such a great friend and only have communicated with him via the internet. Going to be great to finally shake the hand of one of my favorite artist out there. As Dominic says laserz n bass n bounce!

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Antiserum & Vinja ft. Messinian | Bang Out & Sound War

time January 19th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , ,

ill-esha & Ron G have come together to begin a fairly new label, True Score Theory, to share the music they come across that deserves a respected home.

2009 marked the beginning of the label and has many plans for the years ahead. Their goal is to create a soundtrack of releases to hit every mood and micro-expression of ones life.

Antiserum is one of the most talented and unique producers in the game right now. His release with ill-esha on Dub Police absolutely crushes it. He recently came together with Vinja and MC Messinian. This two track debut on True Score Theory he creates a bridge into the world of dubstep and hip-hop. Messinian adds stylish vocals over these hypnotic bass lines which make for a perfect blend.

Bang Out & Sound War create a deep reggae and dub vibes that are quite rare to hear in the mess of overly aggressive dubstep tunes. The MC work on both these two never crosses the line of being too much or too little like many tracks similar to these. Be sure to check out the clip previews below to understand how Antiserum & Vinja has created the perfect melodies on both of these tracks.

Be on the look out here on for an exclusive remix off the brand new Cherry Blossoms EP by ill-esha!

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