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ill-esha | Tron Purple Legacy

time December 17th by John-Michael authorTags: , , , , , , , ,
Tron Legacy opens today, and what better to sweeten your pre-screening party than this bootleg, featuring samples from Daft Punk’s excellent score and the various preview trailers…
Canadian-born producer ill-esha, shortly on the heels of her debut Daly City album Circadian Rhythms, unleashes this 80 bpm slugger for your weekend crates. ¬†She enjoys long walks on the studio floor, bass synthesizing, and coloring anything purple, and this tune covers it all. ¬†Forthcoming highlights from her include the Black Ice EP on Haunted Audio, a single on Street Ritual Recordings, a remix for +verb on Muti Music, and 12″ releases on Subway and Dub Police with dubstepper-in-crime Antiserum.
If you haven’t picked up “Circadian Rhythms” yet, you can do so here: ill-esha – circadian rhythms
Alternately, score a custom USB stick which includes a one-hour festival video set from ill-esha and some bonus goodies – direct from

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